Friday, May 22, 2009

Argentina beat Panama with a BERGESSIO brace

The video doesn't have the best image quality, but all the goals are there and there are extended highlights too.

Not much can be say about the team performance. These players have only been together for a few training sessions, only a handful of them played the entire 90 minutes and the opposition wasn't exactly world class.

What I did like was the performance Gonzalo BERGESSIO put up. He scored two and he even prompted MARADONA to tell him to stop running near the end of the match. Seriously. He did.

The first goal, from DEFEDERICO, was a beauty.

There were also good performances from PREDIGER and OTAMENDI, although him and the rest of the back three had some troubles, but that will always be the case when you have a very offensive-minded team and players barely know each other.

One thing was pretty clear to me...SAND and FUERTES are not national team standard. They may score tons of goals for Lanús and Colón, but they will never give world class defensive units a head-ache.

They could never cut it in Europe and they would struggle big time to score against World Cup contenders.

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Sebastian said...

Wow! I gave up on this video like three days ago! I wrote the text and uploaded the video like one or two hours after the match was over and for some reason it got published with an incredible delay (when I thought it would never be publish!).