Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Mundo Albiceleste Pod - World Cup Mock Draw!

Right, we took a long time in between podcast shows, but we couldn't afford to waste more time as the World Cup Draw is fast approaching and we wanted to play a little game and have our very own Mundo Albiceleste World Cup Draw!

John in Malaysia picks up the names of the teams. Roy in Canada allocates them into their respective groups and Seba in Argentina does you the information as the groups take their shape and teams know their destiny.

Of course, come Friday, none of the groups we drawn in our very own World Cup mock draw may look the same, but according to our little game, Argentina drew a very interesting group.

Do you think I will reveal it here without forcing you into listening to our podcast? Think again!

Simply click the audio player above or right-click on the following link and save it as an MP3 file or listen to it in your computer: download.

Enjoy! And don't forget to send us your views to or right here in the comments' box. If you want to participate in a future edition of our podcast, make sure to drop us an e-mail too.


Anonymous said...

I dont have time to listen to your podcast -_-. Sounds like an interesting idea, but come on, we cant all have the ability to listen to it.

Sebastian said...

Are you thinking out loud?

It's simple, really. If you can, you listen to the podcast. If you can't...then you don't.

Why do you have to write such a negative message?

Anonymous said...

Nice work guys not a bad group i think haha
but we just have to wait for the real thing... there's big names out there that i would rather miss...


Allan said...

Hi, just heard the podcast.

Seriously, these days there are fewer and fewer weak teams in the world. So it is unlikely we will get an easy draw...

Of course, if we get Honduras, Algeria, North Korea..etc and avoid France, Portugal, Denmark...etc it will be better, but honestly, we really ought to be strong enough not to have to worry.

Then again, the easier the better, I am praying for: North Korea, Algeria and Greece.

And may Brazil get Ivory Coast, Mexico and France.

Tim said...

"I dont have time to listen to your podcast -_-. Sounds like an interesting idea, but come on, we cant all have the ability to listen to it."

lol, wow. Talk about biting the hand that feeds.

Anonymous said...

saviola scores again last nite in the europa league

LaTiNo said...

Knowing the Fifa, I dare to prognose the following groups:

Cote D'Ivore

South Africa
North Korea

New sealand

GK said...

Haven't listened yet but I will later this afternoon. Sounds like a great and fun idea to prepare us for tomorrow. I was actually trying to get ahold of John and Seba in the chat room yesterday and the day before to ask them when the next Mundo podcast will be. Are you guys going to have another podcast Saturday or Sunday for the actual draw and reaction?

Keep up the good work fellas!

John said...

Hi GK, of course we will be doing another podcast to discuss about the actual draw. Let's hope we get easy draw as compare to all our prediction from the podcast ;)

John said...

By the way, it is confirm that Argentina will be based in Pretoria. This news was taken from ESPN.

Argentina beat England, Italy and Germany to a plush World Cup headquarters at Pretoria University on Wednesday, Argentine Football Association (AFA) envoy Humberto GRONDONA said.

"We had to close the agreement quickly because the same place was wanted by Italy, England and Germany, who had offered a lot of money," GRONDONA told Radio La Red.

Argentina have been negotiating since April to try to secure the facilities, which are used regularly by South Africa's national rugby team, for their final 20 days of preparations for next year's finals.

Humberto GRONDONA, the son of AFA president Julio GRONDONA, will be Argentina's only representative at Friday's World Cup draw in Cape Town as coach Diego MARADONA is serving a two-month suspension for using abusive language against journalists.

Anonymous said...

Im the guy from the first commment.
I might have sounded wrong when i first said that. What i meant to say is that I would like to have the ability to read the results of your 'minigame' aswell. I love that you provide the podcast for those who can but I just want to be able to have the same ability to read it. It doesnt even have to be a full explanation or every word you say in the podcast but the basics. Im sorry if i sounded rude before.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to say this but with Diego I don't see Argentina making out of the group stages... Any team looks and plays better than Argentina these days.

Anonymous said...

Banega may get a call up vs the Catalan side since Liverpool may not release him. That is a great sign.


GK said...

Looking forward to comparing the mock draw with FIFA's draw. From the mock draw Argentina weren't as lucky as Holland who got the easiest group by far, or other teams like Italy and Germany. But I think the real "group of death" from the mock draw would be group C and group E. Anyone who doesn't have time to listen to the podcast here are the full groups....

South Africa


Ivory Coast


South Korea

North Korea

Not the greatest draw for Argentina but certainly not the worst. I have my fingers crossed for Hondurus/New Zealand from pot 2, Algeria from pot 3 and Greece/Slovenia/Slovakia from pot 4.
New Zealand


GK said...

oh and Roy, funny you mentioned Argentina playing on your birthday a few World Cups back. That also happened to me but it was the 2008 Olympics and of all matches it was when we defeated Brazil 3-0 in the semi-finals! Best birthday present ever....

Sebastian said...

Now I understand, Anonymous. I'm cool. No hard feelings.

Actually, now that you explain what you wanted to say in your first post, I find it somehow flattering.

You don't have the time to listen to the podcast, but you want to know what was said there. Honestly, I'm flattered and I'm happy.

Thanks GK for posting the groups as they came out in our mock draw.

It was something I planned on doing after a while but before the actual draw.

I just wanted to generate some intrigue and motivate people to actually listen to the pod.

For those who asked...YES, we will do another pod (or more) with our thoughts on the draw. I can't promise when will it be available, but we will definitely do it.

Thanks for always being there for us and for your kind words.

Can't wait for the draw!!!

Mr.Cadet said...

Be for real... argentina will draw group of death yet again... I am a fan, but a realist.

Mr.Cadet said...

I wish this was the draw.. i have match tickets for the 1 vs 3 match of group B

Anonymous said...

hey i have heard on german television that the whole draw is manipulated (surprise:)

charlize theron will know which teams are strong and which are weak, because some balls will be hot and some will be warm, and the warm are the strong teams.

so when he grabs france (she can't know of course), she knows it is a strong team because it will be warm/hot.

of course it wasn't proven, and nobody official will confirm it. however we will see.

sorry for bad english

Vitalij from germany

Anonymous said...

i meant some of the balls will be hot and some will be cold


Anonymous said...

hahahaha suck it brazil!!!!

could be better for argentina, but also much worse. we can live with it.

the good thing that argentina will have more time to rest than many other teams, because argentina will play their first game at the second day of the tournament.

but in the 1/8 we will play against a team of group A!! that sucks! france, mexiko, south africa: all difficult!


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