Friday, December 18, 2009

2009 FIFA CWC - El Pulga vs. La Brujita

Please be warned! On the 19th of December, the city of Abu Dhabi is expected to be infested with fleas and surrounded by witches with their evil sorcery. Not the kind of place for the faint hearted.

That’s the story behind this years FIFA Club World Cup final between FC Barcelona and Estudiantes de la Plata.

Though it may be the least important tournament in FIFA’s calender, I’m sure this years edition will have the Albiceleste fanatics attentions. The match will bring together two important figures of the National team, both equally motivated to close out this year with a title.

For Lionel MESSI, having return from injury and scored in the semi-final, its all about making six out of six title. With Andres INIESTA out for this match, the Blaugrana will certainly need him more than ever in order to avoid a repetition of the 2006 final. Furthermore, the chance to play against an Argentinean side is an added extra motivation for the mercurial Flea.

"It's special to play against them, a very nice thing since I've never played against an Argentine team," he said on Friday.

With the FIFA Annual Players Gala taking place on Monday, Lionel certainly has a great chance to cement his status as the World’s best.

While for Juan Sebastian VERON, he too will be eager to close out in what has been a great year for him. Despite of his age, the Little Witch still has it with him and will be the Rat Stabbers main key to unlock Barca’s defense.

Then there is the family connection with the club which will be another motivation factor. He will be also keen to follow his father’s footstep who this tournament when it was know as the Inter-Continental Trophy back in 1968.

“You don't manage something like that, you inherit it and carry it with pride. Given the level of the match and the characteristics of the rivals, because I was born in the club with a father with a similar or better past, lifting trophies for the club, it's not going to be just another day, but rather the day” he said.

Overall, its certainly going to be an interesting final. The question is, which one of these two will be smiling after the final whistle?


p2bn said...

It will be El Pulga who will be smiling and he so deserves it.

lopez,india said...

messidona19 said...

and Messi Winsssss. Too bad I couldn't go to the Staduim itself and watch the match!! Great Goal!!! and He got Player of the tournament!

LM10ARG said...

YES and ffuucckk u higuain who
said he hopes Barca doesn't win. Why
the hell higuain is in Argentina team?
We have so many better players like
Milito, Licha, Zarate. I will pick Milito
over higuain any day...screw u
higuain!!! And Barca have already won a
"treble" this season: Spanish Supercup,
UEFA Supercup and Club World

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