Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Mixed fortunes for our Group B rivals

Not only did Argentina face Germany on Wednesday. All our rivals from Group B were in action too.

I said 'mixed fortunes' in the headline but to be honest, three out of the four teams in our Group (of course, Argentina included) have won and only Greece got defeated.

The Greeks are surely worried after losing 2-0 to Senegal, a team that is not even qualified for the World Cup.

Here are the goals of that game:

Nigeria also faced a team that didn't make it to the World Cup. They surely played the weakest opposition of the whole of the Group B teams in action and they easily defeated the Democratic Republic of Congo 5-2. So far, I couldn't find the goals on YouTube. If any of you find a link, please post it on the comments' box and we'll then edit this post so we can see those goals.

Finally, South Korea pulled out a surprising result in Loftus Road, the home of Queens Park Rangers in London. They defeated Didier DROGBA and the Ivory Coast 2-0.

Surely a warning sign from the red army.

Here's some footage from that game. It could be that it was really one-sided, or it could be that this comes from a Korean TV channel so they only show Korean scoring opportunities. It could be both! The truth is they beat the Ivory Coast and that's not an easy task.


GK said...

A surprising result in the Greece-Senegal match. Greece should have been able to handle the Africans without too much trouble but instead they stumbled and lost 2-0, good news for Argentina.

Nigeria was originally scheduled to play Paraguay in today's friendly but apparently Paraguay pulled out at the last minute. This also (but very narrowly) benefits Argentina because I'm sure Nigeria wanted to play Paraguay knowing Argentina were in their group to get some kind of playing time against a South American opponent.

And as for Korea, they continue to impress and scare me to be honest. They are definatly not a push over and have young, fast talent. Though I am unfamiliar with their names (you can't blame me on that one) I have read several articles on and of "Korea's Messi" and a couple other threats that Korea may bring to South Africa.

Anonymous said...

Messi of Korea is only 13 lol. They will not give us much problems.

Ari said...

Korea is not that good actually; I follow Asian football and they have been consistently poor the last few years, including the world cup qualifiers which they narrowly managed to finish ahead of North Korea and were very lucky at times.
But still I think they have a better chance than both Nigeria and Greece to finish next to us in our group considering how bad and disorganized Nigeria is (they just changed their coach and has been poor in all occasions in Africa for years) and also Greece is a very limited team, they only qualified because they were in the easiest European group and still finished second.

LaTiNo said...

1-1 Against Nigeria in match with more ballpossession.

2-2 against Sout Korea in an electrying match with many chances for both teams

4-0 against the weak Greeks, in a repeat of the 1994 match, including Maradona running towards the camera with his eyes wide open ;)

msi2 said...

Too bad, Argentina is really poor too.