Friday, June 27, 2008

Argentina v Brazil from a Brazilian point of view

The excellent Brazilian magazine Placar made a comparison between the current national teams of Brazil and Argentina.

Starting from what they think is a fact (that both teams will qualify for the next World Cup) they ask the question: "Us or them? Which team is better?"

And then they make a great exercise in which they try to answer that question themselves.

In a sort of X-ray player-by-player analysis, they go through every player in both the senior and the Olympic national teams as well as taking a look at the promising youngsters and the players they consider as the best from both countries (KAKA v RIQUELME; ROBINHO v MESSI and PATO v AGÜERO).

Of course it's in Portuguese, but there isn't much to read. You can navigate with your mouse over each and every players' face and see a score (in the scale of 0 to 10) and you'll see the final score at the bottom of the page.

A surprising result for many. What do you think about this piece?


johnny said...

Looks like the Brazilians don't think as much of Masche as we do. Maybe another tough tackle on Anderson will do the trick.:)

Akash said...

Today Argentina defeated the host,Netherland, for the third(3) place in the mens Champios Trophy and took the Bronze medal.Argentina came back from 1 goal down to tie the game.After full time the score was 2-2 and went to extra time.Neither teams scored in the extra time and penalty's were needed to decide the winner. Argentina won the penalty shootout 4-3 with Matias Paredes scoring the winner.THE 2 Albiceleste goals were scored by Mario Almada AND Matias Paredes.

Boim Lebon said... hopping here...from indonesia, you have nice blog...:D :D

Anonymous said...

Can somebody shed some light on a subject for me. I know Copa America is once every 2-3 years but it looks like the next Copa America is 2011 in yes Argentina! But why a gap? is it because of the Confederations Cup(which Argentina is not in). But I am happy that 2011 will be in the backyard.


razksig said...

Each time I see Mascherano play, I'm amazed at how good he is at this young of an age. He's one of the best tacklers in the world and in my opinion just as important to our chances in 2010 as anyone but Leo. I can't believe they rated him so low.

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