Sunday, May 24, 2009

Diego MILITO keeps Genoa dreaming of Champions League

Another match for Genoa, another brace from Diego MILITO to help them stay with chances to qualify to the UEFA Champions League for next season.

MILITO opened the scoring converting a penalty kick against Torino and then scored the decisive game-winning goal in the last minute.

Unfortunately for him and his team, Fiorentina also scored in the dying seconds of their game against Lecce and the Viola are three points ahead of Genoa with only one game left.

Fiorentina will host AC Milan, whilst Genoa will entertain Lecce.

Diego MILITO, who will play for Internazionale next season, reached the 22-goal mark and he trails Zlatan IBRAHIMOVIC and Marco DI VAIO by only one goal.


messidona19 said...

If Maradona has to choose his players by form, then Milito and Higuain should not only be in the team, but in the starting line up too.

Sebastian said...

I agree to a certain extent. Whilst I think form is really important, I don't think it should be the one and only reason why a player should get picked ahead of others.

Would you pick an on-form José SAND (just to name one), over an out-of-form Lionel MESSI (if he was out of form, which thankfully is not the case)?

Yes. I would pick Diego MILITO and I would also pick Gonzalo HIGUAIN, but managers often take other factors into consideration. Factors we may never know. Stuff that we would only know if we were part of that dressing room.

Another thing I would like to point out (because I've been reading all the comments and there is some really pessimism going on) is that it's not the end of the world if one or two or many of your favourite players are not in this list. There's plenty of time before the World Cup and I'm sure Diego will keep the doors open for all the players that show the ability to wear the Albiceleste in the future.

Keep the faith!

messidona19 said...

I know what you mean Seba with that example but what is worrying me the most is that we could lose Higuain to France if we don't give him at least a match in the team... Just think of what Camoranesi and Trezeguet would have given us instead of giving Italy(both) a World cup , and giving France(Trezeguet) a European Championship and another World Cup!

Akash said...

Albiceleste goals from saturday and sunday:Diego Klimowicz,Diego Perotti,Julio Alcorse,Emiliano Armenteros(2),Claudio Lopez,Ernesto Farias,Leandro Romagnoli,Christian Eduardo Gimenez(2),Dante Senger,Hernan Barcos and Gonzalo Higuain

Anonymous said...

Higuain scored today as well with a beautiful header.

Roy said...

Seba is right. Form is important, to an extent. As a manager, Diego has to think of the right formations, tactics, ect... But(for the most part), he keeps using the same attacking and defensive line-ups. It's either Tevez/Aguero/Messi up front or just Tevez/Messi. It's sad to see that Crespo has been the last REAL #9 for us. Time to show confidence in Milito and give him the #9. If not Milito, then Lopez. If not Lopez, then Bergessio. But it doesn't look like it.

I know there's been alot of pessimism going around ever since the list came out(and I've probably been the most pessimistic person), but I'm willing to give Diego until the Brazil match. Hopefully he's learned a few things since the Bolivia match and takes the mistakes into consideration. The Brazil match(for me anyway) will gives us a CLEAR view of how much our team has "progressed" under Maradona. That simple.