Saturday, May 16, 2009

Interview : TEVEZ

I'm taking the license to write here on this space so I keep this video up and I increase some information on this subject.

I'm reading in Olé (not the most reliable source after they have been discovered using a fake picture on their cover on Tuesday about a supposed flag at River's stadium that never existed), about an interview Carlos TEVEZ gave a TV show (InDirecto -TyC Sports-) on Friday.

Here's what TEVEZ said:

"I asked Kia (JOORABCHIAN -the owner of TEVEZ's rights-) not to talk to me about any offers at least until after the Champions League final. I want to focus only on that match. After that, I have one month to decide and choose where do I want to go".

"When you don't agree with your manager and the way things are run at the club..."

"I don't like many of the things that happen here. I've been here for two years and I never got to talk to the directors, I've never met with them. So, the best thing to do is to leave this club to avoid clashing with Sir Alex FERGUSON and the directors. I don't get why I'm not a regular first team starter".

"To remain in England is a possibility, because I think the Premier League is the best in the world. In Spain you have Barcelona and Real Madrid (a club I know that have an interest in me). In Italy there are Inter, AC Milan and Juve...but I believe that in the last few Champions League, the English teams have shown they're better. So I will think about what's best for me and my family".


Enough said, don't you think?


Sebastian said...

This is the first time I hear Carlitos speaking in "English"! ;)

Nice video addition, John. As always.

Just how incredible it is to see a man from Argentina, a humble, hard-working, simple guy from a poor area just outside Buenos Aires, not only being able to wear the Albiceleste shirt at the heart of Old Trafford but also being absolutely adored by +75000 people?

I was watching the game and the trophy ceremony and it was unbelievable to hear the crowd going nuts when Carlos TEVEZ's name was announced when he stood up to pick up his medal.

Speaking of the interview we see in this video, honestly, I don't think he quite understood the last question. The way I see it is that he thought the journalist was asking if he was staying at Old Trafford for next season or not. He didn't quite understand he asked him whether he WANTS to stay or not.

In any case, that's just a minor detail. Carlos doesn't need to speak to make his point across. Just look at him play. That's it.

Mohd said...

Just leave carlos!!! you will be the star of any team in the world. just not manutd. they destroyed veron, so please leave before they destroy you. the wc is so near now and the NT needs you. you have the heart of a lion...move on.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how you can say Man Utd destroyed Veron. Some players struggle to adapt to the UK. Got nothing to do with Utd. That been said i would love Tevez to stay at Utd. Fantastic player. Legend.

Mohd said...

review veron's history with manutd carefully. in the first half of the first season he was amazing. and he got voted the best player of the month twice in that period. just go to youtube and search for veron and you will find that he adapter very well!

then suddenly ferguson started playing him as a defensive midfielder. i clearly recall that at certain stages nicky butt was going forward while veron was protecting the back four!

cannot be explained. that being said, tevez should leave immediatley. real, inter, milan would all be great. but the place i want to see tevez in is liverpool. the prospect of tevez, gerard, torres looks great.

John said...

I have to agree with Mohd about VERON's case with Man Utd. He was clearly played out of position just so that Fergie can afford to give Paul SCHOLES a role in their midfield. Clearly this backfired La Brujita's awesome performance (just check out his wonderful free kick against Bolton and another brilliant strike against Spurs) during his early days at the club. Even I couldn't understand just why he (Fergie) had to screw things up.

It was different with TEVEZ because he was being played at the right position. Carlitos suffered simply because of Fergie's arrogance in proving that all the money spent on BERBATOV was on merit. I can't believe how is that possible after 9 goals and 9 assists in the Premiership is merit.

Though Carlitos has built a great fan base among the Old Trafford faithful, I believe he has done his time there and should find a new club.

The question is where?

messidona19 said...

The dissapointing thing about this matter is that Tevez is worth 30m. Everyone says that 30 million is too much for him, and i don't agree that Berbatov is worth more than Tevez. There's so much difference between the two, one is lazy, one is hardworking, and yet the lazy one gets the nod. But well... Liverpool would be a good choice.

Sebastian said...

Messidona, I have to agree with you 200% there.

The thing I hate the most is not whether TEVEZ is worth more than BERBATOV, but the fact that I'm hearing a lot of people praising only TEVEZ's workrate and commitment. They're making it sound like if TEVEZ had no talent whatsoever. They are taking this debate of "TEVEZ v. BERBATOV" as if TEVEZ represented the hard-working, never-say-die kind of player and BERBATOV represented the classy, quality, finesse type of footballer.

I think that's plain wrong. TEVEZ is also a quality player. Perhaps the most hard-working quality player there is in the world. He's not afraid to drop back 50 metres chasing an opposing midfielder to try and win the ball back, but he's also not afraid of scoring quality strikes such as the one against Wigan or the other against Man City in the derby. have to consider the intangibles. The things that will never show up in the statistics. How TEVEZ can change the course of a match in just a few minutes. How he motivates the rest of the team (AND THE FANS). His winning mentality. That alone is worth every penny of those 30 million Pounds they say.

He has more than proved this in every country and every competition he has played at.

Roy said...

Tevez should leave Manchester, period. There's no point in him staying there. He doesn't get that many matches and when he gets on he's eager to try and score a goal, so much so that he ends up trying too hard and doesn't score.

It seems that Ferguson was trying to turn Tevez into the next Ole Gunna Solskjaer. In other words, a super substitute. But Tevez doesn't want that. He has too much talent and with the World Cup coming up in a year, he needs to move. Get regular time, find his scoring groove and everything.

Inter would be a great fit, but it seems that they are extremely close in signing Diego Milito.