Sunday, January 25, 2009

U20: Argentina 2-2 Colombia. SALVIO saves day

Three matches, three goals conceded inside the first 5 minutes (one of them in the 2nd minute -v. Venezuela- and another in the 1st tonight against Colombia).

In all three matches, BATISTA's boys fought back and earned points, but those early distractions could lead to unwanted troubles as the tournament progresses.

Right after kick-off, Colombia went ahead through Marco PEREZ. He even scored another one in the first half and Colombia looked odds on to win the match and move to the top of the standings.

The brave Albicelestes had other plans. Leandro VELAZQUEZ made it 1-2 before the break and the mercurial Eduardo SALVIO connected a glorious header to make it 2-2 and save a point for Argentina.

Now Argentina and Colombia both lead Group A with 5 points each. BATISTA's boys will face Ecuador next, looking for a win to advance to the next round.

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