Sunday, March 16, 2008

Historic Moment For Javier

Though it seems like we don't get too many goals from the Albiceleste Army around Europe, but those who have scored have always been somewhat memorable.

I couldn't be too bothered about Real Madrid suffering another shocking defeat, this time against Deportive La Coruna. Or about Fernando TORRES goal scoring streak for Liverpool (which turns out to be the first topic that I would like to touch in this article).

Fresh from their Champions League win over Inter, the Reds were determined to continue their dominant run in recent weeks against Reading on Saturday. But when an unmarked Marek MATEJOVSKY smashed an unstoppable volley past Pepe REINA, it looks like the bad days are back again.

Liverpool needed something special to get back into the game, which is exactly what they've got only this time it wasn't from the likes of Steven GERRARD or TORRES but non other than Javier MASHERANO.

Masche gained possession 40 yards out and surged forward to lash the ball high past HAHNEMANN into the top right-hand corner. He could have almost inspired Liverpool to take the lead when his sweeping ball out to Ryan BABEL, set the Dutchman moving and he cut in before lashing an angled drive that HAHNEMANN beat away.

Liverpool however did went on to win the game through TORRES header in the 48th minute.

But the main thing that I would like highlight is that about all the negative argument that some of the Red quarters had on MASCHERANO's arrival in Anfield. Well I hope after this, they might wan to take back their words. And where did all this inspiration came from? From the man who had trust in his abilities in the first place, Rafa BENITEZ.

"We have been encouraging him to shoot more, and he has started doing that" Rafa said.

Other highlight from Saturday....

In Italy, Cristian LEDESMA could have almost gave the blue half of Rome a happy weekend when he scored in the 80th minute to give Lazio 2-1 lead over Udinese, only to see an equalizer from Antonio DI NATALE four minutes from time.

While in Portugal, Lisandro LOPEZ keeps his good run going with another goal for FC Porto, this time against Leixoes. This will boost his motivation after knowing that he will be involved in Argentina's next assignment. Alongside him, Lucho GONZALEZ and Ernesto FARIAS were both starters.

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johnny said...

John-thanks for the Masche goal report and video. He looked like Gerrard ! Great goal from Javier, and with that success my guess is that we will see more in time.