Friday, January 30, 2009

NBA News – Manu Still Hot in Phoenix

Believe me when I say this, watching a SA Spurs/Phoenix Suns game can be intense as watching Barcelona playing Real Madrid. Once again, for the third time this season, both teams played an extraordinary game of basketball.

Suns fans must be relishing this moment when their bitter rival was coming to town. Or did they?Just like in previous meeting between these two teams, Manu GINIBOLI seems too hot for the Suns to handle. He was aggressive throughout the game. He had the most fun. He made 18 free throws, setting a franchise record for foul shots in a game without a miss, and finished with 30 points plus 9 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals.

“I had a good start and my confidence went up,” he said. “My focus was to get to the rim. I found a lot of lanes to the rim.”

As always the atmosphere in the US Airways Center can be tough if you’re playing with a black jersey. But that did not stop Manu and his Spurs posse from bagging another big win on the road.


VJ Rabid said...

That's the thing about Manu. Even when he's struggling with his shot, as he has been lately, he finds other ways to contribute : free throws, rebounds, assists, steals, the odd play - you name it.

Dave said...

Manu was brilliant last night, a joy to watch. The guy does so many different things on a basketball court ... game changer.

Ankle Bones said...

The thing I worry about is whether he can maintain this level. He has shown flashes since he returned from his ankle injury but hasn't been able to sustain this kind of play. Another good test is coming tonight when they play New Orleans.


In my world, watching Manu is the thing that cannot be compared with something. It's not important he plays good. I'm living in the same era with Manu. The treasure is this. Because of this, I will be watching Ginobili against New Orleans shortly after as usual. Off course, I hope he will sustain his performance alike Suns. But if not, I will be happy for watching Manu. And I think, I have terrible English!'