Saturday, December 26, 2009

Carlitos Scores In MAN-chester-CINI Debut

After of couple of days enjoying this festive moment with family and friends, time now to relax and enjoy some football once again. With most of the Europeans leagues now on a holiday break, that means it’s all about the traditional Premiership’s Boxing Day fixtures.

Of course the on going news (or controversy) was all about the appointment of Roberto MANCINI as the new manager of Manchester City. Well how did this effect on the status quo of the two City’s Albiceleste?

For a start, MANCINI has decided to name both Carlos TEVEZ and Pablo ZABALETA in the starting line up against Stoke City. Now that’s sounds like a good start in particularly for ZABALETA, whom for a while I thought he had probably lost his place in the team.

Today those could do no wrong as the Citizen start their new era with a 2-0 win over the Potters. The first goal came in the 28th minute after a brilliant run from TEVEZ on the left from which his cross inside the penalty area was touched onto Martin PETROV by ROBINHO.

Then close to stoppage time, a cross from ZABALETA found Gareth BARRY and the Englishmen headed the ball into path of TEVEZ from which the little fellow delicately lifted the ball over Stokes keeper Thomas SORENSEN. No doubt in my opinion, Carlitos was the Man of the Match.


GK said...

Good to see Zabaleta starting again and Tevez continueing to score. I don't want to bring down everyone's holiday spirits but here is some tragic news concerning River Plate's Buonanotte....

Rune said...

Three of his friends died. This is terrible.

johnny said...

Clearly Carlitos is playing better and looking happier than I have seen him in awhile. Whether that translates to the NT is another thing, as he might not even get much time on the pitch.

Either way, it's nice to see him enjoying himself.

John said...

Thanks for sharing with us this sad news GK. Our prayers goes out to the victims family.