Monday, January 05, 2009

NBA News - Manu Clutch Block On D-Wade

The San Antonio Spurs continued their usual dominance with a 91-84 win over the Miami Heat. Manu GINOBILI, whom started from the bench, was pretty much below par from his usual standard of his offensive.

He only manages 10 points and was 0-5 from the three point line. But it was his one and only block shot that caught most people’s attention. Manu sealed it with, well, a circus play with 1:33 remaining.

Miami trailed 84-81 when Dwayne WADE drove to the rim from the right wing, with Tony PARKER getting in front to deter his progress a bit. Wade leaped for a lay-up—but Manu, who isn’t exactly known for high-flying exploits—swatted it away, setting up a game-clinching jumper by Roger MASON at the other end.

“Play of the game,” Heat coach, Erik SPOELSTRA said.

“He’s an athletic guy and it was a great block,” WADE said.

He also had 5 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 steals as well.

Fabricio OBERTO (foot) sat out again, his ninth missed game out of San Antonio’s last 10.More than a few fans wore Argentina’s national football team’s jersey and even waved the flag, a nod to Manu. Not surprising at all.


Dave said...

Wow, that was an incredible block by Ginobili!

I'm kinda disappointed I missed what looks like a good game from George Hill. 15 points and 7 rebounds off the bench from the rookie, that's nice. Beasley showed up with 15/12 too. Ah well.

Michael said...

Dave, I am too. Luckily I tuned in in the fourth to catch the monster Manu block, but I'm a huge George Hill fan and I missed all of that. Nice recap and video.

Victor Moraes said...

A tremendous block... hahahahahaha

Manu said... Not tonight Wade!

Anonymous said...

Messi had a nice hat-trick to his name. He had one amazing run that his shot hit the cross bar. What a talent!


Patty said...

Manu was great on that play. I loved how they kept replaying it. Most people can't get over how a woman is so into sports. At lunch I had my co-workers watch the recap on ESPN.

John said...

Not much luck for Luis SCOLA despite being the top performer for the Houston Rockets as they went down against Philadelphia 76ers 96-104. SCOLA had another double-double with 18 points, 17 rebounds plus 2 steals.

Despite defeating the Sacramento Kings 99-94, Chicago Bulls Andres NOCIONI had a poor night for himself. He was 1-11 on his shot posting just 3 points, 1 rebound & 1 steal.

VJ Rabid said...

Great block, great anklebreaker.

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