Thursday, March 13, 2008

NBA News - 20th Straight Win For Scola & Rockets

Golden State Warrior 117 Toronto Raptors 106

It’s never been easy to play against the Warriors at the Oracle Arena. Just ask the Mavs what happened to them last season.

The Raptors did everything they could to pull comeback but Baron DAVIS and his entertaining Warriors held them off to clinch this win.

Carlos DELFINO had a below average performance and only manage to post 10 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 steal & 1 block shot.

New Orleans Hornets 100 San Antonio Spurs 75

The rules are very simple to win a game that is you have make your shots happen. You can’t find anything better don’t you?

That was simply the case when Spurs paid a visit against the much improve Hornets. They were outclassed and outstretched throughout the game. And this is not the first time this has happen.

“They were making every kind of shot,” Manu said. “It’s really hard to win like that. I don’t think we played horrible. We’ve played worse before. They just executed great.”

It was a poor night Manu, only managing 11 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists & 3 steals.

Fabricio OBERTO was given more minutes this time, posted no points but had 3 rebounds, 2 assists & 1 steal.

Atlanta Hawks 75 Houston Rockets 83

Muchas Gracias, Los Cohetes!!!! 20 straight wins!!!!

For what you might be asking, well for making that my beloved Andres NOCIONI and the Bulls chances of making into the play-off is still wide open.

With Spurs defeat, the Rockets have now moved into the 2nd position of the Western Conference and could perhaps challenge for top spot.

Luis SCOLA suffered much in the early part of the game with foul troubles but came back strongly towards the later stage. He manages to post 7 points & 12 rebounds.


Arod said...

Collectively as a whole the Houston Rockets have come together and found ways to win. I’ve never been a big T-Mac fan but he’s really stepped up to the plate and become a real leader in Yao’s absence. You have to also love the fact that he’s staying healthy (knock on wood). Also the Rockets may have finally adapted to coach Adelman’s new offensive approach so different from the defensive minded Van Gundy in years past. Even when Yao was playing you saw a completely different team with his numbers well improved. Now with the big man out Luis Scola found his perfect opportunity to get more consistent playing time, which results in more productivity. We’ve known Scola as one of the best players not in the NBA for the past few years prior to his arrival this season. When you have a resume that includes gold medal w/ Argentina in 04’, 2 time Spanish league MVP and 07’ FIBA MVP you’ve got potential in the L. After a shaky start, which is completely natural when switching continents, Scola showed some signs of greatness early in the season. Now having the opportunity with Yao out and outplaying Chuck Hayes and Carl Landry I do feel Scola can benefit the most from this. Look for this late season success to be a precursor for what’s to come from Scola next year. So yes, I do agree that Scola has had a big impact filling in for the loss of Yao Ming.

Melvin said...

Well man did I say rockets are amazing? just wow!!!

Onski said...

When you look at the Rockets line up you have to say it isnt that impressive a team, especially with Yao out, but damn 21 in a row is 21 in a row and respect has to be granted.

Scola is getting figures that you would love from any rookie (although the term 'rookie' is a stretch when you have been a professional ball player as long as him). I dont think he is quite ROY calibre but he is doing what it takes to make him team 21 deep. If only the Spurs could have kept him. Oh well.

The real test is the next few games though. Lakers, Celtics and Hornets. Throw in Phoenix and San Antonio into the mix to finish the month and they will have a tough fight to keep the record. Although that being said the 21 game run has seen 9 wins against 0.500+ teams including 2 wins against the Hornets & Cavs, a win against Dallas and another win against the powerhouse Miami (ha ha sorry I had to give them a bit of stick, how bad are they?)

With the schedule ahead you would expect the run to cease but if they keep playing the team game the streak could continue.


Coach Onski

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