Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Another injury makes MESSI break down in tears

I hate to see when things like these happen.

It's just so unfair that a number of mediocre players (I could make a very long list, believe me!) never get injured and yet, Lionel MESSI, one of the finest in this planet suffers a good share of knocks that keep him out of the field for more than we'd like.

My theory is that Lionel's game is based on explosion. That bursting first step that leaves opponents on the wrong foot and then gives him the space to do what he wants.

Being a really small guy, Lionel can fool you with his incredible toughness when it comes to resist the foul play used by his rivals in a desperate intent to stop him. In fact, I don't remember an injury he suffered after receiving a kick by a defender or after being hit by somebody.

His injury on Tuesday had nothing to do with foul play by the Celtic players. He was a victim, his muscle was a victim, of his flashy speed and his desire to go for the dribble like if it was his last.

Seeing him stopping inmediately and sending his hands to his head was a really painful thing to watch. He couldn't help the tears and I'm sure more than one Barcelona and Argentina fan did the same.

The first news are suggesting MESSI will be out of action for around a month. He'll surely miss Argentina's friendly against Egypt and he'll also miss the Copa del Rey semifinal match against Valencia (2nd leg).

Here's hoping one of our true Mundo Albiceleste's heroes recovers completely and as fast as he can.



Anonymous said...

If he could walk with his own will, then he should be fine. Pulling or thearing hamstring is not a great feeling, my cousin had tore his hamstring while playing basketball. Lets just be happy it not a ankle nor a knee, so he does not go under the knifee. Get well Leo!

John said...

I just couldn't watch that. Never could.

At one time, I thought that I was going to cry.

It's not fair at all, especially when somone is so gifted and has a lot to offer.

C'mmon Leo, you show em' what you've got.

Anonymous said...

John, do not worry it is not as bad as it looked. Hamstring is under the buttock, maybe a few inches lower, he will be out for a month. He is 20 years old he will be back in no time. Now will he back to save Barca, I dont think so. But lets see how they will do in the CL wo him. He can still come back. It hurts me to watch it as well. I am happy its not something he will need surgery for.


johnny said...

Good luck to Messi. He has had his share of bad luck. Yes, a hamstring injury is not like messing up a knee, but they are notoriously slow to heal and as we have seen, they can recur. Messi's youthful physical condition works in his favor, but his overwhelming desire to get back on the pitch may not. Let's keep our fingers crossed that his rehab goes well and we will see him in top shape within 4-6 weeks.