Thursday, June 12, 2008

Are this the starting XI to face Ecuador (and Brazil)?

Watching the Euro everyday really makes me want to see Argentina in action with something at stake (not those silly friendlies).

The time will come on Sunday.

While we wait, though, there are already some hints as to how the lineup will look like.

One of the certainties (and if you want to bet to anyone, a sure bet) is that RIQUELME will be included.

According to what BASILE did in one of the training sessions, there are a group of eleven men with a slight advantage over the others.

Let's take a look at the probable lineup for Sunday:

ABBONDANZIERI will stay as first choice goalkeeper.

Three at the back with Nicolás BURDISSO, Martín DEMICHELIS and Gabriel HEINZE.

ZANETTI will be used as a midfielder but he could very well switch to a right back position if the match requires so (BURDISSO and DEMICHELIS will be the centre backs while HEINZE will play as a left back).

There's no way MASCHERANO will be left out. He'll own the center of midfield as always and will have Juan Sebastián VERON and Maxi RODRIGUEZ on the flanks with RIQUELME playing a free role right behind La Liga's hottest properties: Lionel MESSI and Sergio AGÜERO.

BASILE will announce his lineup on Saturday but he suggested the lineups that the various newspapers are imagining are correct.

What do you think of this lineup?

Apart from the match against Ecuador, do you think it'll be a good team to travel to Brazil and take on the "fellows in yellow"*?

* Should I copyright this expression to refer to the Brazilian national team? Hahaha! Anyway...from now on, I'm gonna call them that! Fellows in yellow! I quite like it!


John said...

I'm confused by the fact that we have left Lucho out when he could have perfectly fits into this puzzle.

I do feel it will be a better formation in having someone like him taking care on the right and Maxi on the left.

Or better still, maintain Maxi on the right where he can provide all those deadly crosses.

Roman to be used on the left, from he can penetrate into the middle.

Partner Masche with GAGO in central midfield. GAGO could too give some extra punch in our offense as well with Masche doing what a “Masche” does best. Minus the sending off.

I know everyone might think that I'm silly to say this but I want CAVENAGHI and MESSI up front.

I know it's hard to leave someone like Kun out but we can't have two shorties up front!!!

We need to win those headers as well and it's either Cavegol or Licha to start alongside either Leo or Kun.

Saurabh Bhattacharjee said...

I do not understand why is Basile not including Gago in place of Veron if the formation is going to be 3-5-2. He is a better in tackling and interception, and his distribution is good if not great. His presence will give Zannetti and Maxi greater license to go forward.

and I'm still not convinced about two short strikers.

Anonymous said...

Well all know how this game will turnout and i HOPE it does not. We attack attack attack with the ball on our feet and Brasil sits back with 10 people, soon as they get it they counter-attack, didn;t the side do this when Argentina beat Brasil 5 straight times or so? Just prepare!


p2bn said...

So correct JACK!

I share the same feeling with you. We play the best and yet loose 4-1, 3-0, 3-0, 3-0. Man I am so frustrated with all those mess ups the coaches makes. I really think we need some European Coaches. Even if we win, I am just not feeling good. At least Cruz seems to stay at the bench, maybe this will be some beginning and make me a believer in the game plan of coco.

Vamos Albiceleste

p2bn said...

And guys if you can get a link to watch the match, please provide it cause in myp2p the match between Argentina and Ecuador is mysteriously missing and I am just hopping it will pop out at that time.

Vamos Albiceleste

Anonymous said...

I posted something here last week about the Dutch and said WOW what a team, and today's game that Dutch team is SCARY! They are playing like Argentina! So many beautiful passes and goals. Hey I picked them or Spain to win it all before it started and the way the Dutch have started they are a team to watch for.


John said...

Hi Jack,

Yeah what a game by the Dutch team. Brilliant passing and beautiful attacking. The French had no answer against them.

Alongside Portugal and Spain, they are my favourites to win the Euro.

Furthermore they could be a real danger to us in 2010, if they keep up with this form.

Good news for me, the match against Ecuador will be shown in Malaysia at 5.05 am.

I'm going to do just what any Albiceleste fans would do. Watch the game, then go to work, reach at work late and provide my bosses the common excuse of all, traffic jam!!! Ha!! Ha!! Ha!!

I'm always a happy man when I get to see my beloved Argentina play.