Thursday, March 18, 2010

MESSI Takes Centre Stage Against Stuttgart

Lionel MESSI produces another master class performance in the Champions League against VfB Stuttgart after scoring twice and assisting one as Barcelona went rampage by winning 4-0 (5-1 on aggregate).

He strike brilliant opener in the 12th minute after unleashing unstoppable shot from the half way line into the top corner . Ten minutes later he came provider as his first time pass inside was slotted coolly by PEDRO. In the hour mark, he was on the score sheet again this time drilling with another left footed shot past Jens LEHMANN from 20 yards out. In total, he has scored 4 goals in the Champions League and 31 goals in all competition.


Anonymous said...

its actually 31 goal in all competition.

John said...

Thanks for the correction Anonymous. Soccernet always seems to get it wrong ;(

GK said...

He almost scored even earlier in the first 5 minutes but Lehman was there for the save. And he came within inches of getting another hat trick of a beautiful header but again Lehman was there to make an absolutely incredible save.

Soon as people start to talk about Rooney possibly being the best in the world Leo comes out and scores 5 goals in 2 matches and shuts everyone up.

Now he just needs to perform for the national team....

messidona19 said...

Wow he reached 31 goals already?!
ok can I get where did they come from?
I know that in Liga: 22 Goals
In Champs League: 4 Goals
Did he score in the Copa Del Rey this year?
Do the 2 goals he scored in the World Club Cup count?
He also scored in Spanish Super Cup. Do they also count?

Anonymous said...

La Liga: 22 goals
Champions league: 4 goals
Copa de rey: 1 goal
World club cup: 2 goals
Spanish super cup: 2 goals

Sebastian said...

Can somebody stop the nonsensical English media comparison between Lionel MESSI and Wayne ROONEY?

Next time I read something along the lines of: "Is Wayne ROONEY the best player in the World?" or "Who is better, ROONEY or MESSI?" I think I'll slam my laptop against the wall.


rey said...

yeah i from england, and i hate the comparison... lol wayne rooney, is nothing compared to messi..

so rooney has worked and trained to be scoring goals with his head,, wow!! does that make him the greatest???

salvio supporter said...

Well, I'm from Argentina and I'm not quite sure that Messi would do here much better than Rooney. He never played the harsh South American football, and physically, Rooney may be in better shape for that kind of game. That's basically my idea of why he performs so bad with the NT; not only because of the lack of appropiate collective game, which would account for 80 % of the problem anyway, but because the international stage is very rough on that level. You know, you don't run along a paraguayan defender without suffering the consequences. Messi should play in the Italian league, which is harder in my opinion. The Spanish league, and I'm sorry for its fans, looks like a big joke (sure he does well against other UEFA teams, from Germany for example, but still, I resist that european football).

Mohd said...

salvio supporter:

i strongly disagree :) players do not mature and become their best without playing in Europe.
Messi is still just starting but players like Ronaldo (the real one), Rivaldo, Romario, Ronaldinho, Batigol, Crespo, Claudio Lopez, Zanetti, Veron, and the list goes on and on and on...these players would never have reached their full potential without football in Europe.

As for the Italian league being better then the Spanish league, then i say this was true until 2001 or 2002, after that the Spanish league is the best followed by the Premier League.

Mohd said...

by the way, here is a really wonderful article on Messi and touches on the Rooney comparison joke:

salvio supporter said...

Hi Mohd! I know what you say about experience. I could point out that Pelé never played in Europe, but lets not call that guy haha. Not sure about Garrincha... anyway, I totally admit that judging Messi right now would be VERY premature, because, as you say, he hasn't matured yet, and even if he fails somehow in this WC, judging him would be a mistake given his age. But I wouldn't like him to mature in Spain. I ocassionally watch Spanish games and I'm very dissapointed by the way they mark players (or NOT mark players at all). I'm not the only one that says this. He needs a league where playing well is difficult. Spain does not offer this. It's nice to see the matches; they run, they move the ball a lot, but that's all.
It probably is what everybody already knows: he is not Maradona, and he never will. Not that he's less than him, or more, or nothing. He's different, and his potential should be employed in a different way. But playing in Spain is not helping him. That's what I believe, and I say 'believe' because it's the most appropiate term.
So I disagree about the Spanish league being the best. It could be the most elegant and enjoyable, but not the best. I don't see any competitivity.

As for the article, I promise I'll read it later!

GK said...

Well a good game for Aguero scoring 2 today and sending Atletico to the quarters. And apparently Insua and Mascherano had amazing games ( rated Insua 8 and Mascherano 7.5). I had the game on in the background but didn't pay too much attention to it but I do know Diego was at Anfield watching the match. Hopefully Insua's performance today will earn him a call up. He must have been there to watch Insua seeing how Mascherano is already going to captain the national team.

....and Seba, I wasn't comparing Rooney to Messi just so you know lol

GK said...

Oh and for anyone interested there is a great article on on Walter Samuel today. Unfortinatly I can't provide a link because I am on my mobile internet but it is definatly worth reading. For anyone who watched the Inter-Chelsea game on Tuesday has to agree that Samuel was the best player of the 22 men on the field.

Thank Christ Diego came to his senses regarding Samuel.

Anonymous said...

To salvio supporter,

Hi Man, you no nothing about spanish and other european soccer, you just know how to praise Palermo,Veron(old legs),Bolatti,Otamendi etc.
I want to know what argentina based locally players can do at the world cup without their european based players..! I totally agree with Mohd.

Anonymous said...

best in the world doesnt change hands each year

wen people talk about messi being best they mean above human something only ever seen once before i.e maradona

these two are immortals god given greatness

rooney is just a player whos having a good season just like ronaldo before

there above average top flight pros IN FORM









salvio supporter said...

Anonymous, when did I praise Otamendi? Please... so, do you wanna praise the amazing Heinze, who is european based? Or the outstanding, yet incredibly weak in the NT, Agüero? And I would be very pleased to know what Argentina can do with just local players. We need a good coach and dedication. That's all. I think you're underestimating the local league, and worse, overestimating the leagues you like. I could be doing the same thing, but look: I don't like the Argentine league, they're doing things wrong, but the level is OK; remember that the Club's World Cup final is always between an European club and a South American club (yes, there're others, but they never get to the final). Velez Sarsfield, a club most europeans have never heard of, won an Intercontinental Cup against Milan back in 1994! I'm not talking about 1933, when everything was more 'amateurish'. The day one of those finals ends up 14-1 for the europeans, I will believe you. In the meanwhile, understand that the only difference between Europe and South America is the big money behind the big press. Nobody talks about us, yet, we give them the best players. I feel it incoherent to think otherwise. And I find it hard to believe a team like Osasuna has players exceptionally better than Colón, or even 'raw' better, to name any two not-so-followed-outside teams. If I say Toranzo, you would laugh. Who is that guy? Nobody cares. But when you name Kaká, a standing ovation occurs. Even if he was terrible when he was most needed.

(And no, I don't like Toranzo).

Anonymous said...

i agree with you salvio supporter!

i said it many times messi has big problems with the physical game. in spain and against teams like stuttgart the defenders are nor that "brutal".

against nigeria he will suffer very much, these guys will kick around like cameroon in 1990, remember the caniggia "accident".


Paulina said...

The Rooney v Messi comparisons are silly, but expected, since the English media dominates all the communication lines, and they are biased, to put it lightly.

The one thing that really annoys me is that most people just look at this sort of thing as a goal competition. As if, Rooney scored 2 more goals than Messi, so he must be better. Which of course is retarded. If you're going to do that, then you're going to call Diego Forlan the best player in the world last year. Which would be silly. (Don't get me wrong, I really like Forlan, just trying to make the point).

Messi is on another level. He creates goals, out of wholecloth. Rooney is the one target man on a team that's feeding only to him. Messi passes as many goals as he makes. Rooney, in my opinion, is a more complete player than CRonaldo, and he really stunted his own development in favor of Ronaldo for years. So good for him. But he's not at the same level as Messi.

Paulina said...

Oh yeah - Spain is a tough place to play. Messi's been kicked up into the air for the past three years. I don't really buy the line that it's somehow tougher in South America. There are plenty of hatchet men in Spain.

Messi's teeny. It's just a fact. But he's used it to his advantage, most of the time. See him against German teams, with defenders who are HUGE compared to him. He's smoked every German team he's come across (which to me is always a bitter reminder that he wasn't played against germany in the last world cup).

And Nigeria? He already played Nigeria, in the Olympics. And he was brilliant against them.

I think that it's a non-argument. It's up to the coach to find ways to give Messi space and angles. That's a coaching thing, not a player thing. Messi has already more than proved himself.

Sebastian said...

Don't forget MESSI also scored twice against Nigeria in the Youth World Cup final match in 2005 on his way to win the golden boot and the golden ball in that tournament in The Netherlands.

Anonymous said...

English meanstream media alwyas create bombastic news. They're jealous coz never have player such a Maradona, Messi, Pele, Ronaldinho, Zidane. Long time ago, they mention Michael Owen. As u see yourself, even Cappelo didn't call him. Rooney? Did he failed to bring England to European Cup in 2006??? English claim Rooney better than Messi coz have strong phisically and good header?? C'mon why they don't compare Rooney with Maradona cos his tall only 1.65 m. Rooney must be superior in the air. That's why Maradona use his hand, hahaha. U can read good article from Tony Adams in ESPN/Soccernet bout Messi and Rooney. Good article

Anonymous said...

I believe English or Manchester United die hard fans blind to distinguish beetween best in the world and best in premier league. Rooney is the best in premier league AT THE MOMENT.

Anonymous said...

messi played in this game with the freedom of the pitch and look how he plays when allowd to do this.
maradona learn from barca as we have the players to allow messi to be "free"

ARGENTINIAN 777 said...

Messi, el rey del mundo!!!!

GK said...

Quarter finals draw for Champions League is all done and I have to say I'm happier than a pig in shit. My Inter drew CSK Moscow! The road to the semi's seems that much closer.

Messi and Barca drew Arsenal and unfortinatly Inter will face the winner of that tie.

Manchester United-Bayern Munich

Mohd said...

tough draw for most Arg players.
Messi and Milito to take on Arsenal.
DiMaria, Saviola, Aimar to take on Mascherano and Banega.
While Aguero will clash with Banega.

Sebastian said...

GK, on paper I would agree, but aren't you gutted that if they advance Barcelona will be there waiting for Inter in the semis?

Personally, I wanted a final between Barcelona and Inter (MESSI and think of the number of Argies involved in that game -and the chance for Diego MILITO to score a hat-trick in the final! haha!)

I'm not so happy because they will probably eliminate each other before the final.

I would be happy if I was a Man Utd fan. They avoided Inter, Arsenal (though they always beat them) and Barcelona. If they get past Bayern, it's either Lyon or Bordeaux and they should have no problems there (unless Licha has a monster game!).

GK said...

Yeah it sucks that if Inter win they would have to face Barca for two reasons. The first is that Barca will most likely eliminate my Inter with ease and secondly it would be my favourite team vs. Messi. But at the end of the day I wouldn't have any problem at all cheering against Messi and/or Barca because I love Inter and they are my team and I would never cheer against them just because they are up against the team with the best Argentine on it.

I hope to see an Inter-Barca semi and an Inter-Bayern final but I doubt that will be the outcome. I wouldn't mind seeing an Inter-Man U final either assuming Inter wins. How great would it be to see Man United lose in the final for a second year in a row?

Anonymous said...

can a man-u and barca final happen it looks the most likly final in terms of club form

Paulina said...

It's as if Manchester United were in charge of the draw. Man!

GK said...

Anonymous, it is possible for a rematch of Barca-Man. U.... unfortinatly.

LM10ARG said...

We will invade santiago bernascum, win the CL twice in a row and secure twice in a row balon d or for Messi. Visca el Barca y vamos Argentina!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Anonymous said...

i really hate this systym, it should be you draw who you draw none of this seeded shite from the beginning and this knowing who you get to the final.
same for the wc, tough if group a: was arg,bra,fra and ger
thats the way it falls but its all about tv ratings now.
must have big "names" go through no matter what.
fifa make 95% of their revenue from the wc.

Rainer said...

Fernando Torres said 1,5 years ago: Its easy to score in England, because defenders are so slow....scoring goals was much harder in Spain

Anonymous said...

Milito,Higuain on the score sheet. Barrios had a brace for himself for Borussia Dortmund. Did not see the Inter game vs Palermo but I heard Pastore was quality. Diego is at the Espanyol-Sevilla game. Did not catch it, so can not comment on Perotti's play. Garay was quite poor for RM, Gago came off the bench again and did not do anything. If I left something out, just add to it! Thanks!


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