Monday, March 24, 2008

My e-mail to The Sun, "the dumbest newspaper"

I can't help it. I'm a Latin. I've got my temper too, you know.

I was enjoying a quiet evening and I was very relaxed until I saw this:

An article about Javier MASCHERANO that was way out of order.

Not the article itself. One that I understand because it's published in the most sensationalist newspaper in the world. But there's a detail there that really made me really angry. They say MASCHERANO is "THE MAN WHO'S SHAMED FOOTBALL" and that pushed me to do something that surprised even myself: I wrote an e-mail to The Sun.

Here's the text:

Mr. David Facey,

I'm writing this e-mail regarding your articles on Javier Mascherano.

Being a journalist myself, I understand the approach The Sun has on every matter so I don't tend to react strongly to none of the articles published there (or should I say uploaded there. Because living in Argentina I only get to read the online stories). Therefore, and considering it's The Sun, I can live with "the dumbest man on the planet" or whatever you feel like tagging him.

But reading your latest article on Mascherano, I feel I should, at the very least, let you know how angry and upset I am for the treatment you are giving him.

I understand that the way English people live and watch football is very different to that we have here in South America. You allow horrible tackles week in, week out and you cry out loud when there is someone diving or talking to a referee, while we consider the former to be way worse than the latter.

But I think you went too far when you say that Mascherano is "THE MAN THAT SHAMED FOOTBALL"! For crying out loud! What can you say about Martin Taylor, then? I guess you agree with a suspension of only 3 matches, while poor Eduardo has his career on the line and may never be the same player again.

I agree Mascherano was over the line when he kept talking to the referee after being shown a yellow card. But rather than shaming football, what was happening was simply that he was very upset and he lost it. That's all there is to it. I can think of a million candidates for the title "The Man That Shamed Football" and they will surely be very different to those you have in mind.

I won't change your mind and I won't get The Sun to treat Mascherano in a fair and honest way, but I thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how I feel and how many Argentines feel about this harsh and unfair treatment of one of the best young players in the World that, this episode aside, is doing nothing but raising the level of the English Premier League every weekend.

Hope you still follow football during the Olympics in Beijing and in the next World Cup so you can see "the man that shamed football" at his very best. Mark my words.


Sebastián García
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Now...I don't know if they will ever reply to that, but at least it's off my chest.

If you feel like joining my cause, here's the closest e-mail address I found to The Sun's Sports Desk: and the name of the journalist that wrote that article is David Facey. Feel free to send them an e-mail.

I'll keep you posted if the dumbest newspaper in the planet sends me an e-mail.

Javier: You made a mistake, but you are far from shaming football and you'll show this journalist and all your critics what you are capable of!



John said...

To understand this article, it's very simple.

English Newspaper, Argentina players. That doesn't sound like a good combination, if you know your history well.

It wasn't too along ago that the Ashley COLE incident took place, and how fast have they forgotten about that.

Okay if that is not the worst case scenario, then what about Joey BARTON's story :-

1) Exposing his big @$$ to the opponent supporters.

2) Assaulting a fellow teammate during training.

And what about the Lee BOWYER & Jonathan WOODGATE racist attitude story.

I just wonder, in what ways doesn't ashamed football.

johnny said...

Nice going Seba ! Well put ! The Sun is a rag, and there are alot of rags in the UK. Just recently a newspaper in England was sued and lost in a case where they claimed a couple had murdered their own child and were attempting to cover it up. Some of you may remember that tragic situation. The word "shame" should be attached to many of the people who own and manage these newspapers. They have no shame whatsoever and unfortunately don't care much as to the opinions of others. They just want to sell as many newspapers as they can and appeal to the very worst side of people. Scum !!

Anonymous said...

All you have to do is ask them, who are they going to follow in this year's euro!!!! vamos argentina

Paul Heron said...

It's not just The Sun, it's the media in general jumping on the Mascherano bandwagon, but what he did was nothing compared to what Ashley Cole did and of course Cole gets away with it :-(
Mascherano was dumb the way he carried on but he'll learn from it, he's still one of my favourite players.
But Bennett is up there with Styles now for the way they treat LFC.