Monday, January 19, 2009

Is Lisandro LOPEZ the answer up front?

You all know I wish Diego MILITO wasn't as underrated as he actually is and was finally given the chance to play more minutes as our first choice striker.

You also know I'm a big fan of Lisandro LOPEZ (both players being a product of Racing Club's youth system). Well...apparently I'm not alone in Licha's bandwagon!

Diego Armando MARADONA has said in Radio La Red that he will give Lisandro LOPEZ more minutes so he can show with the Albiceleste what he did for Racing (when he topped the goalscoring ranks) and what he does week-in, week-out with Porto.

MARADONA also said that CRESPO may very well make a comeback once he finds some first-team action (and it's worthy to notice that Tottenham Hotspur were reportedly trying to sign him). Diego also said that Martín PALERMO stands every chance of claiming that spot once he comes back from injury.

For the time being and ahead of the friendly in Marseille against France, IT'S LICHA TIME!


Anonymous said...

Milito, ahnnnn I do not know about Milito as the true#9. I'd rather see a 35 year old Crespo in 2010 then Milito. I think under preasure he will crack, and Crespo is a veteran who can still put the ball in the back of the net if given the chance by INTER!

Lisandro Lopez is a target name at Porto but again I just do not know. I do not watch too many games from Portugal's league.

As for Palermo now that is funny, if he does make the team lets hope he does not try any PK's.

I'd like to see Luciano Figueroa given a try. Always liked him, not the smoothest players but finds the back of the net for Argentina.

But I think it is time to give Pipita Higuaín, he has played great this season for Real Madrid and I think him playing with Messi,Riquelme,Aguero will be great.

I think it is time to start getting a team together, because there is about a year and a half left. A few friendlies and get a idea how a team will work and the qualifers. It is vital that a team can click, not a bunch of talented players who are great 1 v 1 but a team. So lets hope senior Diego does the right thing, which I think he will.


Seba said...

Thanks Jack! Maybe without even trying, you're helping me make my point here.

You named only players that have a history (or a present) at Boca Juniors or River Plate.

That's why the media are always quick to praise them. That's what Diego MILITO and Lisandro LOPEZ (to name just a couple) are lacking and will always lack.

Had either of them have played for Boca or River, they would be the undisputed number 9 and will have the consensus of the people and the media.

Let's check the names you brought up:

CRESPO: I'm a big fan, but he is miles from being his old self and he needs to play regularly. Came up the youth system at River Plate.

HIGUAIN: Another product of River Plate. Wouldn't mind to see him getting chances, but I think MILITO is a step ahead when it comes to bag in the goals. Granted, HIGUAIN is younger and has enormous potential.

Luciano FIGUEROA: Played at River Plate. Now plays for Boca. I say he is way past his prime. I'd be very pissed off if he gets the call ahead of LOPEZ or MILITO or CRESPO or HIGUAIN.

PALERMO: Boca Juniors' icon. Way too old in my opinion. Didn't quite show for Argentina what he shows at Boca. Too many injuries.

Diego MILITO is a proven goalscorer with nothing to envy none of the players we're discussing or some of the best strikers in the world.

He was just up there with Ruud VAN NISTELROOY in the top-scoring charts of La Liga (if you put the last four or five seasons together). And he did it playing for a small side (now relegated) Real Zaragoza, whilst Ruud had many more scoring chances per game playing at Madrid.

Ask any fan of Genoa (or Serie A football in general) what they think about MILITO.

Again...playing for a small side and topping the scoring charts. I'm absolutely convinced he'll thrive provided he gets the minutes he deserves. People are too quick to criticize him but they forget he plays 45 minutes every three or four months and then when he gets the nod, he has to witness how MESSI and AGUERO play the ball only to each other (like they did in Chile). This comment is especially meant for AGUERO.

Lisandro? Well...I think he's a different animal than MILITO. More of a speed demon. But I'm a big fan of him too. He's got the pace, the desire, a lot of weapons (shoots with both feet, can head the ball and is great in building up plays and creating his own chances).

Believe me when I tell you that if either of those two would have played for Boca or River they would both have 50 caps with Argentina by now.

Anonymous said...

Nice reply Seba.

I know Crespo is a bit old big I have a soft spot for the guy. Just his will to win and score goals. Never a lazy player. I still recall when he was a young lad when he missed that PK vs Engaldn in the 98 WC, but Roa saved the squad. If he does make the squad he will be like Caniggia in 02, but a true striker is very much needed so we can not truely rely on him but I will take him, with his size and wit to find the back of the net. He maybe old but he was never a player with a lot of pace.

As for Lucho Figueroa, he is only 27 right now. In 15 games for Argentina he has scored 9 goals for them. Compare that to Carlitos, in 44 games he has scored 7. I know Tevez is not a real #9 and is a work horse but just trying to make point.

I take your word on Lisandro and I really want to more games from him before I make a opinion, but again I take your word for it. I did watch some videos on him YouTube and he looks like a stud, but those are just clips.

As for Diego Milito I see his stats are quite amazing. For Zaragoza he scored 51 times in 108 match, thats almost every other game. And his put away 4 goals in 16 times for Argentina. But I just can not see him as a starter for this team. I did not see much from him in Copa America. For me I'd rather see Fernando Cavenaghi before him.

I recall when it was either him or Tevez as the best player in Argentina a few years back. And yes he is a River Product. Milito I think should come after Pipita and Cavenaghi. Maybe Lisandro should come ahead of all of them but I am not too familiar with him.

I think we have been so spoiled in the last 15 years or so with having a true #9 with Batigol and Crespo now the team is in a hunt for one. And we can not just put a small team up when Argentina faces a big team in the WC they will just get punished. A threat is needed so the focus can get off Messi/Aguero/Riquelme. Another demotion is really needed, and if that piece fits I think this can be a unstopable team. Yes I know the defense needs some work and I think the GK thing should be ok as long as its not Pato but things can be quite bright for this team.


johnny said...

Nice debate ! I too am a big fan of Lopez, and I do hope Maradona gives him more time. He's got enough size but has the speed and skills of a smaller man. For me, it is over for Crespo and over for Palermo. I like both of them, but I can't see the investment in either of them at their age. I can't make up my mind about D. Milito. He hasn't shown much lately for the selection, but is that because of the lack of cohesion between he and some of the other players, or something else ? One more very difficult area for Diego to get right.

Is it just me or is Diego complementing too many players ? It is one thing to give confidence, but another to complement nearly everybody when you know you can't have everybody on the squad.

John said...

I'm going to agree with Jack and Johnny that both CRESPO and PALERMO just don't have it anymore.

Time to pass the torch someone else. So it's either HIGUAIN, CAVENAGHI or ZARATE for long term.

Lisandro LOPEZ could still cut it, or at least until 2010.

I don't see a fruitful partnership between Lionel MESSI and Kun AGUERO. I feel their too similar to play upfront.

Perhaps it is best to let Kun partner and out-and-out striker and let MESSI to play in a deeper role.

And there is still that TEVEZ things that needs to be resolve. Wow!!! What a headache am I having discussing about this!!!

But I'm loving every moment it. There is just not any other team in this world that has so many talented and gifted players at the same time.

Roy said...

I can't believe Diego is considering Palermo. I'd rather take a 41 year old Batistuta to 2010 instead of Palermo. Crespo, like Jack, I have a soft spot for. I think we should take him to 2010 just because of experience. Crespo was never a fast player, but he was deadly in front of goal. IF he can get good minutes for another club, I see no reason why he shouldn't be there in 2010. The guy gives EVERYTHING for the shirt.

As for Licha... I'm 50/50. At times he looks NT material and at times he doesn't. At this point, I think it's a 2 way race for a #9 between Licha and Milito. Unless Cavenaghi can get out of France, I don't see him being in the running for 2010. Milito/Licha for #9... Zarate/Tevez/Aguero/Higuain will battle it out for another spot in the Starting XI. We have to try out different combinations and different players. Oh and good thing no one said anything about German Denis, that guy is no where near NT material. As for Lavezzi... and Palacio... I have no clue.

If it was up to me, I'd give it to Milito. He'll be 31 in 2010, but if he can keep playing the way he is right now for Genoa WITH Argentina, then I have no problem. The question is who will partner him up front. Tevez and Aguero never gelled well with Messi. Zarate could play on the wings, but he seems to keep the ball a bit too much. Higuain needs more time to develop. So take your pick.

Anonymous said...

IMO this would be a tremedous mistake discarting Cavenaghi only because he's playing in France. He's young 25y, scoring on a regular basis wih Bordeaux.

I'm not sure about Lisandro, but i have to admit i'm not watching the Portuguese league very often so... i'm willing to give him the benefit of doubt.

Tevez... looks, i like a lot his mentality but when was the last time he had a great game with the NT?
Basically, we can say his last great games were under Bielsa's era. Since then, he has weakened a lot imo.

Milito would be a quick fix until 2010. Will he be able to maintain his current level with Genoa until then? We will see but as noted earlier, he will have 31 or 32 y old.

On Aguero, his performances under the NT were nothing short of disappointing until now. Nowhere near his form with Atletico, he needs to step his game up big time.

Higuain, personally i would give, not one chance, but several to see if he can bring something new to what we have already. His physical presence is a major plus honestly. He's not the most skillfull with the ball (though far to be bad) but he's rather fast and has physical presence, something we are lacking desesperatly.

Zarate and Lavezzi have to be tested at least one time to see what they can potentially bring.

I'm not to speak too much Palermo...
Crespo, his time has passed.

Denis is clearly not NT material as earlier. I think this should be clear.

But to me, there's not only an issue with the lack of 9 but also our defense is far to be all that good IMO.

Honestly, the only i would bring for sure is Demichelis. Heinze (in his current form), Cata Diaz, Burdisso and Coloccini dont cut it for me.

Garay, Pareja needs to be given a chance to see what they are worth.

Unfortunately, there's a lot of work to do mainly because it hasnt been done properly by Basile earlier. Now, we are in hurry to do it (the thing that should have been done already).

PS: I watched our youth yesterday and while there are promising players, it looks like this generation will be weaker than their previous counterparts. Salvio looks good, but we have already lots of potential offensive midfielder. And still not a 9 or even a potential one... i found this very worrying personally we cant have anymore one of them.