Monday, June 09, 2008

The return of the Little Witch

The list is out!

Coco BASILE has announced the squad that will represent Argentina in the WC Qualifiers' double fixture against Ecuador and Brazil.

The big news is that with the local league already decided in favour of River Plate and a lot of players with nothing else to play for, Juan Sebastián VERON, Juan Román RIQUELME, Sebastián BATTAGLIA, Juan Pablo CARRIZO and Rodrigo PALACIO will all join the Albicelestes.

I know someone in Malaysia will be over the moon with this news! Right, Alwin!

Those are the five new names in this list and they will join the 20 players that travelled to the tour of the USA along with Esteban CAMBIASSO and Oscar USTARI who were initially in the list to go to USA but had to stay in Buenos Aires because of minor injuries.

It remains to be seen whether if Coco will send one or some of those 27 players home or if he keeps everybody on board.


He is suspended for the match against Ecuador and between BASILE and him, they have decided he takes a few days off after a long and hard season with Manchester United. He'll surely be back into consideration when the next round of qualifiers come.


Roy said...

I'm all for Veron, Riquelme, Battaglia and Carrizo... but Palacio? Maybe it's because I'm not a big fan(and I support Boca) but there's something about him. He had a weak showing at the Copa America, but he has speed and we need it. I just hope and pray Cruz doesn't start. I've said it once and I'll say it again, Crespo>Cruz. Will Crespo ever get his chance to play with Argentina again?

If the USA game is any indication, Pato and Cruz will start. I would play either Ustari or Carrizo versus Ecuador and see what happens. Thing is, do you go with youth or experience versus Brazil? Do you stick Pato in, knowing he can't save a beach ball or do you roll the dice and put in Ustari/Carrizo? Any ideas if we're gonna go with 3 in the back or 4? Midfield I imagine will be Maxi/Gago/Masch with Riquelme in front? But, that depends if we go with 3 or 4 in the back. Up front Messi/Aguero.

John said...

I wonder how would VERON fit in the picture with the most likely quartet in midfield will be Maxi/Masche/Gago/Roman.

Or don't tell me that Coco is going to use the same formation he had used in the Copa America.

I've got to agree with you 100% Roy. Coco will start (at least I'm 95% correct on this) Pato and Cruz.

I felt both Licha and Cavegol would have benefited more if MESSI had played more minutes against USA. Then, maybe we would have seen something positive from that game.

At this moment, I have to be honest that I'm to sure what to expect from our WC qualifier. Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Do not know why Coca is taking almost that Copa America side? Does he have something to prove that the Brasilian win was a fluke? I hope I do not see Veron,Riquelme on the pitch together. Cavegol needs a shot, Cruz gets on my nerves!!!


Anonymous said...

N-E Body watch Holland crush the Italians?Wow that is a very fun team to watch.


johnny said...

Veron ? I don't get it. He didn't mesh well last time this was tried ! I am very happy to see Battaglia on the squad. He had a tremendous year at Boca.

p2bn said...

I am not impressed that Veron is back. Honestly except hitting some strong shots, I never saw anything special or interesting in him since I started watching him. Carizo is the keeper to go with if I am not wrong by seeing his saves in youtube. I can see a different kind of confidence and he's young enough to fit our team.

I am praying we don't start with Cruz. I mean what do you need more to know that he just doesn't fit in?

Anyway some good analysis of our rivalry I found in a bbc site.

Vamos Albiceleste

John said...

I feel that VERON style of game was suited more for Marcelo BIELSA than any other coaches.

I mean BIELSA wanted us to employ a European style of attacking football, which is to rely more on the flanks rather than in the middle.

It's hard for me to say this, but I think Coco might have given a real serious thought about all this as he should no better than anyone else in this matter.

Right now, all we can do is just wait and see what is going to happen. I hope from the first match against Ecuador will be a stern test for us, something like a wake up call before the crunch time against Brazil.

By the way Seba, I feel you might in a better position to answer my question here. Prior to 2002 World Cup, did the Argentinean public ever consider VERON an engache???

Alwin said...

I just love it when VERON is mentioned, it always split the votes. Yes seba, i do feel over the moon, but in reality as much as i want him to shine and leave the stage on a high, i don't think he will fit well into the current setup. Or maybe COCO is answering my call for a backup plan incase RIQUELME is isolated. How about this, VERON being the "understudy" to RIQUELME in the current setup..haha :). Have fun...VAMOS LA BRUJITA!!