Tuesday, January 27, 2009

No Match For Del Potro Against Fedex

A huge expectation that became that was not to be. Well I guess the class between a former World No.1 and upcoming star was well written in the game. I have to admit that our boy Juan Martin DEL POTRO was no match for Roger FEDERER.

FEDERER prove he just have what it takes to be in big matches like this as he cruised past Delpo to a straight set win, 6-3, 6-0 & 6-0. There was a good fight in the first set but since then Fedex took control and cruised in a speed of a bullet. DEL POTRO had no answer to anything that was replied by FEDERER.
DEL POTRO said “No. I cannot do nothing. He play like No. 1 of the world. He has a good night. I have to improve to play against them”

I can’t complained much considering the class of FEDERER that DEL POTRO has to put up but he is still young and has a long way to go.

Well I guess for us at Mundo, that’s about it from the Australian Open. Next up is Roland Garros. In the meantime, G’dday from Down Under.


Quirky Indian said...

John, thanks for visiting my blog.

Del Potro is a very promising player, and as I have said, he's a star of the future. But he really had no chance today against the Federer we saw. As he himself said, he has to improve. Well, he's young and has the time. And this experience is very important.


Quirky Indian

Jake said...

Thanks for reading my blog! I appreciate it.

Federer was clearly too much for Del Potro today. No matter how good fedex is, no top 10 player should loose 2 love sets, so i think that del Potro got down on himself after the 2nd set. Federer hit just 9 unforced errors. del Potro has a big career ahead of him, but he needs to break into that Grand Slam semi, he has reached 2 straight quarters. I am a hugeeeee Roger Fan,and Roger looked just as good as he did in 2006/2007, when he played the best tennis, arguably, ever.

Good career ahead for JM Del Potro.

P.S. I have just recently (2/3 months ago) started blogging, and I need a little raise in popularity, so if you could mention my blog in any of your new posts, that would be greatly appreciated. Keep visiting and voting on my polls!


Serve and Return

Henry Kaspar said...

Del Potro will be back.



Anonymous said...

I've been a Federer fan since day 1 but I like Del Potro and hate to see him lose like that. Hopefully he can regroup.

Anonymous said...

Normally I would root for my countrymen in Del Porto but I been a Federer fan for many many years. I think he should his class last night. If he plays the same way and gets through Roddick and if it's a Rafa y Roger match up, get ready for a great game!


paula said...

He is so young- he'll improve! And Rog is in fine form. Still, the quarters of a grand slam is great. I hope he's happy with himself.

Jake said...


Ramanand said...

If JMDP can continue to do what he did in last year's Masters, he should be fine in the rest of his career! That and a slightly luckier draw :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog..
well Del Potro is young. just give him a couple more years and he'll soon be amongst the greats. as long as he keeps his 2008 form he's on the right track.


Reading what you have comented I´m 100% in agreement. I always was a Federer fan and what Roger did on the court was MARVELOUS. Juan couldn´t do anything against Fedex.

I also think that Juan Martin is on the right track.