Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Javier PASTORE and Emiliano PAPA called up

And the new call-ups continue. First ALVAREZ and BANEGA, now PASTORE. MARADONA has called up Palermo midfielder Javier PASTORE to the Catalunya match. This will be the 20 year olds first call-up to the National Team. PASTORE is not the only player called-up today, Emiliano PAPA has received another call-up after being ignored by Diego for the Spain friendly.

According to reports, the reason why PASTORE has been called-up is because of MESSI's condition at the moment. He injured his ankle last week against Dynamo in the Champions League and is doubtful for the Club World Cup. Here's the full list.

Diego POZO (Columbus)
Mariano ANDUJAR (Catania)

Emiliano PAPA (Vélez)
Nicolás PAREJA (Espanyol)
Martín DEMICHELIS (Bayern Munich)
Nicolás OTAMENDI (Vélez)
Cristian ANSALDI (Rubin Kazan)
Cristian ALVAREZ (Arsenal).

Fernando GAGO (Real Madrid)
Maxi RODRIGUEZ (Atletico Madrid)
Jesus DATOLO (Napoli)
Angel DI MARIA (Benfica)
Pablo AIMAR (Benfica)
Javier MASCHERANO (Liverpool)
Mario BOLATTI (Hurricane)
Javier PASTORE (Palermo)

Gonzalo HIGUAIN (Real Madrid)
Sergio AGUERO (Atletico Madrid)
Lionel MESSI (Barcelona)
Martin PALERMO (Boca Juniors)
Ezequiel LAVEZZI (Napoli)

Javier MASCHERANO is not 100% confirmed for the Catalunya match as it has been reported that Liverpool manager Rafael BENITEZ will not allow him to play in the match, which is why MARADONA called-up Ever BANEGA.


Anonymous said...

I still do not see why Lavezzi and Palermo are getting called up. Makes ZERO sense with Lavezzi who made a complete fool out of himself over the weekend and Palermo( I do not have to say much, he will be taking up a valuable space for a player that will miss the WC like Lisandro or Zarate, Barrios and etc. Good to see Banega in the team. Love the inclusion of Bolatti but would also have liked Cambiasso vack. No Aimar which is a downer.Even without Messi I think the team is strong enough to win.


johnny said...

Agreed about Lavezzi. He should know better by now. As much as Tevez has struggled with the NT, I would still take him over Lavezzi any day. And, even though Palermo is a favorite of mind, he doesn't belong either. Let's hope Banega and Pastore get some pitch time and are impressive.

msi2 said...

Lavezzi is for the locker room, he seems to put a good ambiance in the squad and not to be bothered too much being a substitute. Notice how he was the first one to sing after our victory against Uruguay.

Zarate is definitely a spoiled brat child though, no way i would take him for the WC.

As for Banega, i hope Diego is considering him not only as a llast call minute just because he couldnt get Mascherano and unfortunately, i think that's the case.... :(
He should really consider ditching Gago out.

I'm disappointed, there is no Perotti though. :(

Roy said...

Jack, Aimar is on the list. I guess you just missed him.

msi2 is correct. Lavezzi is a squad player. He won't start trouble, he won't complain. He's kind of like what Scaloni was in 2006 for Pekerman. To some extent, same goes for Coloccini, which is why I'm guessing he's still being picked.

I hope and pray to God that Gago is dropped. Though if Mascherano does play, I would like to see Mascherano/Bolatti in midfield, instead of Mascherano/Gago. Not only because it would mean no Gago but because I have seen very little of Bolatti but read very good things about him.

Zarate comes from a rich family and has been spoiled his entire life and has a huge ego. Wasn't he the one that got in trouble with the coaching staff at the U20 World Cup in 2007? If so, I'm not surprised.

I'm looking forward to seeing Banega(if he does play). The only problem I have with him is that he always looks like he's going to get himself yellow carded or even red carded. It happened many times last season with Atletico.

No Perotti is a disappointment though. What was the point of calling him up for a few minutes against Spain and then just kind of forgetting about him?

Also, msi2, glad you could get back on the blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah I guess I am going blind after all this reading I have for finals haha. Well then I am very happy Aimar is on the list.

So let me ask a question about Lavezzi then. Would you rather a locker room type of player or a player like Linsadro who for some strange reason(or rumor) will not get called up when he is ripping it apart in Europe?

As for Zarate I agree with that analogy but I would still take him over Lavezzi just based on skill alone. He may have a massive ego but he is talented.

I believe Pipita came from a wealthy family as well but the kid is very humble on and off the pitch. No idea why Gago nor Heinze did not like him very much.

A lot of players did not like Kaka either from the national team in around 2002-2006ish because he came from a wealthy family as well.


andaman said...

Thanks for the list and update Roy.

You didn't missed Aimar but did you missed out BANEGA's name on the list?

Valencia lost to Real Madrid last Saturday but EVER is impressive as ever.

andaman said...

OOPS! just saw Masche's name on the list. It should read Ever's name in his spot instead ha.

Me bad! Sorry.

messidona19 said...

Pastore and Banega need to impress Diego immensely during training matches for them to get picked again. Then they have to do it again during the short time they get in the match.

msi2 said...

Pastore is not really NT level quality yet... His adaptation to europe football is taking much more time and he will need more time before even being considered as NT quality ona regular basis. He has talent but needs more than that.

GK said...

I am also one who doesn't mind seeing Zarate left out. Sure he scores goals in Serie A and there's no doubt he is a gifted player but do you guys here on Mundo actually watch Lazio matches or just highlights of the goals? I watch Serie A every weekend and as many matches as possible and had watched many Lazio games last year and this season. What I noticed is Zarate a great player but an even bigger ball hog. He doesn't like to pass and tries to go for goal everytime he touches the ball. I really don't think we need that kind of selfishness on the national team, there is no room for it. No Zarate is a good thing in my opinion.

Good to see Banega get the call, hopefully he gets minutes on the pitch. Why no Romero though?

And when is the game anyways and will Mundo supply a link for live streaming?

Roy said...

Gk, you're absolutely right concerning Zarate. The kid is gifted no doubt and I'd be lying if I said we don't need his set piece abilities because he really is good at them. But he's a ball hog.

I imagine the reason why Romero wasn't called-up is because Diego wants to give a shot to the other goalkeepers. To see who might be the number 2. He'll probably do the same thing he did in that friendly against Ghana where he had 1 different goalkeeper for every half.

The game is next Tuesday(on the 22nd). I'm not sure at what time, but I saw GolTV advertising the game on their channel. And yes we will be supplying links for the match.

Dave P said...

What do you guys think Maradona will do with his tactics for this game? Hopefully he will try something different then a flat 4-4-2...depending on if messi is fit after playing in the World Club Cup final on Saturday this would be my ideal XI


-----------Aimar------Di Maria--------


messidona19 said...

I really beleive that Romero should have played this match because he still doesn't have much experience playing for Argentina yet. He should have played this match.
As for Dave P's line up. The team is good but I would prefer if Pastore was in place of Di Maria with DM going more forward instead of Tevez. That would be an explsive line up with Banega, Aimar and Pastore linking up play!! It would be a very creative midfield.

Roy said...

Too much of an offensive formation. We would get killed on the counter. Maybe take off Di Maria for Bolatti? And Papa on the list gives me a nightmare, let alone at right back. :(

For some reason, I think we'll see this.

Maxi-Masch-Gago-Di Maria/Datolo

What I would LIKE to see(if Mascherano cannot play).

Bolatti------Banega------Di Maria



I would prefer my second formation. Bolatti as the DM and Banega as the CM(roaming around in midfield). Two real playmakers in Aimar and Pastore. And 3 deadly strikers up front.

Roy said...

I'm an idiot. Tevez did not get called-up. So Messi-Higuain-Aguero up front.

I'm hoping Aimar-Pastore can become what Aimar-Riquelme were, which is deadly together. Aimar-Riquelme rarely ever played together but when they did... they were devastating. I'm hoping Aimar-Pastore can get to play together for a while and see how they gel.

I always thought that if you play Aimar-Riquelme together, you could never mark them both out of the match. One of them yes, but not both. I want Aimar-Pastore to become that.

Dave P said...

I just hope Aimar starts, I can totally see Maradona playing Gago and Banega which makes no sense at all we need that playmaker and I hope Maradona begins to experiement with it because with Gago we have no link up top. Roy I like your second line up the best, however I really think we need a back line of 4 defenders no matter we we do. So maybe something like a 4-2-3-1 may work, or a 4-2-2-2

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