Wednesday, June 18, 2008

MANU a doubt for Beijing

I didn't think I would post something off topic from the all-important Brazil v. Argentina for the WC Qualifiers.

But...this is surely something that I can't wait to post as I'm watching Manu GINOBILI on the TV and he says he is in doubt for the Olympic Games.

The reason? An ankle injury that's bothering him since the start of the playoffs with San Antonio Spurs. He says he will have another tests in three weeks and see how his ankle ligaments heal or improve but there are no certainties on whether or not he will be making the trip to China.

A huge blow for our national team and this really is a big problem because this is not a personal decision. This is an injury problem and we all have to hope he heals and recovers 100% so he can have the chance to go to Beijing and try to defend the Olympic gold medal.

VAMOS MANU! We need you!


Lopez said...

Final score 0-0

Azrael said...

Hopefully Manu heals up quickly. It would be a shame if Argentina wasn't at full strength. They'd have to put an asterisk next to their losses and I love watching them as a team. I sort of have mixed allegiances during the Olympics. I like the US because I live here, yet Argentina has one of my favorite Bulls.