Thursday, December 17, 2009

Watch Lionel MESSI Goal Against Atlante

Lionel with a minute genius! Just felt that I needed to put up this another great goal from the Flea himself.

As we all were worried about his situation struggling with an ankle injury, he didn’t took that long to show everyone that he is doing A OKAY. Now we
can breath with sight relief that he will be there in the final this coming weekend.


Anonymous said...

What a goal from di Maria. Lets just hope he does not pull a stunt like this during the World Cup because I will have a heart attack! He had a wonderful game fro Benfica. Scored a brace, could of easily finished with a hat-trick.


johnny said...

And a strike from the old codger Crespo as well.
What a mind blowing error from the Genoa keeper at the end.

Anonymous said...

Crespo can do no wrong in my book. He has the ability to still score goals. Would love to see him in SA over Palermo.


msi2 said...


Crespo over Palermo anyday!

Mohd said...

another strong performance from Banega. i wish that his selection against Catalunya is not of those "one shot" trials by Maradona

Roy said...


Di Maria, that took skill to do. His awareness of where the goalkeeper was and where the other defender was and that the angle was blocked to take it with his left... those decisions made in a split second. Smart that time by him.