Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Update on the interview with Juan Pablo SORÍN

First of all, on behalf of John too, I want to thank you for all the questions you've been sending in.

Apart from numerous (unfortunately we had to cut some out), they were quality!

I want to inform you that all the questions have been sent to Juan Pablo SORÍN and I'll publish them the minute I receive them.

Please have in mind that at the moment of my writing (Wednesday night in Argentina), Juampi is in Uruguay where his team, Cruzeiro, just defeated Nacional of Montevideo 4-1 to win the Copa Bimbo friendly cup.

SORÍN, recovering from injury, made the trip with the squad but didn't participate in none of Cruzeiro's two matches (Saturday v. Atletico Mineiro -4-2 win-).

In other (less important news), you may notice I'm no longer signing as "Seba". I'm "Sebastian" now. Don't get confused, it's the same me, sort of speak! ha!

It's just an update of my Gmail or Google or Blogger account/s. From now on, I'll post and comment under this new signature: "Sebastian".

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