Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mundo Albiceleste Podcast - Season's Greetings!

Well, this is it. With 2009 coming to an end and 2010 fast approaching, Mundo Albiceleste does a Year in Review in our very own "Season's Greetings" Podcast.

We cover everything from the U20 South American tournament in January to Lionel MESSI winning the Ballon D'Or and World Player of the Year in December. We also preview the Catalunya/Argentina match which is in less than an hour. Not only that, but we also talk about some possible transfers concerning Argentine's in January(there's even a mention of the forgotten Maxi LOPEZ!), possible 2010 friendly's and more.

So join John and I(Seba was un-able to make it due to a schedule conflict) as we cover everything, from A to Z in this monumental podcast!

*NOTE* This podcast was recorded a few hours prior to MESSI winning the World Player of the Year.

To download the Podcast, click here.


Rune said...

Nothing surprising in this game. Catalunya run circles around us as long as Xavi was on the field.
I know we have better keepers and better defenders than the ones who played today, only Demi would have played in a real game, but our defence today was just crap, crap, crap. Terrible. And also a shaky performance from Pozo. Not a great goalkeeper.
The truth my friends is that we have NO great goalkeeper with argentine passport around at the moment. We have Carizzo, Andujar and Romero..they are all ok, but none of them are great. The same goes for the defenders. If we rate our players from 1 to 10, we have Demichelis and Samuel who I would give a 7. They are not great defenders, we have NO great defenders at the moment, but they are good and the best we have.
On the other hand: we do have great midfielders in all aspects. Great defensive midfielders, great wingers and great offensive midfielders and enganche’s. We also have wonderful forwards and strikers. So I wouldn’t worry too much about midfield and attack. But with Diego everything is a mess anyway. We should field a team that hides our weaknesses. Within the right system an ok keeper and some ok defenders could be enough, because we have this incredible amount of great players from midfield and forward. But in stead we now have a system that gives our vulnerable defence all kinds of trouble and exposes all our defensive weaknesses. I mean…today we played a team that almost never play together and they had so much more of the possesion than we had. We played like Italy…only on counter attacks.
Our midfielders today were also terrible…..Gago nowhere…..Bolatti….well, he should of course never ever be part of our NT. He should be nowhere near an Argentina jersey! Pastore, great goal really great goal, but he did nothing at all apart from that. He lost the ball and looked very fragile and soft. But ok, he’s only 20.
The ONLY positive thing today was our speedy attackers. Di Maria, Lavezzi and Higuain were very dangerous. They missed lots of chances, but I don’t care much about the result in games like these, I think it’s important to look behind the result. Our frontmen really found eachother in the first half. They played well together and Puyol and Oleguer had all kinds of problems when we hit them on the counter. We kinda only played on the counter, but that suits Di Maria, Lavezzi and Higuain very well because they are extremely quick all of them. It’s not Argentina to play like this, but anyway it’s good to see that we have some players who are dangerous when we go forward even if it’s only on counter attacks.

Paulina said...

Hey -- Did you guys see that Mascherano didn't vote for Messi for World Player of the Year (not even 1-2-3)? Maybe you can devote some time on Masch at some point in your next podcast-- he seems to be having some real problems at Liverpool - he's not developing the way he can. He is the captain, after all.

LM10ARG said...

To Paulina, a coach or a captain can't vote for someone from his country. That's the rule. And about the match, I can accept Argentina losing but I CAN'T accept Argentina playing on counter-attacks like a bunch of cowards. I am not Argentine but the only reason I always loved Argentina is for their beautiful football. This is a disgrace having just 30% possession against catalonia. If it was a game in high-altitude that's a different story but it wasn't. I will be watching next WC but I don't expect anything from Argentina. Winning 2010 WC is out of question. The sooner maradona resigns the better for the NT. But unfortunately that's not happening at least until next wc.