Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Argentina will be seeded for Friday's draw

FIFA has announced the eight seeded teams for the upcoming World Cup draw that will be held in Cape Town on Friday.

France, on the other 'HAND', are not. Which proves that all the reports you saw in the media were nothing but speculation and were not accurate.

All I read the last few weeks was that Les Bleus were going to be seeded and Holland were not.

The eight seeded teams will be South Africa (as hosts) and Brazil, Spain, Italy, England, Argentina, Holland and Germany.

FIFA took the October 2009 placing in their ranking to determine the seeded teams.

We're getting there. Only a couple of days to know our fate.

In the meantime, have a look at the four pots:


Mohd said...

we will get France or Portugal from Seed 2...i am sure we will.
we might even get USA or Mexico from seed 3 and Ivory Coast from seed 4.

this will be our nightmare group of death...
But on the other hand, with Maradona and Co in charger, frankly any group will be a group of death.

GK said...

Let's hope this doesn't actually happen....

As for the draw, I don't think we will be put in a group of death this tournament but that is just me being hopeful and optimistic as I always am when it comes to the Albiceleste. In my opinion....

Worst possible draw: Portugal, USA, Ivory Coast

Best possible draw: Slovenia, New Zealand, Algeria

I was pretty releaved to hear that FIFA seeded Holland instead of France. I'm sure any country in the world would much rather play France rather than Holland. Especially since the memory of '98 is cemented in my memory.

messidona19 said...

Come on Mohd, I'm thinking this time it will be third time lucky, but we will get a hard african team.

batigol9 said...

maradona to crash the draw!!

Anonymous said...

one hard opponent is realistic, but i say again: it would be too suspicious if argentina gets the group of death the third time in row (while brazil and germany get costa rica and stuff).

it would be great if argentina gets such a group like in 1998. then they will easily progress and will lose zero substance, physically and psichologically.

i can't wait till friday, the draw brings a bit of the world cup feeling!


Anonymous said...

Mohd again thinking positive. You should be a motivational speaker. Just do some math and you will know what the chance will be to land Portugal or France. Frankly I do not care if we get either. I would keep my eye on either the African sides. I doubt we will get Ivory Coast again. Ghana, maybe? But again I know we will progress no matter what.


Abs said...

I hope for:
New Zeland - Algeria - Greece

I know it'll be:
Mexico - Cameron - Denmark

My worst:
Mexico - Ghana - Portugal