Monday, June 02, 2008

Argentina arrived in USA, ready to take on Mexico

The next World Cup Qualifier match is just around the corner now. But before that, we've got to very interesting friendlies coming on.

The first one will take place on Wednesday (it'll be yet another midnight kick-off for all the fans in Argentina -same as with Guatemala-). Mexico will be our rival in a match that will be played in front of a sold-out crowd in the Qualcomm Stadium of San Diego, home of the Chargers (NFL).
As the Tricolor get ready to announce the appointment of Sven-Goran Eriksson as their new manager, Coco and his muchachos are already training and getting ready to make a tactical change and test it before the double WC Qualifiers fixture against Ecuador in Buenos Aires (15 June) and Brazil in Belo Horizonte (18 June).

Team news and all the related information regarding this friendly match will be coming soon to Mundo Albiceleste.

In the meantime, can I ask if any of Mundo Albiceleste's readers from the USA is going to the stadium?


johnny said...

Seba-so the match against Mexico starts during, or just after, the Boca versus Flu match ? Quite a night.

Well, I am going to be in New York City this Saturday and Sunday. I am trying to convince the friends meeting me in NYC to attend the match with USA. I am afraid that is a tough sell, as they all think I have lost my mind, now that I pay more attention to futbol than football, baseball or basketball !!
At any rate, I might make it out to the Meadowlands for the match, and if so, I will file a report on the experience.

Seba said...

That'll be superb! Watching MESSI in the same field were Eli MANNING leads the SuperBowl champions, New York Giants, every second Sunday.

Tell your friends they need to come and watch the World's game! Teach them all you know. Convince them!

If not, just get there alone and join the barrabrava! It'll be great if you manage to attend that match.

But...will you support Argentina or USA???? Hmmmmmm...tricky!

By the way...Boca v Fluminense will start at 9:50 PM Buenos Aires and will finish just in time for Argentina to play Mexico.

-a said...

I'm going to the US v ARGENTINA game. I splurged on a sideline seat. Can't!!!


-a said...

heheh, I meant to write 'Can't wait!!!'

allan ng said...

Can anyone show me where I can find the starting line-up?

John said...

Allan, the match will be shown on the 4th of June, technically for us it will around Thursday (5th of June) morning.

johnny said...

Seba-whether I go or not, I will be supporting Argentina ! I know all the players for Argentina and only have some knowledge about a few of the USA players. I'll wear my Boca cap.:)

Anonymous said...

I will be at the game tomorrow. I scored tickets at Field Level, midfield (F6), 16 rows back. I've never been to a game, but I went to see the team practice on Sun, and Messi looked amazing. Look for me I'll be waving a flag in a sea of Mexicans! Vamos albiceleste!

-Mauro L. (San Diego)

Mauro said...

Just to clarify: I've never seen our National team in action, I've been to other international matches.
-Man U finished competing in UEFA (winning it obviously) and England played with its full roster including Rooney in the International friendly match against the US last week... So why no Tevez?

Diego said...

Mauro, I'm so happy for you! Well done! Hope you enjoy this experience in full!

TEVEZ? The reason why he is not in the squad is because he saw the red card in the last WC Qualifier against Colombia and he is suspended for the Ecuador match. Coco BASILE is using this US Tour to test his players for the double fixture we've got ahead (Ecuador -June 15th- and Brazil -June 18th-).

Knowing he couldn't count on TEVEZ for the Ecuador match and seeing that Carlitos had such a long season with Manchester United, BASILE called the player and told him he can take some days off, go on vacations and recharge the batteries for the future.

Sorry you won't get to see him in action tomorrow.

By the way...we at Mundo Albiceleste always ask our readers to submit their match reports or just a text telling us how they lived the day and share their experience with us.

So...if you feel like it, you'll be welcome to send us the report and we'll publish it here (along with any pictures you may take!).

Hope you have a great day and hope you get to see Argentina win!

Seba said...

Again, Mauro and everyone. That one you see signing as Diego is non other than me!

My friend Diego came home yesterday, signed in to Gmail and forgot to sign out and then I commented on here and didn't check which username I was using.

Mauro...the invitation to send us a report, was from me, SEBA! and it's still standing!

Good luck at the Qualcomm Stadium! I'm sure all of us reading you here are full of envy (the good envy, that is!) and really really happy for you!