Saturday, May 16, 2009

TEVEZ champion again. Was it his last match at Old Trafford?

A little song from Manchester United fans dedicated to Carlos TEVEZ.

Once again, the Apache is lifting a trophy.

With a 0-0 result at home to Arsenal, Manchester United secured the title, which gives TEVEZ his fourteenth champion's medal in his career and his second consecutive Premier League title.

TEVEZ had a quiet game against Arsenal and got substituted after 66 minutes.

First, there was a thunderous booing from the home fans who didn't like the substitution. Then TEVEZ applauded them and wave at them in a gesture that hinted that he may be leaving Old Trafford at the end of the season.

That's still to be decided. In the meantime, congratulations to Carlos TEVEZ, making every Argentine football fan proud.


John said...

Its title No.18 for Manchester United but most importantly its title No.2 for Carlos TEVEZ. The Red Devils defended their league honour after securing the all important point in a goalless draw against Arsenal at Old Trafford.

For me personally, the most part that I would remember about this season campaign in the Barclay Premiership is the rollercoaster ride of Carlitos. He came into the 2008/09 season after having being a hit for the club in his debut season. He help them to lift the Premiership and the Champions League.

From the looks of it, TEVEZ has secured himself into United folklore among its legion of supporters. I know that for a fact because every Red Devils fanatic whom I meet in Malaysia will tell me just how they love his football; passion, hardworking and determination. All the kind of ingredients that makes Albiceleste football such a beautiful football.

However much to my dismay, all that changed when Sir Alex decided to bring Dimitar BERBATOV thus ending the successful partnership between TEVEZ and Wayne ROONEY. In my humble opinion, the money which they’ve spent on the Bulgarian (not to mentioned the amount of play time), hasn’t really turned my world on.

During these last few games, it was TEVEZ that came alive to help United in their cause. His goal against Manchester City and Wigan (during which Liverpool were giving a late push) has been vital in ensuring that they have a smooth ride.

Now the big question will popped out again, who will win the race to sign TEVEZ?

But before that, he has another big assignment which is the Champions League final in Rome. I’m sure that he will once again give everything he has to help his team (remember he has also won the Club World Cup and single handedly won them the Carling Cup).

Now the final in Rome may be (or not) his last match for United. Though most of us here will be hoping to see Lionel MESSI will have the last laugh there. But let me ask you guys something, wouldn’t it be nice to see TEVEZ putting a dagger into Fergie’s heart before saying goodbye? Think about it.

Mohd said...

well. i have to admit i am after messi all the way. but the reason is not that i like messi more then tevez (although he is the best in the world).

however, the reason is that no matter what tevez does; the credit will always go to ronaldo. look at last season; i truly believe its tevez who gave utd the PL and the CL as he was the one standing out in big games. still at the end ronaldo was considered the hero. and to make things worst, ferguson started the next season with tevez on the bench.

so hell with barca in the final and may tevez play for a big team next year.