Thursday, March 27, 2008

NBA News - A D-Double For Scola

Toronto Raptors 89 Detroit Pistons 82

Good to see Carlos DELFINO contributing from the bench once again after a few low-key performances. Tonight, though it was not something compare to his usual standard, he was instrumental in helping his team defeating one of the best in the Eastern Conference. DELFINO posted 10 points, 2 rebounds & 1 assist.

In contrast to Walter HERRMANN, who was sitting on the bench and did not see any action. This is the first game where Walter’s name was on the team list after he was placed as an in-active member.

Philadelphia 76ers 121 Chicago Bulls 99

It seems like the odds for the Bulls for making it into the play-off is getting wider and wider. But after tonight’s game, there is some positive aspect that I would take from this game.

Chapu NOCIONI was pretty much back to his usual self after enduring on what has been tough 7 days in his NBA career. Tonight he manages to post 16 points, 3 rebounds, 1 steal & 2 block shots.

Now I’m glad to say that coach Jim BOYLAN has renewed in his faith in him.

San Antonio Spurs 97 Los Angeles Clippers 88

In the previous game I regarded him as the Magic Man but in this one, I’ve learned that he is regarded as Spurs resident sparkplug. Interesting!!!
Now posting 13 points in nothing compare to what Manu GINOBILI does normally. However you must not argue that he is one hell of hustler in dishing out 2 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals & 2 block shots.

OBERTO was also fabulous tonight, as he was 100% from the field goal posting 6 points (3-3), 4 rebounds & 1 assist in the process.

Houston Rockets 97 Minnesota Timberwolves 86

For the Rockets the race to finish as the best team in Western Conference will be tested in their next 10 matches (7 of which are on the road).

But before that happens, tonight’s game was huge one for Luis SCOLA. I can’t remember if there was any game before he manages to post double-double digits. He posted 18 points & 18 rebounds and not to forget the 3 steals he made along the way.

“We weren’t playing very good,” said SCOLA. “Every possession, everything counts. You’re not playing very good, you’re not getting easy baskets, you need to play hard. It creates more possessions for you and it gives you more chances to score.”
The Rockets open a five-game road trip against Manu & Fabio’s San Antonio on Sunday. The teams had identical records (49-23) after wins on Wednesday and both were one game behind New Orleans in the race for the No. 1 seed in the West.

“Every game is important,” SCOLA said. “You win one game, you go up to the 2 spot. You lose one game, you go down to 7. That’s the way it is and that’s the way it’s going to be from now on, until the regular season is over. We’ve got to be ready for that and we’ve got to know that’s the way it is.”


Mike from Illinois said...

John, thanks for checking out the Orlando Magic Blog the other day after the Spurs beat the Magic and thanks for the complementary words!

halley said...

i thought the spurs weren't still in shape, but i guess they were just starting to shape up. it's a great win against the orlando magic. they've done a great job containing d. howard. Go Spurs! =)