Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I feel like watching some BATISTUTA!

I watched a very good interview with Gabriel BATISTUTA on ESPN+ here in Buenos Aires and I felt kind of sad because Mundo Albiceleste wasn't even born when he was playing and burning every net in the World in his way to become the top goal-scorer in the history of our National Team (56 in 78 appearances).

That's why I feel like sharing with you, some of the magic and fantastic goals that Bati gave Newell's, River Plate, Boca, Fiorentina, Roma, Inter and Al Arabi's fans, not to mention all the Albicelestes worldwide throughout his career.

Oh...and a little bonus track: an advertisement he did for TIM (a mobile phones company from Italy).


The first 1:44 minutes of this video are great examples of what BATISTUTA did for Argentina. The rest are goals from other players such as VERON, ORTEGA, CRESPO and even SORIN. But it's the best YouTube video I could find of Batigol with the Albiceleste:

Here are some samples of what he did with Fiorentina:

Being top-scorer in AS Roma's scudetto's season (2000/2001):

Great pictures in a tribute by a Turkish fan:

And this is the "bonus track" I mentioned. Batisister! haha!


Anonymous said...

I agree Seba, Batistuta was and is such a legend. I really miss watching him, so a pure goal scorer. Brings a tear to the eye almost. I just wish Messi had a chance to play with him, Diego has but that was 94. Batigol could score from anywhere, you always felt confortable when he had the ball in the box. Scored over 200 goals in iTALY, never left his team in Florence and such a role models for kids off the pitch. He will go down as prob one of the best to never win a WC, however when and if Argentinas wins a WC soon I am sure he will just as happy as he would as a player. An oh yah, only person to score a hat trick in 2 diff WC.


John said...

Batigol is the best ever goal scoring terror for me.

It is sad that he never had the chance to win a WC. But that won't change the way I feel about him.

By the way Seba, love the last video. Just love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, seba, for this - I will never get tired of watching Batistuta in action! His skill was as sharp as a knife, and his exuberance was absolutely electric. I find it so sad that his last WC ended the way it did; he deserved better than that.

I always wonder, given the brilliance of Bati's performance, why, now that he's retired, his name is so seldom heard. Even his deliberate (from what I understand) withdrawal from the world of professional futbol, which explains to a great degree his absence from the press, etc., doesn't account for how little we hear him mentioned (Fiorentina's Mutu is an exception)- especially by young Argentine players, to at least some of whom I would expect him to be a hero. He just doesn't seem to be part of the "great soccer players" lore, and I am really curious as to why. Does anyone have any ideas?

Love - Lex
(happy to have her ticket [front row, Argentina section] to the Argentine/US friendly in June)