Saturday, May 02, 2009

MESSI steals show from HIGUAIN and R. Madrid

Lionel MESSI scored two goals for Barcelona at the Bernabeu Stadium to practically clinch La Liga title for his team.

Thierry HENRY scored a brace and defenders PUYOL and PIQUE had one each for a Barcelona side that defeated Real Madrid 6-2 and took their lead up to seven points at the top of the standings.

Gonzalo HIGUAIN proved, if he needed to prove anything, that he is ready for the big games. He opened the scoring with a header inside the first 15 minutes and not even the most pessimistic Madrid supporter would have imagined what was about to come.

HENRY (assisted brilliantly by MESSI) and PUYOL turned the game around before the clock got to 20 minutes in the first half.

MESSI then received from Xavi HERNANDEZ (one day I'll rank the most intelligent players in the World. As a preview, I'd say Xavi ranks in the Top3) and Lionel burst into one of his trademark flashy runs to calmly finish with his left foot towards the far post of a helpless Iker CASILLAS.

Sergio RAMOS scored with a header to put Madrid back in the game in the start of the second half, but HENRY again, MESSI and PIQUE sent Barcelona out of reach again.

Very short videos from the clásico español:

HIGUAIN puts Real Madrid ahead:

Here's MESSI's first goal (3-1 to Barcelona):

This is MESSI's second goal (5-2):


John said...

Wow!!!! I simply couldn’t believe what I was watching as I was on medication throughout the game. This will help to boost Barca’s confidence ahead of their trip to Chelsea.

The end of RAMOS? You bet.

Other scorer from Saturday…..

Alejandro DOMINGUEZ scored a hat-trick for FK Rubin Kazan in their 5-0 trashing of Saturn Moscow in the Russian Premier League. The other scorer from Russia is Leandro FERNANDEZ for Dinamo Moscow in their 2-0 win over Spartak Moscow.

In Turkey, Gustavo COLMAN was on target for Trabzonspor in their 4-0 win over Kayserispor.

Akash said...

Other Albiceleste goals from saturday:Luciano Becchio,Pablo Barzola,Ismael Blanco(2),Ignacio Scocco(2),Luciano Galletti,David Depetris,Sebastian Ereros,Dante Senger(3),Franco Cangele and Pedro Galvan

messidona19 said...

Match of the year! Messi still has Wednesday to torment Chelsea , i hope he plays in the middle again , he seems to have played to his fullest potential there.

Akash said...

Albiceleste goals from sunday:Roman Martinez,Nicolas Pareja,Jose Castillo,Hugo Campagnaro,Diego Milito(3),Julio Alcorse(2),Tomas Costa and Emiliano Armenteros.

messidona19 said...

Milito is Immense , our attackers who deserve to be in the National team are Messi , Higuain , Milito , Tevez , Lisandro Lopez , Zarate , Kun Aguero. Others who come close are Lavezzi (has to improve his goalscoring) , Cavenaghi (needs to join a bigger English or Italian club).

Anonymous said...

From that last list i would drop Zarate off personally. He's not NT maetrial yet. Too selffish and misses to many chances.

Also, despite HIs goal against Barceloan, what did Higuain do during the rest of the game against them? Not a lot... So i disagree with the commentary sayiing he's ready for big games even if he has scored two days ago.

Anonymous said...

Also, just one thing... Messi's assist for Henry's first goal was absolute pure class.

Forza_albicelestes said...

I do believe we need higuain and Licha to play alongside Messi in the NT.2 tall and strong strikers playing alongside Messi.That would be a dream to watch.Also I disagree that Zarate should not be on the list.have u seen what he can do with the ball??????he is a genius.Given time he will be one of the best players of the world.based on current form Aguero and Tevez should be nowhere near the NT.Tevez has been absolutely ruined this season.All he does is run.Although that is commendable what we really need from a world class striker is to score goals,go past a couple of defenders,and assist.tevez does neither dis days

Anonymous said...

I agree with Forza that Aguero should not even be allowed to practice with the national team. I mean this guy has gotten so lazy. I am tired of Diego and his nepotism towards him. Until he gets his act together and starts playing the way he did last year I say do NOT and I repeat do NOT take him to the World Cup. Can not afford to have lazy players. He is getting hurt and has fallen from grace. A top 10 player last year but this year I do not think he is fit enough to make this squad! And none of this of him being a father and not enough asleep. I think he feels that he is set for the team and does not try to his potential.

But I have to disagree I do think Tevez deserves to be on the team. A complete workhorse, Man United fans love him to death. I never liked it that he went to Man United from the start. But has not lost anything. Most unselfish player I have seen in a long time!

On Higuain he deserves to be called up, has been in the top 5 of players in La Liga, I think the rest would have to be Messi,Eto,Xavi,Iniesta. Yes he was marked out of the game by Dani Alves and did mess up on covering Puyol for that header but I would take his goal scoring and ability to make goal from nowhere. He is younger then Messi by a few months. He is very very young. And if Diego does not call him up for the next WCQ I will personally start a petition for Diego to get "DAS BOOT" or even campaign for him to play for France. A world talent like that should be a starting player.If he does not make the team it would be almost a bigger crime not taking Redondo to the 98 WC(which I sitll have not forgiven Passarella for that). But we shall wait and see what happens.

As for Zarate I think he deserves a shot a lot more then Lavezzi or Denis. Has scored some wonder goals this year and has been a star where ever he has played. Think he belongs in the team coming off the bench. I just wonder about if he will be able to handle the task ahead of him. Reminds me a lot of D'Alessandro. But I do wonder if he would be able to partner up with Messi. He has been the star on the team where ever he has played(Maybe the U-20's were Aguero's team)

As for Milito I just don't know, I watched that Genoa game today and saw Milito's hattrick but 2 goals were tap ins. Reminds me a lot of Nicolas Anelka and the similar kind of goals they get. I just do not know.

It is a complicated time right now and we are close to 1 year away. Not that much time right now. Lets qualify and get this started to a 3 STAR! ***


messidona19 said...

Great writing Jack! but the thing i have to disagree is the possibility of excluding Aguero from the World Cup , He's one of the best young talents argentina has right now but he has to move this season to a bigger team like Inter or Chelsea. As for Milito i think he has proved himself in Spain and Italy and although he's 29 , he would be a supersub , Zarate and Lavezzi are both talents although they don't score that much but i would choose one.
But our Attack should consist of
Tevez(Kun) - Higuain - Messi