Wednesday, June 18, 2008

VERON: I don't think RIQUELME is a complicated man

Juan Sebastián VERON stayed in Argentina because of an injury and he'll miss out on the match against Brazil tonight.

Watching TV today, I've seen him in a very long interview with TyC Sports (a sports TV channel). He was asked about this problem between MESSI and RIQUELME and he said: "We need them both, we need every player to play for the team".

I didn't hear a clear denial of those rumours suggesting MESSI and RIQUELME don't get along and don't like each other.

He said: "I don't think RIQUELME is a complicated man or a bad guy. He is shy. He is a very introverted".

In one of my previous posts I said something about a corner kick in which MESSI and RIQUELME stood there in front of the ball without talking to each other and VERON arrived there and talked to both of them.

VERON said: "I didn't say anything related to these rumours. I just told them things about which play were we going to choose in that particular moment. I wasn't going there to talk about other things that have nothing to do with football".

This is the first voice we hear from someone that's inside the group of players and the way I see it, he is trying to stop the rumours from really having an impact in the future of this team but I think there is no doubt there is something going on between MESSI and RIQUELME.


Anonymous said...

One thing I remember very clearly is a min before the Champions League Semi final game between Machester United and Barcelona, when the teams shook hands, Tevez gave a kiss to Milito while Messi just gave him a cold hand shake. That lack of warmth always bothered me somewhat but I never gave it much further thought.

Maybe Roman isn't the only player he has problems with? Regardless, I WANT TO WIN IN BRAZIL. If I see any of those two not giving their 100% tonight I'm going to fume.

Anonymous said...

Oh c'mon guys, Messi isn't some sort of villain, they probably just had an misunderstanding over something. We might be reading too much into this.

p2bn said...

Well guys! no one is the villain here..I just think its a bit of misunderstanding and anyway guys, I can surely tell you being introvert and shy can get you a lot of accusations that you don't even imagine. I have felt it all too well myself and I just cant even imagine the way people think just because you think differently. And both roman and messi are very shy and introvert, so its very easy to have alot of misunderstanding.

I just hope they will get along and cut off the rumour. We need them both.

Vamos Albiceleste

Anonymous said...

so, it is true that there are problems, in fact, Riquelme has problems everywhere, why are we surprised??? maybe he is a good player, but he has a very difficult personality and he causes lots of relationship problems whereever he plays. Personality, psichology, team is very important for a competitive team and that is a thing that Basile must understand. As well as the ugly performance of Abbondanzzieri