Sunday, June 08, 2008

Argentina v USA: A chance for El Torito to shine

It's time for the second test of this friendly tour of the USA. After a sensational display against Mexico in San Diego (4-1), La Selección will play this Sunday against the United States at Giants Stadium in New Jersey.

With Ecuador and especially Brazil on the horizon, BASILE will continue testing in different areas of the pitch and it all looks set for Fernando CAVENAGHI to have his chance to play up front from the start, replacing Julio CRUZ.

The other story of the day is the chance for Gonzalo RODRIGUEZ to return to the team and have his own personal revenge after suffering a few severe knee injuries that kept him sidelined for a total of 2 years.

Fabricio COLOCCINI had to leave his team-mates and the staff because of personal reasons, so he won't be around.

The team had a difficult trip to New York and they ended up arriving one day after what they have planned. It was because of that trouble that Coco couldn't have a proper training session to test his players and decide on the lineup for today.

What BASILE said is that he will continue playing with a formation with only three defenders.

The names are a mistery so far and we are going to have to wait and see who are the players that will start on Sunday.

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In order to be able to watch Argentina v USA (and every Argentina international match) you should go to this link and download the applications listed there (as an advice, just download SopCast, TVU, TVANTS and USEE).

Then you simply have to check here:

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For Argentina v USA, check this link and a list of broadcasting options will appear shortly before the game:


Anonymous said...

River Plate have won their 34 championschip today thanks to 2 goals from rising star DIEGO BUONANOTTE.

Anonymous said...

i mean 33

Seba said...

Indeed. River are the champions and this is the second league title for Diego SIMEONE as a manager (the first one in 2006 with Estudiantes -at the first time of asking- and now with River -also at the first time-).

I can clearly see him as the future long-term Argentina manager.

He has just said that he dreams of being the manager of Argentina. He says that's his ultimate goal. But then he added: "I think a manager should only concentrate on winning wherever he is working. A manager should not think about anything else".

He'll probably go to get some experience in Europe in the future and then the next logical step will be to become the Albiceleste manager.

p2bn said...

Ahh..Thank you guys for reminding of the match. I had nearly forgotten because of watching Euro although its not as exciting as it used to be when I was back home. Maybe because England is not in the Euro although I don't support then in anyway or most probably because of not being at home.

About the match. With due respect, we need to replace Cruz. Honestly, he just doesn't perform at the team as he does for his club. The only advantage I see is his height and nothing else really. Can we also start thinking of some other keeper please. We always seem to have problem with keeper. The youth world cup keeper was very good but I don't think we will take that risk so soon or will he the the Messi of keeping? And I hope the guys show no mercy to the American team. I don't know if you guys do, but I have this feeling that when we lead by 2-3 goals, we just step back and stroll around. NO MERCY to any team:-)

My guess is 5-0 Argentina.
Vamos Albiceleste

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