Monday, March 03, 2008

EVER drinking in Valencia

Bad news for Ever BANEGA. After Valencia lost 2-0 against Espanyol -with BANEGA making a crucial mistake in one of the Catalans' goals-, the Argentine midfielder was stopped by the local police in Turia (near Valencia) and he failed to pass a breath test and had a high blood alcohol level.

It's still unknown if Ever will be suspended or fined by the club, which released a statement aknowleging the fact that Ever got stopped by the police.

This is worrying because Ever is now building up a reputation of being fond to the nightlife.

Before moving to Valencia, Ever was separated from the Boca Juniors squad by former manager Miguel Angel RUSSO after the Youth World Champion in Canada 2007 was seeing going out the night Boca lost 2-0 against River in a match when BANEGA saw the red card.

Let's hope this is only a one-off and he keeps his promising career moving forward.


Anonymous said...

I hope we do not have another Ortega on our hands. I wish more of the players were like Messi and the classiest of them of all Redendo. That is a great article on Aguero dubbed as The New Messi.


Anonymous said...

Diego seems to be bored with Argentina's team.


andaman said...

He's 19 and he's bound to fall into these traps. He will be one of the best if he styed on track. Ever should have stayed in Argentina a bit longer.

John said...

I have to agree with Andaman. He is away from home and all by himself, certainly there is plenty room of freedom.