Monday, June 16, 2008

Do Brazilians want to lose against Argentina?

Before I explain what I mean in this post, I'll just say: MAD MASCH (Javier MASCHERANO) should be fine and ready to play in Brazil (I can breathe again now!). Juan Sebastián VERON, on the other hand, could miss out after picking up a knock near the end of the match against Ecuador.

Now, back to the original idea of this post.

I know this could sound crazy if you only read the headline. Why will Brazilians want their national team to lose against Argentina?

Well...I think they could. In fact, I'm sure there are a lot of them that will be VERY happy if Argentina beat them on Wednesday in Belo Horizonte.

Why? Simple. They don't like their manager (Dunga) and they feel this could be one of the last chances for their FA to sack him in the aftermath of a heavy result against him.

But it's not like they hate him because of not winning things (in fact he won the Copa America with a comprehensive win over Argentina in that dark 3-0 in the final). They simply don't like his style. He is too defensive for them. He is too stingy in their eyes.

I can tell you, without naming names, that I've already received an e-mail from a very good friend (Brazilian) that used to work with me when I lived in Rio de Janeiro and he only said:

MESSAGE: Please, Seba, beat us on Wednesday. Beat us big time by three or four goals.

I think that says it all, doesn't it?

But...will some Argentines wish for the same thing? Will some Albiceleste fans that are lined up against BASILE wish that Brazil get a heavy win over Argentina so COCO gets the boot?

Will he get the boot if that happens?

One thing is for sure for me. I will never EVER EVER wish Argentina to lose. It doesn't matter if the manager is someone I really don't like.

Therefore, I want to make my Brazilian friend a big favour and I WANT TO BEAT THE FELLOWS IN YELLOW!

So I have a message for you, Coco. DON'T SEND CRUZ TO THE PITCH! Please! Listen to me and to all of Mundo Albiceleste's readers!


John said...

It's funny, they have a manager that has a winning record yet they want him to get the boot.

I'm not going to argue how a team should play (regardless if it beautiful attacking or horrible defensive) just as long as they win.

In the end, winning is all that matter.

Of course, I want to beat Brazil (or England for that matter) and I want to beat them big time.

But at the same time, I want Coco to start doing things that make sense. It's time he opens up his eyes and see what we all at MUNDO see.

If not, I'm going to start the "CUPER FOR ARGENTINA" campaign right away.

John said...

That's say it, maybe Coco is up to some mind games of his own against Brazil.

alwin said...

Hi Guys,

A special poem to the arrogant one…Senor Coco BASILE…

Are you having a good day?
Judging by your recent display,
You must be feeling rather gray.

Most of us see CRUZ as a curse,
But you seem to think in reverse,
Our concerns he isn’t going to nurse,
CAVIGOL cannot be worse as a goal I’m sure he’ll purse.

COCO, Please open up your eyes,
Please be a tad more wise,
Please Basile, Please Emphatise,
The ALBICELESTE needs to rise.

We had enough losing to the Yellows,
Their creativity has become shallow,
Their performances are very mellow,
I’m sure we can beat those fellows,

So ,Dear Mr. BASILE,
Before you become a fossil,
In order to send DUNGA into a jostle.
We seriously need something colossal.

With Regards from MALAYSIA

Seba said...

Brilliant stuff, Alwin! Brilliant!

And John...CUPER FOR ARGENTINA???? Please, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! We need people with winning record! I think of CUPER and I think of a good manager a decade ago that lost two Champions League finals in a row and miss out on the chance to give Inter a league title in the last week of the season (with the famous RONALDO's tears in the bench in that game against Lazio).

And remember he had a terrible season with Parma recently.

I don't think BASILE will be fired as Julio GRONDONA (the AFA president) is a huge fan of keeping his manager no matter what until the World Cup. He doesn't like to change horses in the middle of the river. So, unless something really really really huge happens, we are going to have BASILE until South Africa 2010. could be time for Diego SIMEONE to step up.

That's the way I see it.

p2bn said...

Bravo Alwin,

Now as we all are a die hard fans of our team, it will always be awkward to wish our team to loose. During the match with Ecuador, I was talking with another die hard fan and he was saying coming whatever happens we want them to win and we are their supporters. But guys I object here. Of course I want them to win forever which is not realistic but I believe in small sacrifices for greater cause. So even if we have to loose, lets loose in a way so that we have time to prepare for the big stuffs coming. Tell me how many of you want the by gone years to repeat. Top in the qualifiers, breathtaking performance in the group stages and shameful defeat in the finals. There will always be reason for loosing but at least lets hope we wont get out because of some astoundingly foolish or same old mistake. Our competitors say Argentina always plays like too good to be true and suffers that stigma.

So my standing in this issue is lets try to win everything but if we have to loose, lets loose soon to prepare for the big things.

Vamos Albiceleste

p2bn said...

hey guys!

u better read this...seems like bad news for messi and us

man!! what has football become? nothing but money business! come one! the player wishes to play and here comes the all freaking club saying you are are f***** worker and you must stay to play our pre qualifiers not your nation's Olympics although our new coach is saying you are not the most important player in our squad.

I am just hating it.

Vamos Albiceleste
Vamos Messu

alwin said...

Thanks Guys..i just felt poetry emotions.

Regarding the issue about MESSI, my gut feeling is that FIFA will not interfere and prevent BARCA from having the final say. The reason being is because FIFA will not want the OLYMPICS football tournament to steal the glitter of the WORLD CUP. John and me have been discussing about this before and it is indeed a sad case. Money talks in every send in the world these days. Try listenning to METALLICA's.."SAD BUT TRUE"!!'ll know.


Anonymous said...

Alwin this has been going back and forth for sometime. I still say Messi will play in the Olympics, Messi can easily tell them I will walk away from Barca and not turn back. So I do not think Barca has any room to make any threats.


Anonymous said...

Also It is not up to FIFA it is up the Olympic Committee to decide.


allan ng said...

If Barca insists Messi not play for Argentina Olympic team, then I will say to Messi, go and play for Real!

john said...

Way to go Alwin!!! I can see some element of Snoop Dogg in there.

And Seba, gotcha!!!

Okay, you don't want a manager that has almost or nearly won something.

Then how about Carlos BIANCHI. In my opinion over the last decade he has been the most successful Argentine coach.

Maybe, it is time for him to take the hot post.

About MESSI, only time will tell whether we will see him in Beijing.

I just hope things won't turn out the way they did with SAVIOLA fours yearago.

Tim said...

If true, this is not good for the team at all.

Anonymous said...

I'd prefer Tocalli, he knows the players very well, he's a good tactician and he can knit a team that plays well together, rather than this mishmash that Basile has been doing.

Anonymous said...

Tim, can you translate the article you are talking abou, please.

Seba said...

Anonymous, the article Tim linked is the one I comment in one of today's posts (the rift between MESSI and RIQUELME).

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