Monday, January 05, 2009

Carlitos Unhappy with Fergie’s Comment

When would this saga come to an end? It’s already more than one year and a half. A few days ago there were reports suggesting that Carlos TEVEZ has rejected a new offer from Manchester United, according to his manager Sir Alex FERGUSON.

However like the warrior from Fort Apache, Carlitos is one person that will speak his mind when it matters, even he is risking the wrath of Fergie. He has revealed his disappointment at all those speculations and reiterated his desire for his future to be sorted.

“I didn't like him (FERGUSON) saying I didn't like the offer I was made because neither my agent nor me were given one,” whose deal runs out in the summer, told Radio del Plata.

“I don't know anything on my future. United know what they must pay if they want me to stay. I want to stay but the club has not made any offer. I've been waiting for them for a year and a half”.

With all this ongoing uncertainty surrounding his future at Old Trafford, TEVEZ has also became a target of several other clubs most notably Real Madrid. But he has also made it clear, that whatever happens, he wants it to be done in the right manner.

“If I have to quit the club, I want to quit on good terms. Now all clubs are on an equal footing. If a club comes to me and offers me a five-year deal, I will accept it for peace of mind. I will sign my last contract, and then I figure that I'll go back to Boca (Juniors.) That could be in four or five years. I want everybody to know no offer has been made. I don't like that they are playing with our fans, who show their love to me in each match.”

It’s strange to see despite all the success he has achieved in Europe since his arrival at West Ham in 2006, the big Q is just when will Carlitos be given a well deserve contract?


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