Sunday, January 25, 2009

MESSI: "I will NEVER leave FC Barcelona"

Just like that, Lionel MESSI dismissed the rumours suggesting he would be bought by non-other than Real Madrid.

When asked about his opinion, MESSI said: "I will never leave FC Barcelona. I've been here since I was a little boy. This is my home and I'm very happy playing here. I guess I'll only leave if someone at Barcelona fires me".

Lionel showed yesterday, when he scored twice against Numancia, that he means what he said later, as he kissed Barcelona's badge during his celebration.

KAKA pledged his future to AC Milan, now MESSI does the same with Barcelona. I must admit I'm quite happy to see some true stars that not only go chasing the big money and they let their hearts decide. That's a good thing for football.

If only Argentine clubs would have enough money to help some players choose with their hearts...


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