Monday, June 02, 2008

El Loco Interview

Our Boca Craziness week continues with an interesting interview with Martin PALERMO that I’ve just discovered on Later on I would like to share my own experience (or feelings you might say) about El Loco, but first is the article that I was mentioning about with the title - IT’S ALL ABOUT INSTICT


John said...

My first encounter with PALERMO was back in 1998/99 when there were regular news updates about the Argentine league on most of the local stations. On most occasions it was either Boca or River.

Then I realized the existence of this particular player that had this peroxide blonde on the front part of his hair. Every now and then I’ve realize he scored week in and week out. I had a great feeling for this player and was happy to see another predator has been born for our national team.

Then came the 1999 Copa America but most of our big names (BATISTUTA, LOPEZ, CRESPO, VERON etc.) have decline to take part after a long European season.

So Marcelo BIELSA was left to take a team, which consist mainly of local talent (among them was Juan Roman RIQUELME, Walter SAMUEL, etc.) to carry the team.

My friend who is a hardcore BATIGOL fan felt that the team had no chance but I kept insisting to him about this Boca player that I’ve discovered. He doubt about what I was saying until he saw for himself in our first game against Ecuador.

Well as for the rest, you know what happened.

Ad for me, I still have plenty of high regards for PALERMO and in many ways I feel he is better (given the right circumstances) than CRESPO.

johnny said...

Boca Craziness Week !! Ha Ha ! And Amen ! Thanks John for the Palermo interview. By the way, Palermo's backup #9, Mauro Boselli, scored a hat trick last night in a 3-1 victory over Arsenal de Sarandi. The last goal on as beautiful a bicycle kick as you will ever see.

Anonymous said...

will RIQUELME play against fluminese in the second leg?

johnny said...

Hi Anonymous ! Yes, Riquelme will most definitely play (unless there is some breaking news I don't know about). I don't know if he is 100%, but he looked ok in the first leg. He remains the straw that stirs the drink !

Seba said...

I would like to express that I have nothing to do with this Boca craziness bshit going on in this blog! hahahaha!

To me, it's all about Racing Club. But I won't even start posting things about my club here because I don't want to make everyone sad.

Plus...if you, beloved Mundo Albiceleste reader, are a true Albiceleste fan, then you should support Racing Club (blue and white shirt) and not Boca Juniors (a club that have a blue and yellow shirt because of the Swedish flag -true story!-).

johnny said...

Seba-OK, you Boca hater ! Cough up that Swedish flag story !! If it was a flag from Genoa, I would understand, but Sweden ??!!

Seba said...

You are right in pointing your finger to Genoa, but the colours were taken from the Swedish flag.

Here it goes:

Boca Juniors founders were all coming from Italian families (mostly from the Genoa region). Hence why Boca are still called Xeneize (which is the Genoese word to refer to the people from Genoa).

But in those early days, they needed to agree on the colours for the shirt and they were having a tough time to decide. Until one of them said: "OK, let's go to the harbor and we'll take the colours of the flag of the first ship that comes across". It was, of course, from Sweden and that's how Boca got their Azul y Oro colours that I hate so much! hahahaha!

johnny said...

Seba-good story. On another topic, maybe Anonymous was more up to date on Riquelme's health than I was. is reporting that Riquelme is quite sick with some kind of flu or gastroenteritis, and may not be able to play tomorrow. Ouch !!

James said...

He'll play, he was able to train today again.

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