Thursday, June 19, 2008

Brazil v Argentina : 2010 WCQ (Match Highlights)


John said...

Okay, here is my thought about the game. Honestly I believe, we did great a job in taking a point (at least) from them unlike previous encounters. But no one can deny that we were good enough to beat them by at least 2-3 goals in tonights game.

So where did we actually when wrong?

For a start, lets look at the team selection. I did get mile stroke (just kidding) when I saw Julio CRUZ was named in the starting eleven. To make things even worse, I was wondering where was Maxi RODRIGUEZ. But I won't complain on that as I felt that GUTIERREZ did pretty well.

As for Juan RIQUELME, where on earth did he learn to take free kicks like that? Every time when Argentina was awarded a free kick, I kept telling to myself that “This Is It”. Instead, every shot taken by Roman looks so predictable for the Brazilian defense.

I appreciate what Javier MASCHERANO did in marshaling in front of the back three. Lionel MESSI as always was running around the Yellow players and making them look half of his class.

CRUZ missed a glorious opportunity not just for us to win this game but also a chance for him to redeem himself after becoming an instant punching bag among us at Mundo Albiceleste.

I had my doubts about the inclusion of COLOCCINI but he did prove himself as he did throughout the season with Deportivo in La Liga. I would not say that he is in the same mould as DEMICHELIS but he was a better player than he used to be.

Still lets not take things for granted shall we. Even they were missing some of their big names (RONALDHINO, KAKA etc.) and clearly judging by recent results they were not at their very best (winning narrowly to Canada, losing to Venezuela & Paraguay).

With the conclusion of this game, looks like we are still bound to see Coco being our manager for the time being.

But you just can't deny that we thrown away a great chance of defeating our enemy in their own backyard.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it Lazio is trying to get Riquelme.