Friday, March 28, 2008

NBA News - The WolfMANu, Minnesota Jinx

San Antonio Spurs 99 Minnesota Timberwolves 84

Spurs routed the Wolves in all four meetings during the regular season and the very much large reason for that is just simple. Manu GINOBILI.

Manu has made a habit this season of playing well against Minnesota. In previous three games against the Timberwolves, he scored 31, 22, and most recently 44 points—two shy of his season high.

"He’s explosive. He can score in multiple says,” said Minnesota coach Randy WITTMAN. “It’s not like he’s just a shooter. He gets to the line, he gets in the lane, he can make 3s. So he’s probably as good as there is. For a guy off the bench who played 25 minutes and scored 26 points, that’s a pretty good sixth man.”

Spurs super sub scored a game high 26 points, to help them win after squandering a 20 points lead at one point during the game. He also posted 1 rebound & 3 assists.

Fabricio OBERTO also had decent game posting 2 points, 4 rebounds & 1 steal in the process.

"I started being more aggressive,” said Manu, who was 5-of-5 from the field in the fourth. “So it’s like a snowball. You feel more and more confident and every shot I took, it went in.”

Before this win, Spurs were at fifth place in the Western Conference standings. Now they will move into the second spot and became the first team to win 50 games in that conference. Many would find this a comfortable situation but there are who those who how much things can change between now and the final day of the regular season.

“It worries me a little bit. I don’t think we are yet in playoff shape,” Manu said. “So we’ve really got to step up in these last nine games … because if not we are not going to go that far.”

Atlanta Hawks 106 Chicago Bulls 103

It really gets me frustrated to know that I wont being a lot Andres NOCIONI once the regular season is over. What a shame that would be? I'm really feeling sorry for some our friends here who are Bulls fan such as Seba & Azrael.

After all there are many occasions that the troubled Bulls owe it to him for keeping them alive for a play-off spot. But with another defeat in the bag, I guess its best we just forget about the whole thing once and for all.

Chapu did have an average game tonight, coming from the bench to post 13 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist & block shots.

Toronto Raptors 103 New York Knicks 95

The Raptors are pushing themselves hard to ensure that they can finish with a home court advantage during the play-offs. Bare in mind, they are behind the Cavaliers (by 3) and the Wizards (by ½) in sixth place.

Carlos DELFINO could almost finish the game with a double-double as he posted 9 points & 10 rebounds.


Anonymous said...

See please here

halley said...

yea!!.. the spurs rocked this game and manu ginobili did his routine against the t'wolves. it's like he knows how to play and win against them. i see the spurs are getting into the rhythm and it's a good sign.

halley said...

go Spurs!!

John said...

Some quick news...

Chicago Bulls 114 Milwaukee Bucks 110

NOCIONI had one of his best game in recent times, posting 17 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist & 2 block shots. Still to early to say whether this win would give some hope for the Bulls to make it into the play-offs.

Detroit Pistons 85 Cleveland Cavaliers 71

Walter HERRMANN was given a seven minutes plus of time play from which he posted 2 points, 2 rebounds & 1 assist.

Congratulation to the Pistons as they are now the Central Division Champions.

Azrael said...

Yeah... not having the Bulls and Nocioni in the Playoffs feels weird. We Bulls fans have been spoiled for the past 3 years. Hopefully this season's failure will fire them up next year. I'm praying that the organization keeps Nocioni on board.