Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SORIN interview: last chance to send your questions

We're getting some questions from our readers and I'm about to send them to Juan Pablo SORIN for this experience we're conducting at Mundo Albiceleste to contact a player who was our captain during the last World Cup, after we failed to reach Mario KEMPES in the past (we will be trying to get El Matador in the future and we have kept all the questions you've sent us).

Right now, it's all about Juampi and we'll be sending him our questions later on Tuesday (that is: TODAY).

So...this is the last chance for you to send your questions to:




Sebastian said...

Or...if you're too lazy or in a hurry...you can write your questions here in the comments' section.

Roy said...

I just sent them in. Hope I'm not too late!

Sebastian said...

We got them, Roy. You were not too late. Sorín will read your questions.

We've got a few very good ones.

Keep'em coming!

Anonymous said...

John, Seba, Here are my questions for Juanpi Sorin, one of our my favorite players! Please ask him some of these questions, especially the first one which is important for every true Juanpi fan!

1. Juan Pablo, I believe you are one of the most clever player in terms of tactics and movement without the ball, I've ever seen. Could you explain us your tactical role in Pekerman's team in 2006? For example, how did you manage your efforts and concentration because of the 4-4-2/3-5-2 switch?

2. What did you feel when Esteban Cambiasso scored that fantastic goal against Serbia Montenegro, which was the incredible result of teamwork based on endless movements and short passes from you & all your teamates?

3. How did you feel before facing Ivory Coast at WC 2006, in Hamburg, just before the game when the hymn started? On TV, you seemed to be so confident while fans were so nervous about the first game...

4. The last decade, Argentina has produced very creative left fullbacks such as you or Diego Placente. What do you think about the future of the position, and fast young fullbacks such as Insua or Monzon?

5. Juanpi, what do you feel when 18-year-old kids leave Argentina for Qatar or Russia? What could be done by AFA and FIFA to avoid all this talent exodus?

Thanks a lot yu lucky guys! MaxiLopez from argentinaworldcupblog (Antoine).

Anonymous said...

John, Seba, here's my questions for Sorin:

Does he regret leaving Villareal for Hamburg?
What does he think of the present National team?
Is there any chance of him coming back to the NT, and would he like to play alongside Riquelme again, since he had a very good understanding with him on the pitch?

Thanx guys

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