Friday, March 14, 2008

NBA News - High For Scola But Not For Others

Detroit Pistons 84 San Antonio Spurs 80

They can only be one reason why the Spurs lost. My answer is simply because they're best man had a terrible night by his own standard.

Manu GINOBILI only had 9 points throughout the whole game!!! When was the last time he posted below 10? He also had 5 reboudns, 2 assists, 1 steal & 1 block shot.

Fabricio OBERTO wasn't able to provide the much spark needed from the bench as he only had 2 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist & 1 block shot.

Things don't look good for the defending champion these days and it wasn't too long ago that they were the best team in the Western Conference. Chances are they might loose their home court advantage in the post season.

Anyway I've got another question, where the hell is Walter HERRMANN?

Philadelphia 76ers 110 Chicago Bulls 106

The Bulls blew their best ever chance to jump into the play-off spot and chances are tha Andres NOCIONI and teammates might just miss the post season. Another poor night for Chapu as he only manages 7 points, 2 rebounds & 2 assists.

Denver Nuggets 137 Toronto Raptors 105

Despite having one of the best night in his first year at Toronto, Carlos DELFNO's 16 points from the bench was still not good enough to win this game.

On top of that he also manage post 7 rebounds, 4 assists & 1 block shot and his team is fast getting the recognition for being among the best in the East.

Houston Rockets 89 Charlotte Bobcats 80

21 wins in a row and still counting? Okay maybe I've just said a bit too much here but you can't deny this is magnificent run for the Rockets.

And now they share the top spot of the Western Conference ad could perhaps be the best when the post season's starts.

Luis SCOLA was again producing the goods that he was brought here for. Tonight he was outstanding, posting 13 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal & 1 block shot.

Vamos Scola!!! Vamos Rockets!!!


Martin LaBar said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I 'm not a Rockets fan, particularly, and I hadn't heard of Scola until two days ago. Apparently he's pretty good. The Rockets seem to be blessed, rather than, or in addition to being good.

Onski said...

Cant believe it! 22 in a row and now the Lakers being one of the victims. When will it stop.

John said...

Houston Rockets 104 Los Angeles Lakers 92

Thanks for the info Onski!!! Luis SCOLA wasn't bad either. 13 points & 11 rebounds. Double-double, now that's something.

halley said...

that's a long winning streak for the rockets!.. great job T-mac & co.

the spurs are in big trouble, they're on the 7th spot. no more losses please!..

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