Tuesday, March 11, 2008

NBA News - Scola, The Rocketman

Houston Rockets 91 New Jersey Nets 73

It seems like everyone has forgotten in Houston that star center YAO Ming is out injured. The Rockets have now won their 13th game in a row and for the past 10 games; they’ve been winning by double digits.

Now they are only one game away from Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs from finishing the top of the Western Conference. And they will play the Lakers on Sunday but all that can wait.
Luis SCOLA has been instrumental all along this streak and for me it comes to no surprise that he is producing the goods despite having a poor start to his NBA career. A lot was mentioned about him before the season started and those who doubt it, may need to feel sorry for themselves.

For his reward, he was chosen as
Western Conference T-Mobile Rookie of the Month for February 2008 (11 months ago it was Walter HERRMANN while he was playing for the Charlotte Bobcats).

In the absence of YAO, he has combined well with Dikembe MUTAMBO around the perimeter and most certainly his game complements the likes of Tracy McGRADY, Rafer ALSTON and Shane BATTIER.

Tonight he helped the team in offense with 12 points & 1 assist and also in defense with 5 rebounds & 1 steal.

Way to go SCOLA!!!

San Antonio Spurs 107 Denver Nuggets 104

It was just four days ago that the Nuggets defeated Spurs in Denver. Today’s neck and neck encounter until the very end, the Nuggets must have felt good about their chances of doing it again, only this time in Texas.

Spurs were pretty much under pressure to avoid a third defeat in a row and they did just that but it was all around effort this time.
Manu GINOBILI may have only posted 13 points but it was a giving an extra hand for others to score was the highlight of this game. He had career high 14 assists alongside 2 steals in the process.

“Manu stepped up and was passing the ball great—finding people left and right,” Tim DUNCAN said. “So we had good efforts all the way around.”

Fabricio OBERTO also saw action from he posted 2 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist & 1 steal.


robd said...

Scola is going to be crucial come playoff time. Hopefully he helps the Rockets get out of the first round for once!

And Manu with 14 assists?! he's doing it all this season. he's almost an mvp :p

ADRIAN said...

Hola!!..soy argentino, la verdad que muy buena la página!!.. me pone muy feliz ver como los argentinos triunfan en la NBA. Saludos desde Buenos Aires!!!

ADRIAN de www.deportearg.com.ar

Anonymous said...

Manu is a flopper. Spurs are the whiniest team in history. Never committed a foul in their lives. Stay in Argentina

halley said...

Ahoy!.. Great win for the Spurs!.. 6 Spurs are in double-figures . Everybody really wanted to win this game and that proved in their field-goals. Teamwork, it's what drove the Spurs in winning this game.

Pico said...

You cannot stop the Manu. A flopper? The doesn't explain the crooked numbers he drops on teams, or the assists, or the steals-- and off the bench? Man's a pro, you have to love the Manu.

The East Coast Bias Blog

The Peace Blogger said...

Hi Dude,

Nice blog and good post, but as an African I'm quite upset that you can't even spell Mutombo name properly...come dude...

Anyway Scola is great and I'm not surprise to see him doing so good right now, he's got all the tools to be a really good player in this league...