Friday, May 22, 2009

The list: No HIGUAÍN, no CAMBIASSO...

Maradona has just released his list for the next World Cup Qualifiers. The first match will take place in Buenos Aires against Colombia on June 6, while the other match takes place in Quito(at altitude) against Ecuador. Not much of a surprise, Gonzalo HIGUAÍN has NOT been called up along with Esteban CAMBIASSO, but public enemy #1 Gabriel HEINZE made the list.

Juan Pablo CARRIZO (Lazio, Italia)
Mariano ANDÚJAR (Estudiantes LP)
Federico VILAR (Atlante, México)

Martín DEMICHELIS (Bayern Munich, Alemania)
Emiliano PAPA (Vélez Sársfield)
Gabriel HEINZE (Real Madrid, España)
Marcos ANGELERI (Estudiantes LP)
Javier ZANETTI (Internazionale, Italia)
Daniel DÍAZ (Getafe, España)
Nicolás BURDISSO (Internazionale, Italia)
Nicolás OTAMENDI (Vélez Sársfield)
Juan FORLÍN (Boca Juniors)

Javier MASCHERANO (Liverpool, Inglaterra)
Fernando GAGO (Real Madrid, España)
Juan SEBASTIÁN VERÓN (Estudiantes LP)
Maximiliano RODRÍGUEZ (Atlético de Madrid, España)
Jonás GUTIÉRREZ (Newcastle, Inglaterra)
Sebastián BATTAGLIA (Boca Juniors)
Cristian GIMÉNEZ (Pachuca, México)
Daniel MONTENEGRO (Independiente)

Lionel MESSI (Barcelona, España)
Carlos TEVEZ (Manchester United, Inglaterra)
Sergio AGÜERO (Atlético de Madrid, España)
Lisandro LÓPEZ (Porto, Portugal)
Diego MILITO (Genoa, Italia)
Gonzalo BERGESSIO (San Lorenzo)

The exclusion of Gonzalo HIGUAÍN does not come as a surprise as MARADONA came out last week and said that he was not in his plans. However the exclusion of CAMBIASSO is mind-boggling. As to who made the list, after impressing in the 3-1 victory over Panama, Gonzalo BERGESSIO got a call-up. Angel DÍ MARÍA is suspended for 4 games which means he will not only miss this round, but the next round of Qualifiers as well. Argentina's public enemy #1 Gabriel HEINZE gets a call along with BURDISSO. Nicolás OTAMENDI(who played against Panama) also got called-up. No LAVEZZI and Lucho GONZALEZ due to injury.

What are your thoughts on the list and who you think should be in the Starting XI?


Anonymous said...

Told you people about Higuain...
As far as Cambiasso is concerned, looks like Diego doesnt like him at all. Well we will have to do with them for the time being.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, i have just noticed Cata Diaz and Burdisso..........................


Anonymous said...

Also, Lucho is injured, like Lavezzi.

Roy said...

I'm HATING this list, big time. Papa? Heinze? Diaz? Burdisso? Otamendi? Battaglia over Cambiasso? No Higuain? What's the point of calling Veron, Gimenez AND Montenegro? Knowing Diego, only Montenegro will play(against Ecuador, probably). Words cannot describe how much I hate this list.

Diego says that he picks players that are in form, yet does not pick the BEST player in Serie A? He doesn't pick Real Madrid's player of the season(along with Casillas)? He picks Heinze? Papa? Burdisso? I'll be extremely surprised if we get more than 3 points in these 2 matches.

Sebastian said...

Roy, hold on for a second. First of all, thanks for posting up the list.

Now...I agree with you with one of the names you hate (HEINZE). However, I've learnt to live with him as Diego made it clear he'll always have him in his plans. Perhaps playing as a central defender (as Diego plans on using him) he isn't as bad as he can be playing on the left.

DIAZ and BURDISSO can do the job. BURDISSO can adapt to many positions. Yes, he is not the brightest or the best defender around, but he is no COLOCCINI.

DIAZ can be very physical and can be dominant. I'd have more patience with him.

PAPA? A mystery. Was waaaay out of depth in Bolivia, but then who wasn't? He can be a valuable option to join in the attack from the left-back position and perhaps with a few more games he'll gain in confidence. Let's not forget he did quite a good job against RIBERY and France in Marseille. He could be a good option to face Colombia at home (maybe not so much to travel to Quito). We'll see what Diego does with him.

As hating the list and including OTAMENDI's name there, I think you need to be more patient. I'm absolutely thrilled he got the call. Yes, he only played 15 or 20 matches for Velez in the first division, but the things he is doing at such a young age and having a price tag of more than 10 million euros hanging from his neck, tells you something.

I think he can be on the WC squad and the other central defenders on the team should be very very afraid to lose their position to this exciting young player.

HIGUAIN and CAMBIASSO out? I don't share the same opinion with Diego either. I guess is his prerogative and we'll have to live with it.

The one name that really shocked me was GIMENEZ's. Hardly a player with potential for the future (I believe he is in the declining part of his career). I wouldn't compare him to VERON or MONTENEGRO. They all play different roles in different positions.

Other than that, the list looks strong. It's not like Diego won't have interesting options.

What I'm most looking forward to see is which players will make the trip to Quito and which are going to start at home against Colombia.

Will some players travel to the altitude a few days earlier while the others face Colombia in Buenos Aires?

Questions, questions, I've got many many questions!

Sebastian said...

Also...seeing Licha, D. MILITO and BERGESSIO (all players identified with Racing Club, sure makes me happy!). haha!

Very soon, at Mundo Albiceleste, we'll start playing with our options and see what kind of lineup and formation will Argentina use to face Colombia and to visit Ecuador.

Dave P said...

hey guys been a while. I don't have much to say other then what you two have summed up. I agree that Higuain and Cambiasso both deserved a call. However, Bergessio played well v. Panama and Diego is rewarding him, we'll see if he gets any play time and how he plays in a match that is worth points.

I have questions as well, especially because of the Bolivia match, I felt that Maradona should have called up at least 5 or 6 different players. But there are only 3 different names from the names of the Bolivia Qualifier. strange...We'll see how they do, I'm sure they'll do fine, Maradona is showing trust in his core players and giving them a chance to redeem themselves.

As for the starting XI, does anybody know what the formation that he is using will be? 3-4-3? 4-2-2?

Mine would be a 3-4-3:

Carrizo; Heinze(or Papa), Demi, Zanetti; Maxi, Masche, Gago, Jonas; Tevez, Milito, Messi

what do you guys think?

Roy said...

Seba, we're going to have to agree to disagree.

Under Basile, Heinze was used as a left back and that isn't his natural position. Under Diego he's been played as as central defender and he has been bad. I watch La Liga week-in and week-out(more than any other league in the World) and Heinze has not had 1 good game all season long for Madrid. I understand that he brings heart, passion and experience... but is it really worth it knowing he's always one mistake away from a red card? From what I've seen from Monzon this season he's been doing well. Why not pick him? As for Papa, if you re-watch the France match, Jonas kept droping back and help Papa against Ribery. When left alone, Papa was getting killed.

Burdisso I'll cut some slack because like you said, he can play anywhere in defence, which is one of the reasons why Pekerman picked him in 2006. But for me there are better defenders than him. Pareja is starting to regain his form for Espanyo, Gonzalo for Villarreal is another one I like. Diaz, maybe it's just because I've never liked him. Also, I'd love to see Garay and especially Zabaleta get a shot. He's been a gem for Manchester City.

As for the midfield, Veron and Montenegro don't play the same position, but we'll never see them together on the pitch. If Diego plans on keeping the current formation(which I'm not sure if he will), we'll be playing with Mascherano and Gago, plus 2 other midfielders. I doubt those two midfielders will be Veron and Montenegro or Gimenez even.

As for the forwards, again, no Higuain. Aside from that, no real problems in that position. I'd like to see Bergessio ahead of Aguero. He showed more killer instincts in the Panama game alone then Aguero has in his whole National Team career.

Maybe I was overreacting when I initially saw the list(I've had a bad day), but still, we have better options than what Diego has picked.

Roy said...

Dave, glad to see you back! As for your question, I think alot of us were expecting newer names in there, but it's not really the case. It's just more domestic players to be honest.

Your formation, I doubt we'll play with three at the back(or atleast shouldn't play with 3 at the back). Heinze, Demichelis and Zanetti is a slow back-line and would get exposed(even more so) against any fast team in the World. I doubt any team in the World can afford to play with 3 at the back, it's just too risky.

For me, maybe a 4-1-3-2 or 4-3-1-2.

Carrizo; Burdisso, Angeleri, Micho, Zanetti; Mascherano, Maxi, Montenegro, Messi; Tevez, Milito

With Argentina I like to see Messi used more as an attacking winger than as a striker with Tevez up front.

Personally, I would of liked to of seen D'Alessandro on the list instead of Veron. I find he's more dynamic and brings more to the game. But that's just me. Zarate I would not of mind either(as I think he would be a killer on the left and can score from distance, which is something we desperatly need).

If we REALLY want to gamble(though this formation would literally kill us...)


Carrizo; Burdisso, Angeleri, Micho, Zanetti; Mascherano, Gago; Montenegro, Tevez; Messi, Milito

Use Tevez more in a central role(if I'm not mistaken that was his position at the 2004 Copa America), with Montenegro there as well and Messi with Milito up front. But it would kill us.

Sebastian said...

Agree to disagree? No! Roy! I hate HEINZE! He wouldn't be anywhere near our national team if I was the one calling the shots! I know he can't play. I know he is a liability. All I was saying is that if we have to put up with MARADONA liking him and calling him everytime, then at least we know he uses him as a CB rather than as a LB, and I think he is better (or 'less horrible' at CB).

As for the other defenders you've mentioned, yes, I like a lot of them, but be it because of injury (Gonzalo, GARAY) or because they play for small teams (PAREJA) or struggling teams (ZABALETA), I don't think it's too harsh for Diego to leave them out at the moment.

Also...speaking of VERON/MONTENEGRO etc, well...this is a particular list. Remember he'll only take 23 players to the WC. This list contains 26 names and it's only due to Diego planning on using two different teams. One for Colombia, one for Ecuador.

That's why until we don't see the probable lineup for the first match, we can't really come to conclusions. I don't think we'll see VERON and MONTENEGRO in the same starting XI.

Diego may use the three little guys against Colombia and then use a combination of Licha-D MILITO and BERGESSIO to travel to Ecuador.

MASCHERANO and GAGO may play together v. Colombia and to travel to Ecuador, Diego may use BATTAGLIA working together with GIMENEZ, perhaps behind MONTENEGRO or VERON.

We don't know that yet.

Only Diego knows. And perhaps not even him at this point.

Mohd said...

Ok, i will prepare my self for serious attacking from you guys, but for the first time in my life i will say it: maradona is damaging the team and he is proving to be just as bad as peckerman who ignore players for personal reasons !!!!

what should Zarate, Higuain, and Cambiasso do to join the list??? Zarate and Cambiasso are both in the team of the season in italy, while Higuain is in the team of the season team in spain!!!

on the other hand, why would veron, battaglia, gimenez, and montenegro get the nod ahead of Christian Ledezma??!!

and in defence, one more time where is Gonzalo Rodriguez??

with these selections we can wave any chance of winning the world cup away...that is if we qualify in the first place!!!

John said...

A very good morning to everyone here,

First of all, I can’t really say that I’m all excited about this list as it was clear that Gonzalo HIGUAIN was not going to be part of it in the first place. If this is a clear indication that all those media reports about what is going on in the backroom is true, then it looks like we will just have to stick with what we have (though with a heavy heart I must say).

Back to the list.

In defense, I’m pretty satisfied with the line up. You still got DEMICHELIS who is tough center back. BURDISSO had a great season with Inter and he can be very flexible and play in difference position. As for DIAZ, he has been injured for a long time but I feel he can still rediscover the type of form that made him the player he was two years ago. So lets be optimist about him.

Cant say about HEINZE but then again, he seems to be a favourite in Diego’s plan. But I’m going to agree with Seba, that he is much better of playing in central defense rather than in left back. So I guess we’re pretty much safe there.

But surely, where the hell is Gonzalo RODRIGUEZ?

The midfield line up looks okay with me. GAGO, MSACHERANO, Maxi and GUTIERREZ were very highly expected to make it into the list. As for the rest, especially on Diego’s decision to give VERON, GIMENEZ and MONTENEGRO a call, something tells me that he is trying very hard to find someone who can play in the playmaker role.

If that’s the case, why wasn’t someone like D’ALLESANDRO or AIMAR considered for the job?

But really, really; what a shame to see Esteban CAMBIASSO not in this list. He was outstanding for Inter throughout the season and has been one of Jose MOURINHO favourite player there.

I’m not really surprise about the forward line up as most of the names are Diego’s firm favourite and I doubt we will see much changes in that line up at all.

At least, I’m glad to see Diego MILITO is in that list because the statistic will never lie abut his goal scoring exploit for Genoa this season. But my main concern is that will he get the starting job and the No.9 jersey? Of is Diego is going to stick to his usual plan by playing the three little fellas up front?

Only time will tell.

Having said that, I’m surprise why hasn’t anyone commented on the goalkeepers. CARIZZO was left out of the Lazio’s line up for quite some time and only recently made it back into the team. Not sure whether he is good choice to be our No. 1 keeper considering his form.

Why on earth is Sergio ROMERO not in this list? He is having superb year with AZ Alkmaar who have just won the Dutch Eredivisie. Yes! It’s AZ my friends, not Ajax or PSV or Feyenoord for that matter.

Mohd, all I can say is that as fans we all have our preference about who is in and who is out. And that’s the beauty about football. However with all due respect, I won’t write off our chances of qualifying for the WC (winning it is a different matter).

Though we’re on the same about boat about this list, but I feel we should all give our undying support for Diego and the team. I have full confidence that we will get the three points against Colombia at home. My main concern is about the trip to Quito which is (after the La Paz nightmare) a scary proposition for me.

Mohd said...


the problem is that i feel i know why Zarate and Higuain are being always ignored: for me it is clear that maradona wants to eliminate competition in the front line in order to guarantee aguero a perminant spot. and for that alone i want him sacked!!!! we all know that Lisandro LÓPEZ, Diego MILITO , and Gonzalo BERGESSIO won't play. so basically he is only calling forwards that won't stand in aguero's way, and truly this makes me want to throw up!!!

besides having papa in the squad is a nightmare. he is the weakest defender (physically) i have seen all my life. he might have good football skills, but that's not only what we are looking for in a left back...again Insua is physically great and he is slowly getting more games for liverpool and he should get his chance...

Anonymous said...

Modh> I think it is naïve to beleive with another coach, Aguero wouldnt be taken. The only difference i would see is Higuain and maybe Zarate would get called up.

Anonymous said...

John> For D'Alessandro, I wonder if his behavior isnt the cause of not getting him called. As for Aimar, i think unfortunately his time has passed. Time to move on on him.

Anonymous said...

I just saw that D'Alessandro was injured anyway and even that i doubt he would have been called.

messidona19 said...

oh come on! i've read all the comment and not one single person commented on one player's exclusion, and that is WALTER SAMUEL! i just can't beleive it that Burdisso who barely plays for Inter ahead of Samuel who has been a Wall for them.
Another issue which only John commented on was that no one cares about our GK! I mean, the goalkeeper is the most important position which should be taken care of but yet, he's still choosing a flop of a goalkeeper who has lost his place to a younger and unproven second gk!!I'm just really upset that Maradona, who said that he will pick his players based on form actually picked out Heinze and Gago who are playing the worst football ever while their teammate (Real Madrid's player of the season) STILL hasn't been picked once for the national team!!
C.Gimenez? isn't he the 35 year old striker once with Basel who reached the second round of the C.L?

messidona19 said...

Romero> Carrizo
Samuel> Heinze
Garay> Diaz
Insua> Papa
Cambiasso> Gimenez
Higuain> ...
These missing players could have made half of our team on the pitch!

Anonymous said...

Isnt Romero injured?

Insua is also injured anyway,
the same as Garay.

Anonymous said...

Diego is ruining it for Argentina. He is showing that he doesn't do what is best for the team by neglecting to pick Zarate and Higuain to (probably) protect Aguero. And why no Cambiasso and Samuel? This list makes me feel that Diego is seriously harming Argentinas chances for world cup glory. I feel sick...

Mohd said...

exactly, thanks for agreeing !

Anonymous said...

What's more worrying though is this list could easily be the squad that would go to the WC next year... minus 3.

Anonymous said...

jeez, some of you guys comments are pathetic to say the least.
Wat is your problem with Aguero?
Diego decides the list not Aguero, and he'd already said that he wasn't going to call up Higuain for these qualifiers, so wat's the big deal?
Argentina can't win without Higuain and Zarate? So basically the rest of the argentinian players are all shit are they?
Stop supporting individual players and get behind the team.


Anonymous said...

Ah Diego Diego Diego, seems like the drugs have gone to his head. The man can not think with his brain but with his heart. Leaving out Cambiasso but I do like Jonas in the team. At least he did not pick that bum Denis from Napoli. I hope he will field Messi on one of the wings either Tevez(Over a lackluster Kun) and have Milito in the middle. I will give Milito a couple of games, but after that and if he misses chance like that other bum Julio Cruz who thank God we do not see anymore than I think it is time to call Pipita. I am trying to be very patient and bite the bullet. I want this team to do well but it is still missing bits and pieces to make it a complete team.


Anonymous said...

Also I am very disappointed with Di Maria. I maybe the biggest fan of this guy here. I think he has the ability to be a superstar. I wish he moved to Arsenal instead of Benfica. But he will move this summer so I hope he does end up at Arsenal because Mr.Arsene Wenger develops some of the best young talent in the world. Him missing 4 matches is huge which I think he could of done damage to those teams. But he needs to mature and get his head on straight and can no do things like that if he gets called up again. A couple defenders I would of liked to seen is Garay, and Samuel. I think Diego has a big place in his heart for Heinze(Hate this guy, just go back and watch the 06 WC vs Mexico when he fell asleep and Mexico almost got a goal and thank God he did not receive a red card for his tackle). I always thought Pato as a GK was horrible but Heinze takes the cake. I have no problems with Pupi Zanetti, Papa I mean I am taller then this guy if I am sitting down(well not really but you get it). I think the only River player is DEMICHELIS who played for them back in the days. The defense is a bit old and slow no? Papa,Heinze,Zanetti(Who I am ok with) Diaz, Burdisso, Demichelis. I worry if they play a counter attacking team such as Brasil they may get punished. The team needs a bit of speed and size.


Anonymous said...

Jonas could be a nice left-back I think. He and Zanetti on the flanks would be nice, and two from the quartet Gonzalo, G. Milito, Demichelis and Walter in the middle. I also hope Garay or Pareja can develop more next season and challenge for a spot.

Please no Heinze or Papa and no Jimenez or Denis either. And unless they have some serious attitude problems, Zarate and Higuain should of course go. May the most in-form player start, and not those who happen to have personal bonds to the names mentioned.

/El Burrito

Tonymed said...

I didn"t like this squad . How about Higuain . He "s currently in great from with madrid . I thiught Argentina is still lacking the forward like him . If we moved too slowly , he"d play for france
Anyway , I want this team to be succesful in WC qualifier and call Higuain soon

Anonymous said...

/El Burrito>

Yes, this is exactly what i think about Jonas. IMO, he could be a very good left-back. He isnt afraid to go forward and at the same time he can mark.