Thursday, December 03, 2009

BANEGA called, Liverpool denies MASCHERANO

And we have our first case of a club not releasing one of their players. Here's the problem with these un-official FIFA dates. Clubs have the right to deny their players the chance to play with their National Teams. And since the match against Catalunya is an un-official FIFA date, Liverpool have done just that to MASCHERANO.

Like the old saying, one man's fortune is another man's mis-fortune. With MASCHERANO unable to make the team, MARADONA has given the chance to a new face to join the National Team. In the past, it was ANGELERI, DATOLO, BOLATTI, ANSALDI, PEROTTI and I'm sure I'm missing a few others. In this case, along with Cristian ALVAREZ, it's Ever BANEGA. Many readers here on Mundo will be glad to hear it since many of them have wanted him on the team for a while now. BANEGA has been having a great season with Valencia so far and is a regular starter on the team.

However, BANEGA's call-up is contingent on Valencia releasing him for the friendly.


Anonymous said...

Well lets put it this way, he is at least being noticed. Since Valencia is in the Catalan region they MAY release him because they know it is a game for the Catalan people. I am not sure if Real will release Higuain or so, then maybe Zarate can get the okay. And BTW to those who are still worried about Zarate playing for Italy, those rumors are false, because he came out last week saying "I want to play for Argentina, not Italy". Now we fix that backline and get Samuel and a few others in, we should just fine.


Sebastian said...

Well, Jack, technically, Valencia is not a part of Catalunya. They belong to the Comunitá Valenciana.

They are close, but not the same.

I guess Valencia benefits from getting one of their players to play internationally. Liverpool? They know MASCHERANO won't be at risk of losing his place in his national team and the Reds are on the verge of having the worst season in recent memory.

Not that I understand or back Liverpool's decision because I'm always for international football first, club football second.

The world is heading every day more towards club football and I think that sucks. I enjoy club football, but I prefer international contests. Those are the ones that will forever stick in your heart and your memory.

You win a Champions League trophy and one year after, nobody remembers you. You win a World Cup and people will forever remember you.

Anonymous said...

Strange, I could of sworn I have seen Valencia captain armband have the flag of the Catalan flag.


Sebastian said...

That may be because they look very very similar.

Here's some info on Catalunya (I know...not the best or more accurate of sources, but in this case, it does the trick)

And here's the equivalent for the Comunitat Valenciana (I didn't write it the right way in my previous message):

Roy said...

I think this is what Seba meant.

That's the link to the Valencia article(or in this case, wiki).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information, I am a History major but Spain and parts of Western Europe are not my strong points yet(Ask me about Eastern Europe I am golden lol).


Sebastian said...

Thanks Roy. I had the two windows open and copied the same twice. What a tart! hahaha!

Eastern Europe, Jack? The most Eastern I can get with my knowledge is Uruguay!!!!

Tim said...

Hard to be excited about the inclusion of Banega when it's been pretty obvious that regardless whether or not he performs well we may never see him called up again for some unknown reason.

Anonymous said...

im very pleased for benger and im one who has wanted his inclusion for a while but i agree with you Tim about how certin players get little to no time and they never get a real chance with the nt when others keep geting chance after chance after chance.

andaman said...


Mohd said...

Ok, this is the first news i am reading this morning and this makes me VERY HAPPY. It just made my day.

I JUST PRAY that this will not be one of those one calls for players that we will not see again. Banega should be the heart of our midfield at the world cup.

while at it, i still wish for Zarate to be noticed and for me Maradona will be off the hook!

messidona19 said...

Ah finally a player which deserves to be in the starting line up!
Although this is not a friendly I cant help notice that Cambiasso was not picked this time...

Anonymous said...

not a bad draw for us this time we have nigeria,south korea and greece as for brazil finally they get the bad draw vs north korea, ivory coast and portugal.
if its the usual way the 2nd round is a v b and it will be vs france,sth africa,mexico or urugary.
we also are in the same side as germany,england,aussie,ghana etc

Forza_albicelestes said...

Gd grp for us....We are in a comparatively easier zone straight upto the semis.........
I know we have France Germany and England on our side.But they are nowhere near the threat of Brazil,Spain,Italy.

msi2 said...

If we cant pass this group, seriously, i think everyone from AFA to the players need to go to hell.

Anonymous said...

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