Friday, December 04, 2009

Blast From The Past

Now that we know who is in our group and the fact that we have played against them in previous World Cups. So lets go down in memory lane to watch highlights on those matches.

Argentina vs. Nigeria (2-1)
Samson SIASIA (8), Claudio CANIGGIA (21, 28)
25th June 1994
Foxboro Stadium, Foxborough

Argentina vs. Nigeria (1-0)
Gabriel BATISTUTA (63)
2nd June 2002
Kashima Stadium, Ibaraki

Argentina vs. South Korea (3-1)
Jorge VOLDANO (6, 46), Oscar RUGGERI (18), PARK Chang-Seon (73)
2nd June 1986
Estadio Olímpico Universitario, Mexico City

Argentina vs. Greece (4-0)
Gabriel BATISTUTA (2, 45, 89(p)), Diego MARADONA (60)
21st June 1994
Foxboro Stadium, Foxborough


Anonymous said...

Another fun fact, we barely qualified for the 86 WC.Had South Korea in our group, we beat them. Then in the following round we had Uruguay(which could happen) then in the QF had England(Which could happen). Are the stars lining up for Argentina?

Omar said...

Thanks for refreshing those good memories. I have always liked the goals like Caniggia's second against Nigeria, our players seem to be specially gifted to sneak such goals. We scored another one in that game that the referee didn't count, also in the world cup before that one, 1990, our second goal against USSR came from a move like that. If that is too far to remember, I guess most of us here remember the second goal against Cote d'ivorie in the 08 Olympics, Messi does that very often in Barcelona.

Thanks again for the videos...

Omar said...

It is actually possible the second round turn out just like the last world cup, facing Mexico in the 1/8 finals and Germany in the quarters.

Sreenivas Raman said...

We had 2 GodAwesome strikers in '94. Cannigia and Batistuta... what a combo.