Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Prince MILITO returns with a goal

"Il principe" (the Prince) as they call him in Italy, came back from injury to help Genoa earn a draw against Catania.

Still looking to return to match fitness, MILITO earned all the praises after his second-half strike, helped Genoa get something out of their difficult fixture against the Sicilians.

This is a translation of what the prestigious Italian sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport had to say about Diego MILITO:

"These are the situations in which the star playrs make the difference: because at the first opportunity with a loose ball in the area, MILITO, still not in optimal physical conditions, was at the right place and scored with the right touch."

Somebody gives a tape of that goal to Mr. MARADONA!

Now excuse me for being biased with my next paragraph:

My beloved Racing Club back in Argentina, can't buy a goal, but two of the best products of the club's youth system can't be stopped in Europe: Lisandro LOPEZ and Diego MILITO. much I miss them!

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