Saturday, May 30, 2009

A drunk MESSI!

He's human after all! Following Barcelona's 2-0 victory over Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League Final on Wednesday, the Barcelona team went back to Barcelona to celebrate... And MESSI had a bit too much "champagne"!

The story behind the first video is that the red truck/van behind them is full of girls and MESSI wanted to jump onto the truck and get in. But his teammates wouldn't let him.

The second video is MESSI really letting loose and having some fun!


John said...

Let him enjoy this moment. After all it is his moment. No one has the right to take it away from him.

Anonymous said...

LOL He likely had one glass. I think he is so quiet the players got him drunk. And the fans love him, he is doing it with his teammates and they are getting a kick out of it.


Sebastian said...

Yeah! Amazing stuff! That's the way he should behave in such an occasion!

I loved the reaction from his team-mates! Hands in the heads, like they couldn't believe it!

MESSI said: "You wanted all three cups? Here you have all three cups!" Hahahaha!

It reminds me of a short story by the late and great writer/artist/legend Roberto FONTANARROSA. He wrote about the story of a football player (fictional character) that was incredibly talented but somehow, he never managed to achieve idol status. Fans liked the way he played and he appreciated him for that, but never sang songs for him or considered him as a hero.

Until one day, he received one of the many fouls he'd receive every game and his rival insulted him and so he got up and punched the guy right in the face and saw the red card.

The following week, his fans sang a song in his honour and he finally achieved cult hero status.

Now I'm not comparing MESSI's attitude with a punch to a player's face, but we're seeing a more "human" version of Lionel. We are seeing him as a teenager having fun and showing it to the world.

This is a Barcelona icon already, on his way to becoming an Argentina legend in his own right.

And he's getting closer to the fans.

Cheers Lionel! Salud!

Anonymous said...

Messi is going to be on the cover on ESPN The Magazine. It is dubbed Here He Comes, The Year Of Lionel Messi Begins Now. I will pick up my copy on Sunday!


p2bn said...

Ahhhh Roy you got him there. Seriously guys, I was thinking why is this ever so quite boy the most enjoyful of them all.

I was hoping for him to speak at Camp Nou and he didn't, he was just jumping around the players and the assistants. I mean I was thinking, IS HE DRUNK OR WHAT? And now you have confirmed it.

To be really honest guys, I enjoyed watching him celebrating at camp Nou and the victory parade as I did seeing him score that goal. His enjoyful and carefree celebration was definitely the topping in the cake. I was just so happy for him. I hope his happiness goes up and up from now on and most importantly I hope he remains the modest, humble and magical Messi-ah of ours.

Vamos Messi
(I dream of meeting him someday or at least I hope someday somehow Seba can muster something from him in the blog :-)

p2bn said...

Ohhhh...HE DID SPEAK...I missed that one. Must have been the stream. Anywyas thank you for putting in and translations anyone until hopefully I learn Spanish within 2-3 years :-)

Mohd said...

the funniest thing ever :) messi drunk...i never though i would see that. and his teammates reactions were pricless :)
i just hope he will bring the same joy to the argentina national team

messidona19 said...

It's great to see that he's no longer this shy teenager that he was 3 years ago :)
This was hillarious, such a joy to see him drunk too!!

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