Monday, May 04, 2009

Mythical MILITO. What else does he needs to do?

I'm picking up on an interesting debate about our attacking options that has been going on in our comments' box.

The first thing I'd say is that I think Argentina are lucky to have such a strong lineup of forwards to choose from. That is way better than having only 2 solid options for your national team and having to depend on them and only them.

My views?

AGUERO and TEVEZ should be on the radar regardless of their current form. You can't find talent like theirs very often and you have to keep calling them. Eventually, they'll pay back your trust. They have to be ready to be benched, though. They shouldn't feel they have a starting role guaranteed as it could lead to complacency.

Not so much AGUERO, but TEVEZ is a player that even when he is not in his best form, he provides any team he plays for with an intangible factor. Something that perhaps won't be reflected on the scoresheet, but will help the team immensely. His intensity, the level of commitment...I'll be very sad and afraid of our chances if he is not ready to go to the next World Cup.

MESSI is out of the question. I can't see how there can be a single detractor.

HIGUAIN. I said that he proved he is ready for the big games because I think so. I remember when he scored two goals in a superclasico vs. Boca when he played for River. One of them was with a back-heel shot and the other came after he dribbled round the keeper. He was...what? 17, 18 at that time. You can't blame him for Madrid's complete capitulation on Saturday. How can you expect him to do more when the ball was in Barcelona's possession for 99% of the time. I find it incredible that a Madrid player even managed to score. HIGUAIN is ready and he should be going to the World Cup 2010 and 2014 too.

ZARATE: Not the kind of player I like. Too selfish (even for a striker). I just don't like him, even though I give him all the credit in the world for what he is doing for Lazio. In my opinion, he doesn't belong to the national team. He's got MESSI, AGUERO and TEVEZ before him and he is not in the other mould of tall striker we should be bringing to the WC together with the three little guys.

LAVEZZI: I prefer him to ZARATE because I think POCHO can link up well with a natural goal-scorer. POCHO can set up goals for others to score. ZARATE plays for himself.

DENIS: Not good enough. He is being benched for a below mid-table team in Italy and never quite proved to be as consistent as we need a striker to be.

MILITO: Well...what else should he do to be recognised and get at least two consecutive matches for Argentina? Someone said two of his three goals on Sunday were taps-in, well...check how many of RONALDO's record-breaking WC goals have been taps-in? And how many of his career goals? They play as Number 9. They have an obligation to score taps-in. MILITO scored a hat-trick yesterday against Genoa's bitter rivals in a big city derby against Sampdoria. Do you know what that means to that team? They are trailing Fiorentina by only one point in their quest to get to the Champions League. And we're talking Genoa, not AC Milan or Inter or Juve. What MILITO is doing, even getting injured in the process, is nothing short of amazing. Say what you want about him, he is a natural goal-scoring machine and he deserves to have a place in the team.

MESSI and TEVEZ to go with Diego MILITO is my choice. AGUERO to start on the bench (especially based on current form).


Sebastian said...

To put his hat-trick into perspective, it was the first time in the Genoese derby that a player scores three goals in a single match.

MILITO reached 19 goals in this campaign and trails Marco DI VAIO and Zlatan IBRAHIMOVICH by only 2 goals.

Because of injury, MILITO played seven fewer games than DI VAIO and five less than IBRA.

This comes after he scored 15 for a team that got relegated from La Liga (Zaragoza), whilst he was sharing the attack with Ricardo OLIVEIRA, who took many of his goal-scoring opportunities the season after he only trailed Ruud VAN NISTELROOY for the Pichichi trophy by two goals (scoring 23, finishing ahead of players such as RONALDINHO -21-, KANOUTE -21-, FORLAN -19-, VILLA -16-, Fernando TORRES -15- and Samuel ETO'O -11-).

When will this guy get the credit he deserves and the number 9 Argentina shirt? I'm at a loss in trying to explain that to my self, let alone others!

Anonymous said...

Seba I agree with you that a #9 needs to be that goal poacher. The player that needs to be alert at all times which Milito was yesterday. His first goal from yesterday I believe the ball was already going in the back of the net, was almost on the line when he pushed it in. Second goal was quality, 3rd goal was a 2-1 vs the GK and his teammate gave up the ball to push to a unreachable score in ET.

I agree with you that where ever he has gone he has been a goal scoring machine. BUT is this going to translate into the national team? Some players play great for the club teams and they seem to be a ghost when they play for the national team. I said he reminds me Anelka for the type of goals he produces for his club but never is a presence for his national team. Another player who I can say he is a lot more similar to is Dani Guiza of Espana. Great great goal scorer for his days in Mallorca but never steps up for his country. I think goal scorers like this need to be left alone. I think the problem with Milito,Anelka and a player like Guiza is that there are far too many good players around them in the national team and they do not get the goals as in their club teams they will be option #1.They start to drift of during games and do not do much for the entire game. My choice for the#9 is Higuain.

The difference between the two is, Higuain has pace and skill on the ball. He can blow by defenders with a touch of the ball. Milito is like Crespo(Who I admire very much) but he lacks what Crespo had which was playing around talent. Crespo played in the biggest stages and played for some of the best clubs in the world. Higuain is playing with some of the best players around him and has been doing just great. Milito I think he has made his name a bit to late in his career.He has what a couple good years left in him? Only goal I can recall Milito scoring for Argentina was vs Colombia which can of a deflection. Should he get a call up for the WCQ and WC yeah but to come off the bench.

I believe there can be 23 players taken to the WC. So our attacking team that will be going will be this? But if we have 3 options for a pure striker they it will be Higuain,Milito and Licha? I mean somebody is going to be left out.


Anonymous said...

Unlike Higuain, it's not like Milito hasnt been called and so far he has been nothing short of disappoiting until now. He has 16 caps and 4 goals... three of them were under Bielsa's era (exactly in 2003, two against Uruguay and one against Honduras)!!!!!!

Sebastian said...

OK, Anonymous, but how many consecutive matches has MILITO been given for Argentina?

He played against Colombia in the Copa America, scored, and then was sent to the bench again.

You count 16 international matches and you fail to mention that in many of them (I don't have the numbers with me), he came on as a sub and only played a handful of minutes. Only 45 minutes against Chile in BASILE's last match in charge. A few minutes v. Venezuela at home with Diego as manager...and like those, there are many many examples. Yet those are counted like if he had played 16 full matches for Argentina, which is not the case.'s not MILITO's fault to face Honduras. I don't see anybody criticizing BATISTUTA for scoring hat-tricks in the World Cup against a very very weak Greece side in 1994 or against an average Jamaica team in 1998. I don't buy that argument.

MILITO's debut for Argentina was in a friendly against Uruguay (always a tough costumer and a derby match) and he scored a brace.

It's like criticizing HIGUAIN for scoring two goals against Guatemala when he played for the U23 in that friendly.

A Number 9 needs to be trusted. Needs to play constantly. Needs to feel the confidence of those around him.

It's not like Diego MILITO is not good enough for the national team. He is not scoring for Argentina yet, because simply, he wasn't given the chance to play regularly.

I've got nothing against HIGUAIN, but I think he still needs to gain experience and prove that this season's production is not a fluke. I think MILITO has been proving that for a good number of years already.

If only his profile was higher...

If only he had played for a big team in Argentina and had a little bit of the media attention on him...

If only...

Roy said...

The thing about Milito(and I've said this in the past) is that he is a "confidence player". If a coach does not have confidence in him, he will not produce. Seba brought up the fact that he scored versus Colombia but got benched the next game, what do you think that does to a player's(striker especially) morale? It goes down low.

I think that if given the chance and given 2-3 consecutive matches(where he plays a normal 65+ minute game), he will produce. But time is not on our side right now and we don't have that many matches left in the Qualifiers to experiment.

As for Higuain, I say go for it. The kid is producing and for Qualifiers, you go with who's hot and right now, both Milito and Higuain are hot. They're both scoring left and right *knock on wood* and we need that. Aguero and Tevez are not(I'm not trying to say we should start BOTH Milito and Higuain in a match). Ultimately, it comes down to what we've been talking about for a while... Do we start the 3 little guys up front? Or do we play with a #9? I've always been an Aguero fan, but I think he's physically and mentally burnt out this year. And it shows in his play. 2007 U20 World Cup, 2007-2008 breakout season, Olympics, 2008-2009 season. I may be wrong, but it's how I see it. For now, start either Higuain or Milito ahead of Aguero. That and Aguero has never, ever played a good match for Argentina. EVER.

Anonymous said...

Roy I agree with you that Aguero has never played well for Argentina. Aguero should be on the bench and I hope Diego does not think with his heart but with his mind when he makes that choice. If you look at stats if seems that he does better then Tevez BUT Tevez passes out to his team for a goal. He works hard unlike Aguero. He needs to produce for Argentina's national team. I have had high hopes for him after the U-20's. But unlike Messi I think he let all the talk go to his head. He has flashes of magic but he needs to be more consistent.

Seba I do not think Higuain is not having a fluke season. He has superstar written all over him. Just think about what the defenders will be thinking when they see Tevez, Higuain, Messi looking straight down at them! This is also a psychological advantage as well which Argentina will get a upper hand to any defending team they face. I personally think we have found that #9 in Higuain. He is a true jewel and I think he can be that #9 for well over a decade. Milito can always come in for him as sub. But then what do you do with Licha?


Mohd said...

with my respect to your opinion, how can you say Zarate does not belong to the NT. i believe zarate, messi, and higuain should be our choice. tevez is degrading with man utd even though he is my favorite player, while aguero i believe is very much overrated.

zarate has a fantastic skill, matched only by messi in all argentina players. as for the idea that he is selfish; well you might be right. but here comes the role of the coach, it is not serious as long as the talent is there.

one more thing, zarate is the only striker of argentina that has a great shot from outside the box. and this alone can win world cups...

Sebastian said...

Hi Mohd, thanks for your comments.

I have to tell you, however, that I don't agree with you in most of what you said.

"ZARATE has a fantastic skill, matched only by MESSI..."?????

Hmmm...I don't think anybody can match MESSI at his best. ZARATE at his best is not even close to MESSI. He is not even close to Cristiano RONALDO, IBRAHIMOVIC, RONALDINHO (when he is on!) or even ROBINHO. I would think ZARATE is not even in the Top75-80 best players in the world right now.

Of course this is only my opinion and I respect yours. It happens that I want my players to play for the team instead of playing only for themselves and every time I see ZARATE, I think the same. He is in the "I play for my self" category.

As far as shooting from outside the box, have a great point there, but he is not the only Argentine striker who can do that. Come on! LAVEZZI, Lisandro LOPEZ, HIGUAIN are great at shooting from distance. It is not like we need to shoot a lot from distance with our way of playing, though. Also...strikers don't stand out for shooting well from the distance. That's more of a midfielder speciality. Strikers live inside the box. They score most of their goals from close range. There's nothing wrong if they can add another weapon to their arsenal, but that will never be the first thing I'd ask my striker to do!

Regarding TEVEZ, he is as clever as a footballer can be and I'm sure he won't be taking another season coming from the bench at United. He'll be a key first team member at another club next season (or make sure he plays more if he stays at United).

Reading The Guardian and seeing Sir Alex FERGUSON is ready to splash 63 million Pounds for Frank RIBERY (depending on the sale of Cristiano RONALDO to Real Madrid), I would think TEVEZ will be nowhere near Old Trafford in 2009-2010.

AGUERO? Roy had a great point. Perhaps he is feeling the intensity of the last two or three seasons put together. He has always participated in an important summer tournament (Olympics, U20 World Cups) and has put a few very long and demanding first seasons to his European career. He is a player I want to have for Argentina, but he needs to be at a good physical condition, or else...he fades and lacks the explosion he brings to the table.

Mohd said...

thanks Sebastian...
i think we won't agree there :) i have seen zarate against milan,juve, and inter and he was really great. a big game player.

any way, i am new to this blog and i am a die hard argentina fan although i am not from argentina. i wonder what you think about our midfield, because frankly i think its not that good. mascherano is a beast on his day but lately he is not having so many great days. while gago is a mystery, sometimes he is great such as against france, and then against barca he was horrible (defensively that is). other than those two i cannot find any valuable options (not even maxi, or jonas). i do not follow the argentina league closely so maybe some players are worth noticing there...

Anonymous said...

He played against Colombia in the Copa America, scored, and then was sent to the bench again.


No, he played the first half against Peru and was subsituted at half-time because he sucked that much. Basile probably thought he was mistaken about him and preferred to stick with Tevez and Messi upfront until the end.

Forza_albicelestes said...

@seba .....I actually disagree with most of your points....

1.Zarate is as dangerous on his day as the other players you mentioned.He can create something out of nothing
2.He has a knack of showing up in the big games.Same goes with higuain.He scores crucial which is normally the x-factor needed to win a championship.
3.Higuain has been consistently showing his skill this season as well as scoring goals and assisting
4.As for shooting from outside the box no one from our team can shoot from outside bar Maxi.
5.As for our team not requiring to shoot from outside the box,we must shoot from outside the box to win against the bigger physically stronger strikers.
6.We are being very predictable in our play as there is no 2nd dimension.
7.As for a striker not needing to shoot,the greatest strikers had a thunderbolt shot on them a.k.a GABRIEL BATISTUTA.I feel a good shot is must for a striker.We already have messi who doesnt shoot from outside.we cant afford to have aguero(I am a huge fan)in the same team.Also tevez has lost his edge and his shooting prowess.We must have higuain and zarate.

My ideal forward line looks like this

Messi Higuain/Licha Zarate/Lavezzi/Tevez

Based on current from aguero shudnt be anywhere near the NT.Also tevez needs a rest and sometime off to gather his thoughts and recreate his magic like b4.
I blv Milito should be given an oppurtunity although I dont pin much hope on him

Sebastian said...

Mohd, welcome to Mundo Albiceleste. We hope you stay with us. If you've just discovered our site, stay around and wait for the next match to come. That's when the fun really starts! Where are you writing from, by the way.

Regarding the midfield, I'll write more about it in the future, with a little more time.


Hmmm...I was talking about long distance shooting, mostly. But you're saying MESSI can't shoot and I'd ask you to check out the thundering goal he scored against Venezuela (away) in this WCQ campaign. Or the one against Croatia in a friendly played in Switzerland (was it Croatia?). He also scored from outside the box.

TEVEZ? v. Fulham in the FA Cup. Glorious shot from way outside the box.

MILITO can score in big games too, you know? I remember watching him at Racing (my team in Argentina) and he scored in a derby match against Independiente (playing against his brother Gabriel, now at Barcelona but injured for the season).

He also scored 4 at the Bernabeu against Real Madrid (playing for Zaragoza). Gave Genoa the promotion back to Serie A and this season Genoa defeated Sampdoria (their city rivals) in both matches and MILITO scored the winner in the first round and a hat-trick in the second.

To the Anonymous referring to MILITO and his Copa America campaign. You see...that's exactly my point. He scored in one game and he was sent to the bench again without playing an entire consecutive match.

MILITO was also benched after the first half in Chile when he was the only one playing any decent football in a day when MESSI and AGUERO (especially AGUERO) went missing.

Mohd said...

Hi Sebastian..

I am from Lebanon, but as i said i have been following the NT since the 1990 WC final :(

more info about my views:)
1. god of football is maradona
2. the player that made me love argentina is the one and only stiker: batistuta
3. the player that makes me watch football these days is messi :)
4. the guy i hate most is peckerman for wasting the WC 2006 chance on us (seriously how he left messi and aimar out of that game is something i won't ever understand)

waiting for the next match....

Forza_albicelestes said...

@ seba.
What I meant was Messi doesnt shoot from distance.Its not that he cant but he prefers to dribble inside.We need a player who will shoot from distance regularly,a.k.a Zarate.......His goals this season has nuthing short of phenomenal.

And as for him being selfish we need some1 who is a bit selfish and look to do things on his own rather than pass the pass all the time.
But above all Licha and Higuain must be given an oppurtunity b4 Milito.

Forza_albicelestes said...

@ Mohd...

Ur feelings and views are similar to mine dude

Sebastian said...

Forza Albicelestes, we see football in a different way. It's not the end of the world. It happens more often than not. As I said before and I always say to everybody, I respect your opinions even when I'm standing on the other side of the road.

Now...speaking about ZARATE's selfishness, you have to consider that Lazio don't play a similar style of football to Argentina. Lazio, the little I saw from them this season, aren't always grabbing their rivals from their throats and keeping possession for most of the match. They probably need someone to try and hit it from distance. It's not the case in Argentina or FC Barcelona, where they put several men inside the opposing box and they play lovely one-twos prompting players to score from short range.

Maybe if MESSI played for Lazio, without being surrounded by the level of talent he has at Barcelona, he would try his luck from outside the box. If he does that for Barcelona or Argentina, it would be wrong.

If ZARATE ever plays for Argentina (and if he does I'll support him 100% even when I don't like him as a player and as a character), he won't be shooting from long range. And if he does, he won't be liked by his team-mates, who would all be expecting him to share the ball and join the passing game of the team (which is also a sort of a tradition for Argentina).

Regarding Lisandro (I absolutely LOVE him) and HIGUAIN (I like him), I don't see how or why they deserve to be given more opportunities than MILITO. Based on merit, in my opinion, they still trail MILITO by a very long distance.

Before I finish with this ZARATE vs. MILITO thing. Here are some numbers from this season:

MILITO: 19 goals in 27 matches (26 starts, one sub appearance).

ZARATE: 12 goals in 33 matches (31 starts, two sub appearances).

It's a shame I can't find the assists totals for both of them. I'm sure MILITO has more than ZARATE in that department too.

I think the bottomline is that I will support ZARATE if he gets the nod, as much as I think you'll support MILITO if he does. We both want the best for Argentina and we all agree in that.

Cheers, keep your thoughts and comments coming!

I'm off to see Arsenal v. Man United with Carlitos on the bench (AGAIN). This time, though, could be a way for FERGUSON to preserve TEVEZ for a potential final match without risking him getting a yellow tonight and missing the all important match if Utd get there.

Anonymous said...

i find this debate very interesting, particularly when you guys mention aguero. His form dipped just before his kid was born, Up until the early part of January he'd been playing really good, and since the baby has been born i don't think he's got much sleep, which is y he's not at 100%.
But even so, he's scored 19 goals and 14 assists this season, which isn't bad, all things considered. But, i don't see any of the blame going to his team mates. Maxi has been in absolutely abysmal form for Atletico, but i don't see anyone saying he shouldn't be picked.
And as for Zarate he hasn't proved anything yet, he is talented but he's also very selfish. Napoli are not having a good time of it and i can't say that Lavezzi has been in great form either.
Higuain has been in good form but whether that translates to the NT we'll have to wait and see.
And with regards to Aguero he hasn't done much at NT level, well he scores goals, he also helps create them, yes he didn't have great games during Basile's era, but then he played mostly as a sub, he didn't actually start many games. He played in two games under Diego and he did well enough.
He's only 20, some of you talk as if he was 24/25 very experienced.


messidona19 said...

Well the reason why we are not saying anything about Maxi is because we don't have that many Attacking Midfielders as much as we have good Strikers in the team, Maxi is not that great of a performer on the pitch but one thing i like about him is that he pops right out of nowhere and gets a goal , another reason for us not saying anything about Maxi is because since Riquelme's retirement , Argentina don't have good crossers of the ball (Messi's a really bad Freekick taker or corner kick taker).

@ Mohd : Welcome to Mundo Albiceleste , the best place for us Argentina fans , Great to hear that we're both Lebanese although i live in Bahrain. :)

messidona19 said...

As for the Zarate/Milito issue I've realized that some players have proven themselves in more than one season and don't get the nod, and I feel that we need a player who can succeed Crespo who succeeded Batistuta and be able to reach the 20/30 goal mark to be the next no.9 , It's just a shame that Milito blossomed in his mid-twenties and is now 29, so we don't need to put our hopes on an Argentinian Luca Toni , although he deserves his place much much more than Zarate/Lavezzi and Denis.
I feel he can be a great substitute, Lopez too has impressed me but also not as much as Higuain (When he moved to Real in 2007 Crespo said that he will be his successor for the no.9 shirt) who is only 21 and has great technique , crossing skills and good in small spaces.
Zarate and Lavezzi have to fight between each other and earn their place in the team with more goals next season. Tevez has to move to another team as his Argentina goalscoring record is not that impressive as during the Olimpics2004 era people were starting to say that he can surpass Batistuta's 56 goals scoring record!
Aguero is a good player but he too should leave to a bigger team.
Lisandro is impressive and i liken him to Milito but i hope he also moves to a bigger team to prove himself somewhere else other than Portugal. Same situation goes for Cavenaghi although it might be a little too late for him.

Anonymous said...

I agree withMessidona- I have heard some rumors that Higuain might be headed to Inter for a swap of Ibra, not sure how much truth there is behind that. I had totally forgotten about Cavenaghi. To a certain degree I think it his days will are but done trying to playing for Argentina I know he is only 25 right now. Wasted his time in Russia. Still recall when he and Tevez were the two best players in Argentina a few years ago. Now in France, not sure if he can make the squad. I am glad Aguero went to a good league but to a mid level team which he became a star. I wish he can translate that to his country time to time or start playing the way he did last year. I can not wait till I see the squad, and if I see a Messi,Tevez,Aguero lineup that's it brother! Then I will be convinced Maradona is playing favorites. My ideal 3 attackers are Tevez on the left Higuain in the middle and Messi on the right. Aguero has turned into Robinho, just has gotten lazy. Even though Robinho has got his act together in the last couple months or so.


John said...

Nice to see plenty of discussion about forward line here.

The thing is about Argentina is that we are not short of talent but it’s just a matter finding the right formula on what is best for our team. As you can see, there are plenty of names there from which each player has their own plus point.

I like ZARATE but I feel he is in the pecking order behind MESSI, TEVEZ, AGUERO, MILITO, HIGUAIN and maybe to a certain extent Lisandro LOPEZ.

I have to agree with Seba on MILITO as he was never given a proper chance to shine for the National Team. And the statistic speaks for itself just what goal poacher he is.

Forza_albicelestes said...

Grt Discussion guys...Hope we have a lot more like this here where everyone gives their suggestion..

I think its implied that every one of us will be 100% behind anyone who plays for The NT.
Whether its Lavezzi,Milito,Zarate,Higuain or Licha.

After Roman retired we didnt have anyone capable of scoring from distance.
And this shows in our game.While I am a huge fan of the style of play of the albiceleste,i.e the short passing game the lovely 1-2 s which as sebba pointed out Barca also played.But what we dont have that Barca has is a couple of players who can pull the strings from midfield when the front 3 are marked.Even Henry/Etoo shoots from distance when given the oppurtunity.
While our style is pleasing to the eye and is perfectly alright against the mid level or the smaller teams.Against the stronger teams we must adopt a diff approach if our PLAN A Fails..No one would be happier than me if we win playing our usual style.But what I want to add is we dont have the surprise elememnt.Teams know what we will do.And since we dont have any MF capable of shooting from Mf the burden has to be taken up by the comes Licha/Zarate

I would say the order of selection should be


This is completely based on current form.
Although Milito has been in good goal scoring form,he doesnt have the necessary technical ability or pace/skill to succeed at the highest level.Come to think of it he hasnt even played in a Champians league match yet.Whereas both Licha and Higuain have done so and impressed all.
So for the no9 spot I would say

Mohd said...

i believe messi behind higuain and zarate is the best combination. as i said before tevez is my favorite player for his heart and commitment but personally i think that if he is stupid enough (sorry to say that) to stay with manutd and being killed by ferguson then he does not deserve to play for the NT. manutd has destroyed veron when he was by far the best play maker in the world and they are doing the same again with tevez when he won them every important match last year...

milito have no chance for me..he's just never looked right for the NT and his style of play never fits.

lavezzi runs a lot and similar to tevez. deserves a chance as a sub.

aguero is overrated in my opinion.

lesandro should not be near the NT.

in my view however, our biggest problem remains in the midfield...we just have no world class players.

Anonymous said...

And what about the defense? It's even worse imo...

Sebastian said...

WOW! I can't believe how different are our views! I'm happy to keep debating, though.

So many points you've raised and raised my eyebrows at the same time!

MILITO not good enough because he never played Champions League?

I don't agree. Perhaps next year, if he manage to bring Genoa there, or get a transfer to Inter or Manchester United (as it's being discussed these days).

TEVEZ being stupid for staying at Man Utd? Mohd...that's not his fault. It was hardly a stupid thing to stay with the Premiership and Champions League champions after being one of the keys to those titles. The arrival of BERBATOV came later and TEVEZ is not at fault for that. Now that he had suffered a long season without participating much, he's obviously not going to allow that to happen again. Plus...let's see who will FERGUSON pick to start in the Champions League final. Let's see.

AGUERO overrated? No. No. No. He is a great player with immense potential.

Also Forza Albicelestes, how can you put MILITO behind TEVEZ, ZARATE and AGUERO if you're doing that list based on current form???

I don't get it.

Midfield. Defense.

We'll discuss that later. You can start if you want, of course, but I can't right now. I'll do it in the future.

Anonymous said...

I'm also wondering about Aguero, personally i do think he's kind of overrated but... who knows.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he will make me think backward about him.

Forza_albicelestes said...

None of the ARGIES are overrated.they all are grt players and have tremendous potential.However the diff is form.

Milito although is a genuine goal poacher he for me lacks the technical ability and pace to really succeed at the top level.He is not even similar to crespo who used to make breathtaking runs off the ball behind the defense and was technically much stronger.
Milito also scores a lot from penalties.
As for the champions league we will see once he plays in a top level team.Despite him scoring lots of goals there is a reason that the top sides havent picked him up.recently its true that MAN u and Inter have been interested in him ,but i have my doubts about those rumours and I dont really think he will make the jump.

I dont have anything against Milito.Its just that we have better players than him available to play for NT.
He should get a chnc to prove himself but we dont really have the time to test players like him out who havent really played in the top level b4.Instead we should go for Proven players like Licha an higuain.Milito might be considered if these 2 fail.

And tevez b4 milito bcoz of sheer commimtment.

Anonymous said...

messidona i don't agree with you, we have lots of attacking midfielders, but not many get a shot in the NT, and if u pick players based on form then i'm sorry Maxi wouldn't be in the team.
And as for Messi he's a very good corner taker.
As for aguero being overrated, that's a load of bollocks. He has the ability to change a game.


messidona19 said...

Well , I don't see us having as much attacking midfielders in the team, Jonas can't score goals, Riquelme was out best shooter but he's out now, Aimar? i think he's finished in Portugal, Messi? Never scored a free kick in his career except the one against Athletico Madrid when he shot the ball when Coupet was still organizing his wall, Zarate does seem to be our best shooter from outside the box but he's not an attacking midfielder, D'alessandro? not a frequent scorer and not that efficient, Veron is a good choice though but he's a bit slower than in his european days, now we have many Defensive midfielders but no attacking midfielders who can score from outside the box with a thunderbolt.

Anonymous said...

hmm, well since argentina don't play that way, we don't need an attacking mid who can shoot from distance, it's not really a requirement. And there are other attacking mids who don't get a chance like valeri or buonanotte etc.
i never said messi was good at freekicks, but then he's only 21 and he's still learning. I said he was good at taking corners.