Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Carlitos vs. Lionel - 2008 UEFA Champions League Final Preview

Its time for the ultimate finale of the season in European football. The place to be is the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. Already there has been so many pre-match talks about this final. I have to agree with the majority, this has to be the best in a long time (though we may not know the result).

There is no doubt that both Manchester United and FC Barcelona are the best of the pack in this season campaign (some of you may disagree with me on this but I will stand with this statement). Both teams are filled with world class talent and play such an attractive football.

But for most of us here, our main focus will be on two particular character in this galactic encounter.

TEVEZ Last Hurrah For The Devils?

Growing up in Malaysia in the 90‘s, there is no way you can escape from not being associated with Manchester United. It’s either you’re with them or against them. I was proud to be part of the large contingent anti-MU followers. I just hated them so much back in those days.

However much of my opinion on this has changed in recent times. As they say, youth and wisdom don’t always mixed together.

When Carlos TEVEZ arrived in England three years ago, I firmly believe that this is the player that will change all the EPL fanatics opinion here in Malaysia about Argentina’s football. I’m glad I was right on this.

On his debut season with West Ham, he was a hit and became an instant legend at Upton Park. He received that same love when he moved to Old Trafford the following season. Then again, this is not something new for him. He was loved by those at Boca, even the Brazilians supporters of Corinthians applause him.

His work ethics and passion for the game is something I’ve never seen before this. The word “Give Up” does not exist in his dictionary. You can always constantly see him battling for the ball, troubling defenders, helping his teammate and scoring crucial goal.

From his humble background in Fort Apache, he came, he saw and he conquered them all. And I’m sure come this Wednesday, TEVEZ will be prepared to do it all over again, even though this could be his last match for the Red Devils.

Already Sir Alex has announced that TEVEZ will start from the bench for the final (Shame on you Fergie!). This is a hard pill to swallow indeed. And I’m sure in time of desperation, the Scotsmen will know who to call upon to save United’s day.

The Stage Is Set For MESSI

When it comes to Spanish football, I’ve always had a soft spot FC Barcelona. I was simply blown away by Johan CRUYFF’s Dream Team in the early 90’s. They were truly a majestic side in their own ways. Another reason is because unlike the over hype Real Madrid, Barca has always been the monumental team of the people.

However throughout their entire history, there hasn’t been an Albiceleste player that has shine up to the expectation from the Nou Camp faithful. From Diego MARADONA to Javier SAVIOLA to Roman RIQUELME, most only had mediocre success.

All that changed when the new MESSI-ah of football arrived in 2005.

When Lionel MESSI burst into the football scene, it was like how Nirvana crashed into the pop music scene in 1991. He became an overnight sensation and people were mesmerized by his natural gift and talent.

Like many in 2006, I was extremely upset for not being able to see Lionel in action for Barca against Arsenal. Nevertheless fast forward three years, we have seen how Lionel progress from a young boy to a young man.

The departure of RONALDHINO from the Nou Camp last year did not go down well with many football critics. Some where left to wonder whether or not they will ever return to the form side during the years from 2004 to 2006.

But I was very positive that this was the right moment for Lionel to seize the opportunity to fully command Pep GUORDIOLA’s side. While it is easy to say that Barcelona do have other great talent but every movement on the pitch from this team revolves around the Atomic Flea.

This season alone, he has inspire the Blaugrana to the Copa del Rey and La Liga and now he is on the verge to help them to achieve the unprecedented treble. I believe this final, in what will the biggest match of his career, was perfectly made for him to grace.

So Who Will Lift the Trophy?

If there is one thing that both TEVEZ and MESSI has something in common (besides being Olympic gold medalist), is that they never fail to amaze the critics. Just as when you think you’ve seen everything, there’s always another trick in the bag from them.

I’m finding hard to stick to one of them because I love both of them very much. One side of me is dreaming to see Carlitos scoring the winning goal and give United the title so that he can blow sarcastic goodbye kiss towards Fergie. The other part of me, also wants to see Lionel to play the game of his life and finally winning over the critics that he finally deserves the World Player of the Year title.

Let me tell you this, I still haven’t made my mind yet on for who I’ll be cheering on come Wednesday though I’m pretty sure most likely it’s going to be……

Well I’ll just leave it as it is for the time being. For now, let’s just hope that we will see a spectacular final.



p2bn said...

Well about who I wish to win, there is just no doubt it will be Barca because Messi is there and moreover, the way they play football is like a respect to the game itself. But it would be perfect if Tevez has a concession goal for Man U but about Winning, its Messi's dream and the ONUS is on him now to prove that he is really the new Diego or even better.

Vamos Barcelona
Vamos Messi!!!!!!!!

messidona19 said...

"When Lionel MESSI burst into the football scene, it was like how Nirvana crashed into the pop music scene in 1991." was the best sentence I heard all week!
I'll definitely prefer Barca to win it, one because if Tevez wins it then not only does Messi lose the Champs league but he will also lose the Ballon D'or to Cristiano.
I have absolutely no doubt as to whom i will cheer and i'll be praying for Tevez not to be a hero.
Come on MESSI!!! Let's see you play the best football in the most important match in you career so fat!!!

Anonymous said...

so far
yep messi and barca to win. and i know they will, wait and see.


Anonymous said...

Win or lose Messi will be player of the year, and those awards are MEANINGLESS. If this was the case Maradona should of won every single won in the 80's. Messi can care less about winning WPOTY Or European Footballer of the year I can assure you of that.

messidona19 said...

so far***

True that, Messi doesn't care much about these allocades but other than Maradona in 1986, there haven't been many Argentines who were that close of claiming a prize Brazilians have dominated in the past 15 years. Plus what's better to finish a spectacular season of 37 goals with a win in a Champions League final.
And actually the poll in this site shows who everybody wants to win.

allan ng said...

I am cheering for Barca. They really should win this, but it won't be easy at all.

I hope Tevez plays well and maybe even score, then leaves Man Utd for Real or Liverpool or Man City. Giving the perfect two finger salute to Fergie and co.

Mohd said...

how can you even be thinking of supporting tevez?? ok before you get any ideas :) tevez is my favorite player. but as i said before, even if tevez plays when manutd are 3-0 down and then he comes in and scores 4 goals for manutd to win 4-3. even in this scenario the credit will go to ronaldo and rooney.
the perfect example is last season, where tevez might have score "just" 19 goals vs 42 to ronaldo; however, look at the value of these goals for tevez and see how he saved manutd asses in every big game. by the end of the season tevez was not even given 1% of the credit given to ronaldo. its just english media and its just ferguson (who again destroyed veron before)!!!

so as a summary, i wish tevez does not even play and for barca to win the match (although their defensive problems worry me)!!!
GO LEO!!!!

Lopez,India said...

Final score will be Manu 1 Messi 2

Vamos Argentina
Vamos Messi!!!!!!!!

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